Qiraji Guardling – Wild WoW Battle Pet Spotlight and Guide (5.4)


Hello internet, My name is Hazel from HazelNuttyGames, and this is a spotlight of the Qiraji Guardling pet and how to get it. The Qiraji Guardling is a wild pet which spawns only during the summer, It’s available from June 21st until about September 21st. After that, you are out of luck until next year The Qiraji Guardling spawns here in Silithus. It’S had its spawn rate, adjusted to make it very easy to find, so there should be plenty available.

They spawn at about level 17, so bring either a lower level pet or a Terrible Turnip, with Weakening Blow to weaken it without killing. It Have a mechanical pet in your team. If you have one to help mop up the enemy backline pets, They spawn quickly, so it shouldn’t be too rough to farm through them and look for a rare Make sure you get to it this summer, as it’s only available for a limited time And that’s how It’S done. It’S really that easy, Thanks for watching Check out the channel for other pet battle guides and go get yourself. A Qiraji Guardling Have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye,