Quick guide to Atal’Dazar Skinning/LW Vendor Shuffle (~8k / 10 runs / less than 30 min) By: SelimTheDream


Hi all,

I’ve been doing Atal’Dazar runs as my main source of gold since May. It will get severely nerfed in prepatch but since we still have over 10 days to it I thought some of you might use it since ah is down the drain and this doesn’t make use of ah at all. This will be a quick information about what to do, how to do it efficiently and some addons that I like to use with it.

Requirements to do this in 30 min or less:

  • 420+ ilvl char with short cd interrupt. Higher ilvl the better.

  • Skinning with rank 3 scale and bone gathering

  • LW with shimmerscale striker.

  • Darkmoon firewater to make skinning faster or worgen class. Glove enchants won’t work here.

Convenience to make it easier

  • Good aoe

  • Essence of the focusing iris rank 2+

  • 450+ ilvl

  • Arms warrior for 2x ways to block fear (berserker rage and bladestorm)

  • Loot apprasier to check your gold gained.

    • Loot appraiser normally uses dbmarket which is bad when you are looking for raw gold value of things. I use a tsm custom price to get around for this: first(matprice, vendorsell, 0)

    • Just set a value for blood-stained bones, shimmerscale, mistscale and calcified bones you are comfortable with and loot appraiser will use those values. It will use vendorsell for everything else.

  • Farmit2 shows you how many of which item you have. You can see it on the videos on left side of screen.

Here’s some videos to show what to farm and how to do it:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqCNdNZfgi8 (DH)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojEknyW2y3o (Arms warrior two pulls)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UiUHtaZn6AA (Arms warrior single pull)

Edit: Some things I forgot to mention

  • The videos are outdated and are here just to give a basic idea. I will try to get new videos asap.

  • I run this with two accounts for 16k+ / hr continuously. It’s possible with two chars on two realms as well.

  • If you like the post make sure to read through the comments as there are some really helpful comments there.

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