Hey guys, Kelade here. Welcome to my guide for Fury Warriors in patch 7.2.5. In this guide, we’re going to cover everything you need to know to perform as a Fury Warrior currently in Legion. There’ll be timestamps down below in the description if you guys want to skip around, but I do recommend that you guys watch the entirety of the video once just so that way you guys can see if there’s any changes that you are not aware of previously. Because there are some small differences that have changed since the previous patch and since my previous videos.

To start us off, let’s start with the talents. First off, War Machine’s a really powerful talent as long as there are adds that die in the fight and you can proc it and you can proc it y’know three or more times, I would take this talent. Endless Rage is that safe talent that you want to take for this fight, if you just take this talent versus not having any talent, it’s a 2% DPS increase.

Use this whenever you’re unsure what other talents you should be using here. Before tier 20, Fresh Meat actually had very little value in how strong it was compared to the other two talents. But with the prevalence of tier 20 (both the 2-piece and the 4-piece) working really well with Bloodthirst, Fresh Meat can actually hold its weight once you have the 4-piece tier 20. You guys can see in the sims on the left and then the sims on the right, once you get 4-piece tier 20 Fresh Meat actually sims higher. Now this is with the caveat of course, the first 20% of the fight isn’t necessarily 20% of the duration of the entire fight, right. Because if you’re going to lust on pull, if everybody pre-pots on pull generally that first 20% can go relatively quickly. But with that being said, it is a pretty significant DPS increase that you will see when you take Fresh Meat. So I heavily recommend if you guys have 4-piece tier 20, try out Fresh Meat. See if it works out for you.

If your raid has too much upfront burst, then go back to Endless Rage for single target fights. Going right down to the second row of talents, you have Shockwave stun for 3 seconds. Great, mythic plus: take it. If nobody else in your raid has AoE stun which is very unlikely, then you could take it for fights that it’s necessary on. Storm Bolt isn’t really used in PvE much, it’s mainly a PvP talent. Double Time is my go-to talent for raids, the mobility that it gives you is ridiculous. Being able to charge mob to mob, y’know along with Bounding Stride, our mobility with this talent added on with all these other mobilities that we get just for free. Y’know, stuff like War Machine and Frothing Berserker and Bounding Stride, it all adds together and we can become really really mobile in a raid. And regarding being mobile, I want to go over the two rules of doing top DPS as a Fury Warrior. 1. Don’t die and 2. Be in melee range. That’s all you need and this talent greatly helps with the second.

On the third row of talents, we have a relatively easy choice between Wrecking Ball and Avatar. You’re going to pretty much take Wrecking Ball if it’s consistent AoE and any type of content where you’re wearing the legendary Whirlwind belt. And then you’re going to take Avatar where it’s burst AoE or single target. Outburst is too weak at the moment so ignore that talent for now. Now in mythic plus as long as it’s a Fortified week or even if it’s a Tyrannical key, as long as it’s 14+ and under, I would recommend you go with Wrecking Ball as long as you have the legendary belt. Now there might be some specific dungeons where there isn’t that many adds where Avatar could be better, but generally for mythic plus you’re going to go with Wrecking Ball.

In the fourth row of talents, nothing here really increases your DPS that much. It’s just mobility and survivability. Furious Charge is great for leveling and if you’re doing the Agatha encounter but it’s not really great anywhere else. Bounding Stride as I mentioned before with Double Time adds greatly to our mobility so I prefer Bounding Stride whenever I can. Now Warpaint is also viable if it’s a fight like Sisters of the Moon on mythic which is constant AoE damage [taken]. You could take Warpaint but the value of Warpaint isn’t as great as it used to be because it only knocks off 5% extra damage taken so I still prefer the Bounding Stride because it lets you dodge mechanics that will otherwise have killed you without the added mobility.

In our fifth row of talents, Massacre solves the issue that we have the Execute phase. Especially with tier 20 since you’re not going to have a reliable way to get Enraged as much. And being able to use Massacre will greatly improve your Execute damage but unfortunately that’s all it does. All it’s really going to do is improve your Execute damage which is only the last 20% of the fight. Now with Frothing Berserker it increases pretty much all of your damage done, y’know even from 100 to 20 and even sometimes during Execute phase, right. Because every time you use Battlecry assuming you get Reckless Abandon you’re gonna hit 100 Rage and proc Frothing Berserker. So Frothing Berserker is still the go-to talent for this tier. The only way you’re really going to want to take Massacre is if you’re getting it for free from the legendary, Soul of the Battlelord. Or if your guild is just stuck on a fight and it’s really just Execute phase that’s holding you guys back, you guys could go with Massacre. Now Carnage really isn’t used anymore, it doesn’t help your Execute like Massacre does and it doesn’t drastically improve your DPS like Frothing Berserker does.

