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I got comments on my videos all the time saying things like I was raided and they stole everything that I have or got confused by P2W players and now I have nothing left. Boys! stop No matter how powerful your enemy is, if you follow my instructions, they will not be able to take a single thing from your base. OK. Let’s look at 10 ways to protect your belongings. First, you have your safe in which you get 25 slots for items you can never seen by your enemy.

Make sure you have all 25 of these slots packed with before the raid begins your best things. And do not fill it with items that you will need to defend your base in a raid, because descending and grabbing items from your vault during a raid can all the purpose of the vault. These 25 slots should be filled with your best stuff that you will not use for long raid. The second way to protect your things is the bank which is more or less similar to safe, except when you first start you only have one or two spaces and eventually which will increase to 30 spaces, but the concept is the same anyway. Keep these slots again packed with your best stuff during raid time, except of the things you need to protect your base.

So you already have at least 27 slots that can not be raided, but an addition to that, any items you put on your desktops are also scary, so do not remove things from your desks until you need them and immediately before the raid, be sure to fill them even more so that both parties keep items safe. This adds up to a ton of items that cannot be raided. The engineering table is especially useful in this as it can hold iron, nail, copper, oil and many other things. Between just your two engineering tables, you can keep up to 10 item slots safe and when calculating for all desktops, you can keep up to 65 item slots safe.

So far, we have up to 90+ slots that no one can take from you, for which I would argue that is all you need to keep advancing in the game, but let’s move on. The fourth way to protect yourself is to simply tuck it in your backpack and take it off game. Even with a level one backpack, you can carry seven items and carry 15 more. As long as you do not enter your database, those items can never be stolen from you.

So far we are up to 115-153, but for those who still do not have enough, you you can go and open Odin before the raid and transfer hundreds upon hundreds of games in Odin’s chest for the duration of that 20-minute raid and then pull them all back to your base after the raid is over. Now some of you guys might think, this guy is crazy. I do not want to send all my belongings to Odin every time I make a raid. This is not a very fun way to play the game.

And I would say, you are right. I actually do not recommend doing this because it is not a very fun way to play the game, but I’m telling you it ‘s an opportunity to stop complaining about losing your things. This one is frozen. It’s a survival game with other real players who love your stuff and most of them did not cares if you are having a good time in the game.

In fact, if they were to find out that you leave the game because of them, they certainly would boasted about it in frozen forums. If you do not like that challenge, then there are many single player versions of it game where you can play with bots and pretend you are playing a survival game. But if you want to meet the frost challenge, then you have to think like a survivor. So if you are not strong enough to protect your belongings, then make sure you hide them.

And if you have a lot to hide in your safe, bank, desks and backpack, then you can take him to Odin for some raids while you were trying to figure that out how to put your things together, which brings us to the next tip key The sixth way to protect your resources is to use them. This may seem simple, but many people do not use the resources they have before to click on the raid button. I have raided people and stolen stacks of planks and stone from people with walls mostly of a level and think to myself. if you would have used these planks and stones to make these on level two walls, I could I had not gotten this far at your base and I obviously would not have stolen these planks and Stones from your base because you would have used them to build those walls. So use your resources to build desktops and update your walls, because not only that helps you progress in the game, but those resources you use can never be stolen from you .

This makes us do the 7th way to protect your things, which is to build the maximum amount of hearts and a base with the maximum amount of doors. I’ll get in the door a little later, but the most important thing you can do is build the maximum amount of chest as fast as you can. Making a level one chest is very cheap, so you can easily build 40 on the first day that you are playing if you want. Having built so much chest, your enemy does not know where your things are. They still have to use a locking option to open an empty chest, so go now and build the maximum number of hearts at your base. You will be amazed at how much of your stuff you save by doing this.

The eighth way to protect your things is similar. Update your chest and your walls and doors. Updating a chest may seem like it costs a lot of material and you may want to wait until you build your desktop, but the requirements to build a level two blocker are much more costly than the cost of updating your chest and again, the materials you use to update your chest can not be stolen from you. and this difference is even more exaggerated when updating a chest to large or massive chest. The ninth way to protect your base is to buy a protection ball that extends your shield with 24 hours. Using this is more of a convenience which I would definitely recommend if you have money, but it is not really a long-term solution unless you are a very rich person. But even if you are a very rich person, I think it is much wiser to just follow the other tips I have already shared in this video. Now if you want to break away from the game, then use as many resources as you can, donate one Odin, take part in a recent raid to get the 48-hour shield, reload backpack and then remove from the game.

When your shield runs out in 48 hours, you will surely match and they can be able to pick up some not-so-great items, but then after she shield her on her way and you have reached the 96 hour point, your base will never match again allowing you to do a break as long as you want without worrying that you will be raided. I have done this a few times now and I have never lost any progress. And then the 10th and last way to protect your base is to protect your base. Now I know some of you have had bad experiences with this and if you are low level then I understand that sometimes you come out equal, but the frost bonding system is quite good and more importantly, it is important to understand that defenders have the advantage in frost.

The ability to hide in your home to know where your enemy is, but they do not need to know exactly where you are. And being able to use the doors to start a fight when things are favorable but detached from that war when they are not, it is a tremendous advantage. So when you finally advance in the game to have good clothes, the defense of your base is best place to use it. And then when you use the advantage of your defender to defeat your enemy, you will hold on their things making you richer and richer. So here are ten ways to protect your belongings in Frostborn. Now, some of you may be thinking, “Wow, you’re telling me if I want to have more than 115-153 slots, should i move all my extra stuff every other day ?! ” And the answer is …

Yes. Yes, because now you are weak and you can not defend yourself. Once you play for a little more and get a good gear, not even the best gear, only a good device, you will be able to use the advantage of your defender to defeat every family, no matter how much they are for profit. In fact, you will be able to kill them and get your things they paid for. Honestly, I think a lot of us are used to so much with single player versions of this game, where everyone can collect as many things as they want, so that we forgot that in multiplayer games, this is only a luxury of the most powerful players. And even then, usually the invader will find a way to penetrate and take the attack one life. Instead of seeing it as a hassle, I would argue that it makes the game more interesting.

Precisely it is precisely because you do not know what to expect because you are playing with real players and not with any bot that programs a developer. Each area is a new area in Frostborn with the possibility of unexpected assets or disasters unexpected. Every raid is a new raid with new fear and new excitement. Frostborn does not age almost as fast as other games because players do it fresh every time.

And every item you have is precious because someone would gladly steal it from you if will beat. So that’s the Frostborn challenge. It is not a simple game that does not require strategy to succeed. Frostborn requires you to play smart, especially if you are free to play and if you play smart and you succeed, you will know you have won it.

It may be a challenge to survive, but when you finish it, the fun will be so sweet. And then when you become really good, you will be able to do as many of the pro teams this game and accumulate huge amounts of resources and no one will be able to take it from you, for if they were to try, you would simply take them out and keep all their belongings. Good This is that guys. Hope it helps. If you think of anything I have missed, please let me know in a comment so I can improve. Good guys, see you next time..

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