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Painsmith Raznal Raid Guide – Normal/Heroic Painsmith Raznal Sanctum of Domination Boss Guide


Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is a guide to the Painsmith Raznal fight in the Sanctum of Domination on Normal and Heroic difficulty. Raznal has a couple of different tank attacks throughout the fight, but they’re all very minor variations on a theme. He’ll activate his current weapon to hit the tank quite hard and apply a debuff, you’ll want to use a tank button or two and then tank swap.

Spikes will then radiate outward from wherever the tank was standing, but the spike pattern changes depending on which weapon it was.

The best place to take this is generally the corner of the platform. T he rest of the raid should be aware of where the spikes are coming from and then step over them if necessary. Shadowsteel Chains debuffs players for 20 seconds with this wild looking chains AOE. Those will do damage AND knock people back. Anyone with those needs some space and to make very predictable movements, you do not want to mow people down with that.

I mean maybe you do but it won’t end well. Spiked Balls are exactly what they sound like. They’ll spawn in a row on one edge of the platform and roll their way across. You need to mark and kill one to open a path through. Folks with shackles can hang back a little and make their way through last, since narrow hallways are not their strong point.

At 70% and then again at 40%, we get an intermission. The boss leaps away to change out his weapon and your job is to kill adds and dodge stuff.

Tank and cleave the adds, watch your feet for swirls, and make your way through the safe gap in these lines of spikes coming at you. There’s also plenty of raid damage, this phase is a lot. Survive that and you’re back to phase one to rinse and repeat.

On normal that’s the fight. On Heroic, it gets significantly trickier with the addition of Flameclasp Trap in Phase one. Up to 4 people get targeted for this, and after 8 seconds a trap will drop at their feet. Those traps will go off if they’re stepped on, hit by spikes or rolled over by balls. They will go off, it’s just a matter of when.

When they pop, they do raid damage and debuff everyone to take 200% more damage from traps for a second and a half. It’s very important to place them in a way that staggers the explosions out more than that. You basically just want to put them in a diagonal line across the platform so they don’t all go off at once. If the raid is healthy you can pop them manually to help stagger out the damage even more. Just do not do two back to back.

And that is Painsmith Raznal in the Sanctum of Domination! Thank you for watching, I’ve got more videos like this if you want and have a wonderful, wonderful day.


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