In the sixth row of talents, Bloodbath is a really great talent if all you’re doing in a fight is AoE. In this row, you want to give value to each of these talents based on how much of each skill you use during an encounter. The more Whirlwinds you use, the more valuable Bloodbath is. The more Furious Slash you use (which you’re not), the more valuable Frenzy is going to be. The more Raging Blows you want to use then the more powerful Inner Rage is going to be. Right, so if it’s a single target fight: guaranteed Inner Enrage. If it’s a cleave fight with low targets: Inner Rage. But if it’s a consistent AoE fight such as Mistress where you’re literally just pressing Whirlwind the entire time, Inner Rage doesn’t really give you that much benefit and Bloodbath can actually provide a really really great boost to your AoE DPS. And with the Convergence of Fates, your Battlecry essentially goes on…somewhere around a 30 second cooldown which matches up perfectly with Bloodbath.

Being able to mix in Bloodbath with Battlecry every single time is great. Sometimes you might have to use Bloodbath by itself because you’re not always going to get Convergence procs but with that being said, it is a great talent for AoE and of course, Inner Rage would still be your go-to talent for single target. Now on to the seventh and last row of talents, Bladestorm…I don’t really know why this is still a talent. We should really just get this skill baseline because it’s really shitty here, don’t take it. Reckless Abandon will be your go-to talent in all situations, increases your Battlecry window by 2 seconds which is huge and it gives you 100 Rage which is great because it guarantees that you’re able to proc Frothing Berserker and use Rampage if you’re not Enraged. The synergy between Reckless Abandon and Frothing Berserker is too great to pass up.

Dragon Roar after the nerfs and the fact that it takes up a global cooldown and the fact that it doesn’t increase your Battlecry window makes it a talent that you still do not want to take. So that’s kind of a quick look at all the different talents that you can take. Just to give you guys some sample talent builds. The most basic single target setup is gonna be this: Endless Rage, Double Time, Avatar, Bounding Stride, Frothing Berserker, Inner Rage and Reckless Abandon. Now like I mentioned, if you have the 4-piece tier 20 and your raid isn’t just blowing through the first 20% of the fight, try out Fresh Meat if you guys have a chance. It might be an improvement to your DPS. If there are adds that die on the fight but you’re still mainly going to be doing single target, then swap to War Machine as long as you can proc this consistently on a fight, it will be a great boost to your DPS.

And if there’s going to be so much adds that you’re going to put on the legendary belt, then take Wrecking Ball also for that added AoE damage. And if there’s SO MUCH AoE on the fight that you’re literally only pressing Whirlwinds pretty much then you’re going to want to take on Bloodbath too. And that completes your transition from a full single target comp to a full AoE comp. Then of course if you’re doing mythic plus, then you can change your Double Time to Shockwave cause even though Shockwave isn’t really that strong in raids, it still is one of the best CCs in a mythic plus. And of course, if you’re doing mythic plus then you’re gonna most likely change Bloodbath back to Inner Rage since most of the mythic plus bosses are all going to be single target. And that’s it for talents, I want to really quickly go over artifacts. Of course, if you guys are not AK40, you should be AK40. It is very very easy to get AK40 nowadays, and you should get to Concordance no problem, but if you guys are still starting out here’s the path that you guys can take.

Follow the numbers around the chart, but the thing that I want to point out in artifact traits is Death and Glory. Once you have this trait, your Odyn’s Fury will proc in two different ways. It will either proc Odyn’s Glory which will give you 20 additional Rage or it’ll proc Helya’s Scorn which doesn’t give you any extra Rage but it will heal you for 100% of the damage done.

