Mythic Shriekwing- Castle Nathria | Shadowlands Beta


[, Music ]: what’s up everybody back on the shadowlands beta with some more raid testing for you, so today we’re taking a look at mythic, shriek wing in the new raid castle nathria now before we start, i just want to point out that this is very early. Beta, so a lot of things will change, so this is by no means a guide on how to and due to it, being beta, there’s a lot of bugs a lot of lag and weird stuff going on i’ll go over what we uncovered during the limited testing Time we had now there’s been tons of changes on how some of the mechanics in this fight work.

So i want to address it a bit first, namely the exsanguinate mechanic now in the latest iteration of this fight – and i assume this is more – how it will end up in its completed version. Exsanguinate is now a tank mechanic. Previously, it was raid wide tanks now get 10 stacks of this, when shriek wing uses exsanguinated bite and when they stand in the blood pools that players drop from various mechanics, they kind of soak them up as they drop their own stacks. So this fight as a whole is now more about managing blood pools rather than the exsanguinated stacks on the raid. These are at least the big changes to the fight, and this is overall, so not only mythic now on to mythic to complicate things for players, echoing sonar and echoing screech cannot be seen by players.

These are, of course, the sonar disc that she uses during phase. One and the intermission that horrifies players hit followed by shriek wing descending and smacking them now to be able to see him. We’Ve been given the blood lantern. This lantern emanates bloodlight to all players according to the dungeon journal. It does so to all players within 4 yards when it’s on the ground during testing. This was not the case, however, when a player picks it up. This bloodlight extends to 14 yards instead, and this worked not sure if both are intended to work or not. But for us it only worked when a player carried the lantern. Now the sinister light from the blood lantern clings to players, allowing them to see echoing sonar and screeches, allowing you to dodge them. However, they also take taking shadow damage every second which stacks this debuff lasts around 7-8 seconds, and during it you were able to see the echoing mechanics.

So you did not need to be in range of the lantern at all times. You just need to reapply the buff every now and then so you could kind of have one player dip in and out to refresh it on the raid. However, it looked like if a player held the lantern for too long the boss would detect it and swoop down on them, cannot confirm this as there’s nothing about it in the dungeon journal. On top of this, if the lantern is hit by one of shriekwings attacks, it shatters releasing ravenous horrors, which is pretty much a instant wipe. Mechanic deals around 25k raid wide shadow damage than 12k shadow damage every two seconds forever during testing.

This seemed to only be the case if a player was holding the lantern not when it was on the ground. Although this is not a mythic mechanic, they’ve changed how echoing screech works previously shriek wings spun around firing off echo discs. She now instead targets the largest clump of players and spews them out in that direction. Kinda allowing you to hide behind pillars a bit better, since you can kinda bait the echoing screech in one direction. Now, on top of the lantern mechanic, when shrieking descends upon a target which is if you’ve been hit by an echo, a sanguine, icker pool, will spawn at your location, making mistakes a lot more punishing and quickly covers the room with tons and tons of blood pools. So all in all, on mythic, the big thing here is the lantern and handling it correctly. So you can see mechanics when you need to as well as managing the bloodlight debuff from it.

So it doesn’t stack too high and praying that the lantern carrier knows how to dodge mechanics, so it doesn’t break the most complicated part of this will probably turn out to be during the intermission where shriekwing goes on. Her leisurely stroll around the hall which during you’ll, need to dodge echoes that are all over the room while being out of line of sight of the boss and managing the bloodlight stacks during it.

But that’s pretty much it i’m going to go ahead and assume that mechanically this is more or less what we’re going to end up with, since it’s already been changed a few times pretty fun mechanic on paper less so when you actually try it out, but it Does open for further use of such mechanics in future raids, where it could definitely be used in a more interesting way, reading the tool tip before we try this, i was low-key, hoping that it wasn’t just that the echoes weren’t visible. I was hoping of something in the line of illidan face on kil’jaeden fog of war kind of thing, where the lantern makes more of the room visible granted. That would probably have been too much for a first boss of a new raid. I just thought it would fit the theme so well, a blind bat, a misty, foggy, dark hall in a vampire venther castle and a shiny lantern to break the fog.

One can dream, though anyways hope you enjoyed. The video guide will be released once shadowlands is live and we’ve figured out the encounter don’t forget to like subscribe and hit that notification bell. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below check out my patreon and join the stanky discord for all your raiding needs come shadowlands and i’m also on twitch, now retail raids and beta raid dungeon testing. Thank you all for watching, and i will see you next time.

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