Passive Goldmaking in World of Warcraft By: SolheimYT


So, I’ve created a Passive Goldmaking in World of Warcraft mini-guide, based on how I have set up my army of alts to create some passive gold. My goal is to be able to afford the WoW Token every month only from Passive Gold, so I can use my active gold on whatever I want. If you feel like anything’s missing, let me know! This is a work in progress and it’s just what I’ve done so far on my own alts 😀

Passive Goldmaking in World of Warcraft

(You can only do one Transmute per day, so pick the highest profit one on your server).
– Transmute: Pyrium ? Turns 1 Elementium Bar and 1 Volatile Earth into 3 Pyrium Bars. 1 Day cooldown. On my server this is 250 gold profit. Pyrium Bars are constantly in demand because they are further used in transmuting Truegold, which is used to craft the Vial of the Sands (2man flying mount).
– Transmute: Living Steel ? Turns 6 Trillium Bars into 1 Living Steel. 1 Day cooldown. On my server this is 75 gold profit. Living Steel is used in crafting the Sky Golem Mount and the Panther mounts from Pandaria.
– Alchemical Catalyst ? Warlords of Draenor daily research/craft. These can be further used to craft Alchemy Trinkets, which can be sold. As of right now, these trinkets are only worth 22 gold, but on the PTR, they are worth 50g+ (however, they can not be infused with Relics of the Past on PTR. But, Inscription items and every other profession’s crafted item can be infused with them, so I think these will be aswell. But, even if they’re not, they have a higher vendor value by default in the pre-patch).
– Gearspring Parts ? Warlords of Draenor daily research/craft. These are used in crafting various toys and battle-pets, for example the Blingtron 5000, Personal Hologram, and many other things that can sell for little bit of gold (this isn’t the highest profit, but it’s ?free gold?).
– Jard’s Peculiar Energy Source ? Mists of Pandaria craft with a 1 day cooldown. This is used in crafting the Sky Golem, which is a popular mount to sell especially early in new expansions.

– Max Level, Max Geared Followers with Extreme Scavenger Trait for max amount of Garrison Resources from Missions. Higher geared followers = better missions. Max gear = rare missions that rewards items like Huge Ogre Cache (1000 Garrison Resources, sellable), a sellable mount, Medallion of the Legion etc.
Garrison Buildings:
– Trading Station ? Useful to trade Garrison Resources into Materials (Sumptuous Fur and Raw Beast Hides are going up in price as they are used to craft Relics of the Past).
– Alchemy Lab ? Useful to get even more Alchemical Catalysts, which is described further up in this post under the Alchemy Section.
– Scribe’s Quarters ? Useful to get even more War Paints if you’re a scribe, or even if you’re not a scribe, as you can use this building to craft things with the Inscription Profession even if you don’t have the profession, which can be useful since the professions I recommend for passive goldmaking is Alchemy & Engineering.
– Engineering Works ? Useful to get even more Gearspring Parts, which is described further up in this post under the Engineering section.
– Salvage Yard ? Will provide you with Salvage from follower missions every now and then, which gives you materials, garrison resources, and vendorable green items (and the occational transmog). Nothing spectacular, but a nice little bonus.
I realize there’s 4 smaller buildings listed here and you can only have 3, so pick the 3 you want. The difference is barely noticable and they all give some passive gold.

If you want to build upon this further with more buildings: Having the Barn, the Herb Garden, and the Garrison Mine will provide you with materials sellable for gold aswell, but requires you to be a bit more active, and it’s less ?passive? gold.

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