Now the 20 extra Rage that you get for having it proc Odyn’s Glory is important and let’s get into that right now. Since such a large amount of our DPS comes from a Battlecry window, let’s go over the rotations and priorities for that first. There’s essentially going to be three different priorities for Battlecry in a fight. There’s going to be a priority before 20%, so the first 100 to 20% of the fight, the (what we call) non-Execute phase. And of course there is the Execute phase which is 20% or lower and then there is also AoE priority when using Battlecry.

Now for the first 100 to 20% (the non-Execute phase) of the fight, your cooldown priority for Battlecry is as follows: Enraged Raging Blow, 100 Rage Rampage, Enraged Odyn’s Fury, Bloodthirst, Rampage and Furious Slash. The most important thing to note here is the number 5 Rampage and the number 6 Furious Slash. Even though you have Frothing Berserker, it is still better to hit a non-100 Rage Rampage over a Furious Slash.

That’s how weak that skill is in comparison to our other abilities. You want to pretty much hit as many Raging Blows as you can, as many Rampages as you can, as many Bloodthirsts as you can, as many Odyn’s Furys as you can during Battlecry window. And you want to hit the least amount of Furious Slashes that you can during Battlecry. You guys might also have noticed at the number 1 slot, the Enraged Raging Blow and the 100 Rage Rampage might be interesting. So if you are Enraged going into Battlecry, even though you pop Battlecry and they give you 100 Rage you’re still going to use an Enraged Raging Blow first. It is still better to do that versus using a Rampage right away. And you guys can see here in the sims, I simmed myself with Tier 20 it’s actually around 10,000 more DPS to prioritize the Enraged Raging Blow over the 100 Rage Rampage. Do not worry about tier 20 and trying to fish for tier 20 procs right: “oh why don’t I hit Bloodthirst first to get the crit?”. Because it is not worth it because if it doesn’t crit you drastically reduce your DPS.

The other thing you have to realize is that if you’re going to into a Battlecry window and you’re just hitting Battlecry and Bloodthirst without being Enraged previously, that Bloodthirst does not get the bonuses of being Enraged. So that’s why the priority is detailed as such. You’re pretty much always going to use a Rampage before you hit a Bloodthirst and Battlecry unless of course you’re in Execute phase. So that is the Battlecry priority for both the very beginning of the fight and throughout the fight all the way until you reach 20% of the target’s HP. Now the other key to Battlecry is you pretty much almost always want to use your Battlecry on cooldown unless there’s a raid mechanic that’s going to happen or unless y’know a trinket is going to come up within a few seconds right, then you can save Battlecry. But generally you’re pretty much going to pop your Battlecry on cooldown, the only other caveat I would say to this is try to not hit a Raging Blow and then hit a Battlecry right.

If you just hit a Raging Blow and your Battlecry perfectly came off cooldown, just hit another ability. You do not want to go Raging Blow into Battlecry because then you cannot hit your Raging Blow for another 3 GCDs and you probably will lose a Raging Blow hit during Battlecry. So you want to avoid using Raging Blow right before Battlecry. 2 GCDs before Battlecry is fine because you can just Battlecry, Rampage, and then Raging Blow. That’s perfectly fine. So let’s go over some sample cooldown rotations. And like I mentioned, there are going to be slight differences whether or not you get Odyn’s Glory to proc giving you that 20 extra Rage.

Now first let me show you guys the most ~beautiful~ setup that you can possibly get which includes using the legendary helm and the legendary pants and Endless Rage, just the most Rage generation that you can get in the beginning of the fight. A sample rotation with this will look something like: you’re gonna start the fight, pop all your cooldowns, and Rampage, hit your Raging Blow, hit your Odyn’s Fury, hit your 100 Rage Rampage, hit your Raging Blow, hit your Bloodthirst, and hit your Rampage again. You might or might not be at 100 Rage for this Rampage but that’s fine, if you have the Rage to hit a Rampage instead of a Furious Slash you should do that. Now the reason why we were able to hit a Rampage right after the Odyn’s Fury there was because your Odyn’s Glory procced. So let’s see here what happens when that doesn’t proc. For this opener you’re going to use your cooldowns, Rampage, Raging Blow, Odyn’s Fury, Bloodthirst, Raging Blow, 100 Rage Rampage, and Bloodthirst right. So there’s a slight difference and a slight shift in what abilities you use fourth and sixth.

