One Million Gold in 60 seconds – (WoW Gold Guide)


Hey there, guys! This is Reckles with WTBGold and today I’m going to show you how to get one million gold in an hour. It’s absolutely nuts. You can do this from anywhere in Azeroth, but I’m just going to be in Stormwind. And to show you how it works, I’ve started with zero gold. Now, you’re going to open up the shop. From there, there’s a little section called Gametime and WoW Tokens. Click on that. Buy a WoW Token. Now this costs $20 bucks. Enter in your security information and then that WoW Token will immediately be in your bags.

You can go to the Auction House and sell it. Get 40-50k for the WoWToken. Now all you gotta do is repeat this process twenty to thirty times and you are a WoW millionaire! Good luck out there, guys. Happy April Fools Day, and I’ll talk to you later..

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