Welcome to the World of Warcraft Patch Survival Guide. In this video, I’ll walk you through just a few of the biggest new features and content coming in Patch 6.2: Fury of Hellfire. Gul’dan has twisted and corrupted the remnants of the Iron Horde to create his own fel army in service of his masters: the Burning Legion. To stop him, you and your forces will need to form an assault on Tanaan Jungle the seat of power for the former Iron Horde.

Tanaan is a huge new zone and features a ton of new content including a new chapter-based quest campaign, several new objective hubs new rare creatures and hidden treasures to find and the return of Supreme Lord Kazzak. To get to Tanaan you’ll need to attack Gul’dan by sea. To do that, you’ll need a shipyard and in order to build one you’ll need the best resources Draenor has to offer. The first step is to find King Varian Wrynn or Warchief Vol’jin in your Garrison who have formed a plan to gather those resources and recruit a former Iron Horde shipwright to your cause. Completing these tasks will let you construct your shipyard which not only allows you to get to Tanaan Jungle but also lets you build a variety of ships and send them out on naval missions.

Once your shipyard is complete you’ll also be able to start on the final step of Archmage Khadgar’s legendary quest chain. Khadgar is working as quickly as possible to keep Gul’dan from training a new generation of Warlocks and needs your help to stop him. Completing the quest chain will upgrade your ring to its final, legendary form with an extremely powerful raid-wide on-use effect. Of course, completing that chain will require you to step into Patch 6.2’s brand new raid zone: Hellfire Citadel. There are a total of 13 encounters in Hellfire Citadel spread across five wings beginning with an assault on the front gates of the citadel itself and culminating in an epic battle for the fate of Draenor. Keep an eye out for more details on the Hellfire Citadel raid once it opens. We’ve also added a brand new Mythic difficulty mode to all Warlords of Draenor dungeons. Mythic dungeons are tuned to challenge even seasoned adventurers. In fact, you might want to have a few pieces of gear from the Highmaul or Blackrock Foundry raid instances before you try them.

If you and your friends are strong enough to take on Mythic dungeons you’ll be rewarded with high-quality epic gear. Last up is our new Bonus Events system. This system allows us to create special time-limited bonus events that give you extra rewards for participating in a specific activity. Each event will point you toward a different type of content including a brand new feature we call Timewalking. Timewalking events allow you to go back to older dungeons from The Burning Crusade or Wrath of the Lich King and scale down your level and gear to match the dungeon’s Heroic difficulty. However, the loot you receive will be scaled up to your character’s level and level 100 characters can earn an extra bonus roll token for use in level 100 raid instances. These are just a handful of the new features in Patch 6.2.

There’s also a new Adventure Guide which directs you to content relative to your character. class and profession updates some major improvements to Ashran a new meta-achievement that will eventually allow flight in Draenor and a whole lot more. Be sure to check out our full patch overview on WorldofWarcraft.com for complete details on everything we didn’t cover here. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you in Hellfire!.

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