Essentially just swap the Rampages and the Bloodthirst, depending on whether or not you hit 100 Rage at that point. But regardless of what happens you’re still going to use Raging Blow on the fifth spot because that’s pretty much as soon as you can use it. So of course that is with the best legendaries so in these next few clips I’ve taken off both the helmet and the pants legendary so my Rage generation will be pretty similar to somebody that just hit 110 so let’s look at how your opener might look like then.

You’re going to charge in, Rampage, Raging Blow, Odyn’s Fury, Bloodthirst, Raging Blow, Rampage, Bloodthirst, and Raging Blow. So as long as you have Odyn’s Fury, even if you have Helya’s Scorn proc where you don’t get the extra Rage you’re still okay with the rotation and you still are not going to need to hit a Furious Slash during a Battlecry window.

So then let’s take a look at what happens if your Odyn’s Glory does proc right. So this fight we’re going to charge in, Rampage, Raging Blow, Odyn’s Fury…even though it procs you still don’t have enough rage so you’re still going to Bloodthirst, Raging Blow, and then Rampage, and then Bloodthirst, Raging Blow. So if you don’t have the two legendaries it kind of almost doesn’t matter what procs there because even with the Odyn’s Glory proccing you still won’t have enough Rage to hit a Rampage right afterwards so you’re still going to go with the Bloodthirst and Raging Blow after your Odyn’s Fury. So that is the opener and kind of the variations that you can get for your opener but in the middle of the fight y’know if you’re going to Battlecry not Enraged and you have your Odyn’s Fury it’ll look exactly the same. So let’s look at what happens in the middle of the fight. Let’s say for example you have Convergence of Fates and this is going to be your second Battlecry window where you do not have Odyn’s Fury yet because your Battlecry is already up but your Odyn’s Fury is still probably like 10 seconds from being ready and let’s say you go into it not Enraged.

So you’re going to pop your cooldowns, hit Rampage, hit Raging Blow, hit Bloodthirst, hit Rampage, hit Raging Blow, hit Bloodthirst, hit Rampage. So essentially with the best rage-generating legendaries, which is going to be the helmet and the pants, you can essentially just cycle Rampage, Raging Blow, Bloodthirst, Rampage, Raging Blow, Bloodthirst and you will always hit 100 Rage every time before you hit the Rampage. So really quickly another scenario that you can run into in the same situation is if you’re going into that Battlecry and you are Enraged, right. So that’s where you get to that first priority right away. The instant you hit Battlecry you’re already Enraged so that’s when you’re gonna start out with the Raging Blow.

So here you are midfight, your Battlecry is about to come off cooldown, you just dumped your Rage with Rampage, so now you’re gonna pop all your cooldowns, hit the Raging Blow, hit Rampage, hit Bloodthirst, hit Raging Blow, hit Rampage, Bloodthirst, Raging Blow, again right. If you have the legendaries it just cycles, now of course if you do not have the legendaries then you won’t obviously gain as much Rage to sustain this so there might be a situation where you hit a Furious Slash during Battlecry.

But that should be all you hit, you should never hit more than one Furious Slash in a Battlecry. Your Rage generation should be enough to have that only happen once during Battlecry. If you ever find yourself using Furious Slash twice in a Battlecry, you definitely messed something up. Next let’s go over your Execute priority during a Battlecry window. This might be a tough one so you want to pay attention carefully here. The number one priority when you use Battlecry during Execute phase is to hit Enraged Executes and then hit Bloodthirst if you’re not Enraged and that’s it. Pretty simple. Hit your Executes if you’re Enraged and hit your Battlecry buff. If not hit Bloodthirst to get Enraged. That’s pretty much all there is to it. Now to show you guys an example of it, while you’re already mid-Execute phase you’re gonna hit Battlecry, Bloodthirst, and then you’re gonna Execute.

Now there is a slight difference in which exact global cooldown you use that second Bloodthirst. You could use it after your Enrage has fallen off which lets you chain another Execute beforehand or you can do it one GCD before so that way your Bloodthirst also gets Enrage buffed. It doesn’t matter too much which one you pick here, that’s really up to you and your personal preference on which one you want to do.

So I personally prefer to hit Bloodthirst a little bit earlier, earlier in the fight and I prefer to hit my Bloodthirst later, later on in the fight when you have so much Juggernaut stacks rolling. Because in the earlier of the fight, your main goal is to build up as much Juggernaut stacks as you can and of course in the later on in the fight, you really want to cash in and hit as many Executes as you can and prolong that Enrage window that you’re getting during Battlecry. There’s not too much between either method but that’s how I kind of change it up personally. And lastly for cooldowns we have your AoE priority. Essentially for AoE, all there is for priority is you want to make sure that if you’re going to use Rampage, you want to make sure that you’re buffing it with Meat Cleaver by Whirlwinding first right. And that’s the same thing here when you’re going into a Battlecry window is; you pretty much always want to start your Battlecry windows, before you hit Battlecry the previous GCD, you want to make sure you Whirlwind even if it’s just to proc it on one target to proc that Meat Cleaver buff so that way when you hit your Battlecry+Rampage now it will cleave to up to 4 more targets.

Giving you that extra added cleave and AoE. Now if you have Odyn’s Fury there, use the Enraged Odyn’s Fury. If you don’t have Enraged Odyn’s Fury then you’re going to use Whirlwinds of course because that’s pretty much our only AoE ability outside of it. And then you want to mix in a Bloodthirst to keep your Enrage buff up and then go back to Whirlwinding. So once again let’s take a look at what your sample AoE rotation might look like.

The only thing that you might want to change up here is if you don’t have Odyn’s Fury, then change the Odyn’s Fury for a Whirlwind. That’s going to be really the only variance that you have and also imagine that there’s more than three targets here because with only three targets here you’re actually going to continue your single target set up with your Battlecries.

But imagine that there are five or six targets here. So you’re going to charge in, hit your Whirlwind, and then Battlecry+Rampage to cleave that, hit Odyn’s Fury, hit a Whirlwind, hit Boodthirst, hit Whirlwind, hit Whirlwind. Now it’s very important that you kind of do it in that order because that first Whirlwind actually does matter right. Cause that will proc Meat Cleaver and then it’ll make your Bloodthirst also do the Meat Cleaver. Now you don’t really want to fish for this, what you could do is actually stack your 4-piece tier 20 stacks.

Because those stacks, when you hit Meat Cleaver and you hit that Bloodthirst that’s been buffed by Meat Cleaver, all those Bloodthirst damage will get buffed by the 4-piece not just your primary target. That is a very minor thing that you can try to take advantage of, generally tier 20 sets don’t make a difference in your priority actually. So all those Battlecry priorities that I mentioned is true, but there is one fringe scenario where it might differ and that is during your AoE rotation without cooldowns. So let’s get into that next: what your rotation looks like when you don’t have Battlecry window. And since we’re already on the topic, let’s just start with AoE first this time. For when I say AoE, I’m talking about 4 or more targets.

When you have two or three targets, you’re still going to be doing your single target, we’ll get to that in a second. But speaking of AoE, we’re talking about four or more targets. Now at four or more targets, your highest priority is a Meat Cleaver-ed 100 Rage Rampage. Now if you have four to five targets, your second priority is actually an Enraged buff, a Raging Thirst buff (which is the tier 20 2-piece) Raging Blow, right. At four or five targets, that Raging Blow with that buff will do more damage than a Whirlwind and of course your third is going to be Enraged Whirlwind. Your fourth will be Bloodthirst. Your fifth and sixth priority is just going to be the same exact copy of your second or third but without the Enrage, right. So it’s going to be Raging Thirst Raging Blow and then Whirlwind. Essentially, what you see on the screen is going to be your AoE priority and if you have the legendary belt, just subtract one from all those target requirement numbers.

So then, let’s get into your single target priority. We’re going to start off in the non-Execute phase and it pretty much looks exactly the same as what your Battlecry window looks like with the exception that Odyn’s Fury is not in here because when you’re above 20%, you’re going to be using Odyn’s Fury during your Battlecry right. So if you don’t have Battlecry, you’re generally not going to be using Odyn’s Fury so your priority for single target without cooldowns is: Enraged Raging Blow, 100 Rage Rampage, Bloodthirst, Raging Blow, and Furious Slash. And that’s it, relatively simple priority. What the goal here is if you’re Enraged, hit Raging Blows. If not Enraged, try to get Enraged. At its core, that’s all that this priority does so now let’s get into the Execute priority.

