Mythic The Council of Blood Arms Warrior POV and Commentary


Hey guys, clayt here welcome to my mythic, the council of blood, kill, slash commentary video for this fight. I am going to keep the audio in because i mean it’s a pretty long fight and i don’t know, there’s enough stuff to talk about for 10 minutes uh and also there’s some call outs that aaron you guys might want to hear um. But so i’ll just comment over it. Now when we pull the boss, we are going to be popping off our cooldowns uh. When these dutiful attendants spawn, you always have to kill them, because they’re always going to channel a shield on the main person you’re killing and it’s going to make them not take any damage so very, very important to always kill the beautiful tenant asap. The dark recitals here, um right just we just have a weak word.

That says you know. If you have the dark recital you go along um counterclockwise. If you don’t have dark residual, you just take a step to the left, and then you won’t get hit by anything now. This string essence that you’re seeing here it is about reflectable. I did try to press brow, [ __ ]. I don’t remember to do it in every single one um because i mean the chance of you getting picked is pretty low, but realistically it is very spell reflectible um. I don’t think this fight. I ever spell reflected. I think there’s one time i get picked then it doesn’t happen. I just forget to reflect um, but it is reflectable. I have reflected on other polls before um for here the dance it’s similar to the other difficulties um. You know i just danced in four directions: uh mythic, however, is the same as heroic. You only dance six times, so the instant you trigger your sixth stance, you’re good to go uh. I started your talents. How about that skull? Splayer double time massacre, defensive stance, war, breaker, avatar, ravager, um and then i’m using sigma and torment kings um, i mean probably use them every single fight in the raid.

Once you get the six right, click the gate get back in there. Um there’s always going to be a dutiful attendant here, but i am watching this dreadful volley. I do kick number three so that wasn’t my kick. That’S fine! All right kill the attendants. Get back on the boss right whenever he’s casting this third one, i have to kick it so right there i did get the drink essence i mean i could have reflected it. I was paying attention, but here’s the kick. Take the volley dark recital step to the left. I think i actually got really lucky on this bowl in that i pretty sure i only get picked for the dark side of once at the very very end of the fight uh, and even when i did get picked, i think my partner instantly died. So i i i didn’t really get one i think um but yeah. So here it is just keep depending on his paws down. Now we are trying to transition all three bosses at certain times, um, just to make sure we get certain ads coming out right. So the duty comes out right, make sure you switch to it um.

Realistically, you probably press like three spells on it like a mortal strike and something else, then a condemn and duty is dead. I’Ll pop the cooldown right before the boss dies right just push them as far as we can with condemn um, i mean that’s the most value there. As far as receiving strikes usage on this fight realistically you’re saving strikes damage on the other. Two bosses doesn’t matter. So that’s why, on pole, i don’t use sweeping strikes because it’s kind of wasted and you kind of like mess up your tanks with threat and stuff um. Your spinning strikes is only important on like when there’s little ads around on the fight i mean, or if you have like a free gcd, you can use it, but i just try not to you like once these ads are brought in i’ll use. Sweden strikes uh right now and then i’ll just start cleaning them onto the the waiters because it is like you do want to kill the waiters right.

You don’t want to keep them up forever. It’S this recital once again, uh. I don’t know why, but i’m literally never getting the darkness out of this poll. The other thing that’s important if it’s possible is to transition as many jargon stacks when you’re killing one boss into the next one as possible. So right there i did transfer it right. I mean it’s off now because the guys below 80 hp um, but that’s that’s. The idea was that, like when you’re, when you’re killing one boss and you’re going to the next boss um, you want to be transitioning your dragon ass tax.

This is the most important when you’re transitioning from the second boss um to the third boss, because you want to kill the third boss as soon as possible, and that’s also generally right now, when most skills lost right, you want to start it off with, like a Jar on our stacks right off the bat that way, you’re you’re hitting the boss as hard as you can uh and then, of course, the boss is all phased like you’re you’re, going to do a dance whenever each boss individually reaches 50. So right here we’re about to get there um. I think we’re gon na wait for something. No we’re not sometimes we wait for the destroyer to come out. Sometimes we don’t the awkward thing about this. Is that like when this recital is going to come out afterwards? It’S going to happen right afterwards, so after we do the dance, i’m just going to be kind of standing in the group doing nothing um, because you want to all be in one place for the recitals right that way, everybody can move in one um unit together.

So you’ll see like once we finish this dance, i’m just going to stay on the rest of the group and not hit anything until the recital comes out one. So whenever you can you try to take advantage of intervene too so intervene this guy right. So because he’s close to the gate take the gate. Uh i mean i could have probably saved the game early, but you can gate every single dance coming right so right there we waited for that. We’Re trying to find out what their attendant is over there charge him make sure we get him down as fast as we can and then so. These walls of dances are when the guys fall down from the skies um. It’S actually relatively easy. There’S only a few combinations you have to deal with, one is there’s combinations where, where we’re stacking initially you just stay there and you never move um. The other is if it covers the middle of the room.

We come here to the right upper corner. That’S it! We only go to those two places you shouldn’t have to go anywhere else in the fight for that mechanic, so here just killing the boss um there is you guys can hear like you know, when you guys hear the video of the the rest of the raid Is that there are like times where we’re calling for jumps and stuff um? That’S a mechanical mythic, where i think it’s like why five people, i think um get the well i’ll say it next time it’s um and you basically have three stacks. Every time you jump. You do aoe damage to the entire raid, but if you don’t get rid of all of your stacks before it’s over um, you die right. So so you do have to jump and hit the right right. It’S so low we’re wrong! Here’S the wall we’re gon na move again.

Unfortunately, our ravager is like on the ground there. While we run but no big deal. Can we hit the boss once again we’re hitting this boss, but you’ll see when this box gets lower? I’M not gon na finish it off uh, because we’re gon na be waiting for specific attendance to come out to make sure that we’re getting as little amounts of attendance as possible. Right because you don’t want to you, don’t want to start off a new phase and an attendance response and right instantly makes the bossy mean right. So we’re waiting for this attendance pawn. We killed this attendant. Then we killed laura, stop roaster.

Obviously, the lower you get style growth before the tenant, the better um right and then i’m sure, like once you get high enough dps to where you can phase it even one attendant before you know you can start doing that too, but right now this is kind Of what it looks like so we’re facing right so transfer the juggernaut stacks onto the last boss here right. We pop lust here pop our pots, just do as much dps as we can i’m trying to push them to 50 at a good pace. It’S not like the most fastest pace, because you’ll see we actually do end up holding dps just a little bit here. So the reason: why is he coming that stone board that drops down right next to the boss right now we want two of them to drop.

The instant the second one drops we want to face the boss all right, so here’s another attendant uh, very, very important to be focusing attendance on this phase because there’s so many ads, it’s easy for the attendants to get lost uh, maybe our biggest wipes 20 seconds In this phase, realistically, it’s not enough boss damage and the way we don’t have on this is that the attendants are up too long right because they just make the bosses at me speed boost me. What time is it? I didn’t even have dance. There went the wrong place so leap out. There kill the attendant here again. I think once his attendant guys, the next ad spawns very, very soon, okay yeah. So here’s the ad spawn the ad, the instant that adds bonds.

We want to push the box right, so we push the box perfect perfectly. The two adds are glued together with my ravager already on top of them, so just condemning them as much as i can now for the dances. The light that you see that you have to enter you don’t really have to enter them right away like even right there. I have a dot right, but the instant you complete, the first move correctly um, you don’t get rid of your damaging dot and you’ll. You know get the haze buff, just like everybody else. You don’t have to get into the circles like that long, just right there, like, especially for this, you should be waiting.

You know such as a warrior, because you can just leap. Your square dps, then right hero, throw shattering, throw whatever you can do from a range perspective to dps them and then come back here. Execute these guys. These stone guards have to die in that phase like they have to die throughout the dance coming um, because if they hate your tanks, they basically one shot them uh. I think almost every time, so the duty here right kill the duty and then i’ll um pop.

My cooldowns and you know, try to do such damage to the boss, another right side and once again i don’t get picked uh. I don’t know why, but it’s rolling. I guess really well for this bolt and i get picked by by that’s something so keep depending on the boss. Yeah there’s this. I don’t know why, but like there becomes a point um, so you guys, they told me to jump for the dancing fever thing just to make sure i get rid of my debuff there’s something where like when the after images do the cast? No, you don’t get like as good of a like a big wigs or like weak or like notification that things are happening so uh.

I think that’s just something to do with the boss ideas, i’m telling you guys. I don’t get picked by the dark recitals on this fight beautiful spawn, unfortunately, it’s being covered by dark recital, so just kind of wait for that to clear up a little bit and then uh we’ll get on and kill this last. Actually, i think there might be one more dude that might not be the last one 50 hp. That’S that’s pretty high okay, but yeah at this point um you can start killing ads they’re they’re, they’re, they’re, beautiful duty up on the left side. Um there there are earlier points in the fight where we don’t actually kill all the waiters uh, because killing winners sometimes will cause the next one to respond more. So the reason why i died by the sword there is the duty was outside outside of the um priest, dome right um.

So i wanted to make sure that you know i don’t get on top of that and get killed by that. So just walk out and go back and make sure we get the last few condoms on the boss and uh yeah there. It is very few survivors. Hopefully, next week will be a little bit cleaner, but thanks for checking out the video guys feel free to subscribe. To see more see ya.

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