Welcome to a Taught in 90 seconds, Raid Guide for DPS on Nythendra, Heroic Links in the description for Healers Tanks and Raid Leader NYTHENDRA HEROIC DPS GUIDE, | EMERALD NIGHTMARE WoW LEGION. This fight has 2 phases that repeat In the first phase, you must have your radar set to 10 yards 8 will do, but 10 gives you a little more room. This is because the ability “ Rot”, that comes up every 15 seconds in phase 1, will tick.

Aoe damage for 8 yards and hits hard when many have it. If you get the Rot debuff, you must run behind you to the wall or where ever your raid leader has marked and wait for the debuff to tick off Once it ticks off. A patch of Infested ground will appear under you Get out of this immediately and take your place loosely spread among your comrades About 45 seconds in and once again, 90 seconds in to the first phase. Nythendra will pick a random raid member and start casting Infested Breath. Make sure you run out of this, it is a frontal cone attack that deals, huge damage and places infested ground beneath anyone hit. Every tick Infested Breath is easily avoidable.

After the second Infested Breath, Nythendra will start phase 2. She will collapse and bugs will appear everywhere, Run away from any that start to swell as they aoe high damage. The infested Ground patches will also start moving toward Nythendra. You must dodge these to avoid high damage. Remember that all plague damage taken will apply a debuff that ticks for low damage and lasts the fight. The debuff stacks so be careful. That’S pretty much. The entire fight for DPS. This style of Guide is a new concept, so all feedback is greatly appreciated. Hope it helped Like Share Subscribe and have an awesome day.