Now of course with tier 20, your Execute priority kind of changes because your Furious Slash was better than using Raging Blow but now that we’re going back to tier 20, we’re going back to the original Execute priority which once again puts Raging Blow above Furious Slash. And Furious Slash is still going to be your filler spell that you’re not gonna hit unless you have nothing else. So your priority for Execute in single target with tier 20 or just without tier 19 2-piece is going to look like: Enraged Executes, Execute if you’re over 50 Rage even if you’re not Enraged and then Enraged Odyn’s Fury, Enraged Raging Blow, Bloodthirst, Execute, Raging Blow, and lastly Furious Slash. Now you guys might notice what the difference here is your Odyn’s Fury is in this priority and that’s because during Execute phase you do not use your Odyn’s Fury during Battlecry even if you have 0 Juggernaut stacks it’s still better to just use Execute during your Battlecry window.

So during your Execute phases, you’re actually going to use your Odyn’s Fury outside a Battlecry if it can only hit one target. Now of course if it can hit multiple targets, sure, buff it with Battlecry no problem. If you mess up a few of the orders here it’s not a big deal. Essentially your goal is to get as many Juggernaut stacks as you can and then cash out on those Juggernaut stacks once you get to your Battlecry windows because that’s really where your Executes are going to start hitting for a lot. Next, let’s talk about your stats and your stat priorities. Y’know, how you should be gearing your character. Basically for stats and what gears can be really good for you the answer is the same as the previous guide. You need to simulate your character and see what is the best. Depending on what pieces you have, what tier you have, what trinkets you have, what legendaries you have, your stat weights could be all over the place.

For example, if you have the legendary ring Soul of the Battlelord your Mastery value will go up. If you have legendary such as the helmet and the pants then your Haste value will go up. If you lose any pieces of tier 19 then your Haste value will go up. A lot of your gear changes will affect your actual stat weights and what our priorities for you. Essentially, sim your gear. Whatever gear is going to give you the best DPS, you’re pretty much just gonna wear that. Now to give you guys some sample stat priorities is when you’re first starting out or if you hit 4-piece tier 20, your stat weights might look something like this. You might have Haste at the top and then Mastery and then Versatility and then Strength and then Crit.

But that’s obviously not the same for everybody and personally, my stat weights look nothing like that right now. My stat weights is actually Mastery at the top, Versatility at the second place, Haste is actually third for me, fourth is Strength and fifth is Crit. It can vary very drastically but Haste and Mastery are really going to be the best stats for you. And of course whenever Haste is the best stat for any spec, there’s going to be kind of like mini breakpoints that you hit. So I advise you guys to trust your sims more than your stat weights because your stat weights can fluctuate very drastically depending on how close you are to some sort of Haste breakpoint or how far you’re away from some sort of Haste breakpoint so definitely sim your gear over just looking at stat weights once.

Now of course we can’t talk about stats without talking about gear. And yes, you should wear tier 20 4-piece, it does much more DPS. You guys can check out all the previous videos that I make showing you guys that tier 20 is much stronger than tier 19. So definitely get 4-piece tier 20 whenever that you guys can. Now with that taking four slots of your gear, your absolute best trinkets: if you have 955 of every single trinket, of course is Convergence of Fates and Arcanocrystal.

But of course, not everybody’s going to have Arcanocrystal but you guys should all try to get a Convergence of Fates if you can. Battlecry is one of the best cooldowns in the game and anyway to shorten the cooldown of Battlecry is great. So definitely try to get Convergence of Fates. In regards to trinkets from Tomb of Sargeras, you guys can check out my previous videos. You guys can click there on the top right, kind of look at my trinket comparisons but the two trinkets that you want to aim for initially especially if everything that drops is the same ilevel is Umbral Moonglaives from Sisters of the Moon or Cradle of Anguish from Demonic Inquisition.

Umbral Moonglaives is hands-down the single best trinket that you can get in the game, of course if you’re going to use Umbral Moonglaives it lasts 8 seconds and the last tick does the most amount of damage. So you want to make sure that you use your Umbral Moonglaives one global cooldown before you pop your Battlecry so that way the last shatter can be buffed by your Battlecry window. Since it is the best AoE trinket and it’s pretty much the best or second best trinket depending on your stat weights and how high ilevel trinkets that you have, as long as the fight isn’t a pure single target fight, as long as there’s moments in the fight where you can hit multiple targets or even if it’s a fight like Maiden where there’s a period in the fight where you get a damage buff then Moonglaives of course as an active trinket will be the best for you in addition to Convergence of course.

Now in regards to Cradle, the reason why this trinket is so good is because it has so much Haste up front and of course with tier 20 for a lot of people, Haste is going to be the best stat so essentially this is just a really glorified Haste stat stick. As long as you keep up 100% uptime on this trinket, which just requires you to not fall below 50% HP, this trinket is really really strong for pure single target and especially once you have 4-piece tier 20. So those are the two trinkets that you want to aim for in Tomb of Sargeras. If you aren’t able to get a Convergence of Fates either, then these two trinkets are going to serve you just fine and like I mentioned, if you want to take a look at all the other trinkets, feel free to check out my previous video where I’ve simmed all of the Tomb of Sargeras trinkets with tier 20 4-piece. Of course, we can’t talk about gearing without talking about legendaries.

Your absolute best legendary as a Fury Warrior as long as it doesn’t break your 4-piece or anything is going to be the legendary helmet. Now in regards as to what you’re going to wear as your second best legendary, of course, once again you want to make sure that that legendary is not breaking your tier 20 4-piece and that legendary is either going to be the legendary cloak, the legendary pants, or even the legendary Massacre ring since the three previously mentioned legendaries all occupy tier slots.

Now I personally prefer the legendary pants if I can just because it makes your Battlecry so much smoother to have the legendary helmet and the legendary pants. The rage generation that you can currently get is ridiculous. I also do enjoy using the legendary helmet and the legendary Massacre ring, because when you get to Execute phase and you have Massacre and Frothing Berserker, your Execute phases feel much better.

You’re going to be Enraged for much more of the time, giving you more Rage allowing you to build more Juggernaut stacks. So your use for single target legendaries can depend on how long a fight is right so if the fight has a ridiculously long Execute phase or if you know that people in your raid are going to die then you could actually shift your gearing and your talents to a more Execute-oriented build. Now of course for AoE the absolute best legendary for AoE is going to be the legendary Whirlwind belt. You can pair that up with a number of legendaries whether it’s the legendary helmet or the legendary pants. Whatever you want but really for AoE, you want the legendary Whirlwind belt. Your gems and enchants don’t really change that much previously, you’re still going to sim your character and see what gems are going to be the best. Generally, it’s probably going to be Haste gems that are best for you, maybe it’s Mastery.

But you want to make sure that you sim your character to see what is the best and of course the best neck enchant is still Mark of the Hidden Satyr because it can get buffed by all of our buffs. So it’s still going to be the best and your cloak enchant, you’re going to use the 200 Strength cloak enchant. And as far as for flasks, you’re going to use the Strength flask of course. And for food, there are pretty much three different options you can pick. You can pick the Haste food, the Mastery food, or even the Lavish Suramar Feast so you just want to sim your character with all three foods and see what comes out.

Don’t trust your stat weights for your food, actually sim your character using the different type of foods. I know that sounds kind of weird but stat weights, especially when you involve Haste as a stat weight can get kind of weird with that. So just sim your food with your character. In regards to what potions you want to use in a fight, Potion of the Old War is still going to be the best pot for single target damage.

Just like Hidden Satyr, it can get buffed by all of our buffs which is great. And if it’s an AoE fight or you want to save some gold, or if you’re not going to use all of your Battlecry cooldowns right away in the fight then Potion of Prolonged [Power] is okay. But if you want to do the highest damage for single target, you’re still going to go with Potion of the Old War. And that’s it for my Fury Warrior guide for Patch 7.2.5. I hope everything in this video is helpful for you guys. As always, feel free to leave down in the comments if you guys have any questions. Feel free to drop by my stream twitch.tv/kelade92 to ask me any questions live. Feel free to check out my website furywarrior.com. You guys can check out a written version of this guide so that way you guys don’t have to watch a video over and over.

You guys can have a written guide that you guys can refer to while you’re raiding, while you’re practicing your rotation and also hit me up on Twitter or come join me in my Discord, whichever way you guys want to comment and give feedback, I’ve got for you guys. If you guys enjoy the video and feel like any other Fury Warriors would benefit from watching this, please share the video with them, that would be greatly appreciated and as always feel free to subscribe to see more content.

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