Quick Tip to Get Hypnotic Dust – WoW Gold Guide


Hey there guys, this is Reckles with WTBGold and I wasn’t going to put this in my original video that I put out a little while ago but things have just been going crazy right now so I wanted to put out a quick video showing you guys how to farm up just a bunch of hypnotic dust. So, Hypnotic Dust is an old world Enchanting material and if you remember my Bastion of Twilight guide that I put out a week or two ago, I showed you how to farm a bunch of Embersilk cloth. You can find a link to the Bastion of Twilight guide here. We got a bunch of Embersilk cloth in that raid. And since I ran it 30 times in that testing, I had a bunch of bolts leftover that I made a few bags with but otherwise hadn’t really done much with it.

It’s just kindof been sitting in my bank. So, I looked around, and the price of Hypnotic dust has been doing some interesting things, and across all servers the price of hypnotic dust has been skyrocketing for some reason and on my server in particular it hit 20 gold today. So, what we’re gonna do is craft a tailoring recipe, and then we’re gonna make a whole bunch of em, and then we’re gonna disenchant them, and it’s gonna get us a ton of hypnotic dust that we can sell on the auction house. So, the item we’re going to sell is the Deathsilk Belt. Now, this requires two embersilk bolts and two eternium threads. You can buy the eternium threads for 3 gold from your Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth or the tailoring vendor, and you can actually also craft the Deathsilk Bracers. They’re different ilvls but they both disenchant for the same amount which is an average of 1.5 hypnotic dust each, but you can get 1, 2, or 3 hypnotic dust from each of those and you also get some lesser mysterious essences. Raise your hand if you’re sad that guild perks are gone.

So once we’re done crafting each of those, we ship them over to my enchanter to disenchant them and as you can see we got a TON of these. I think I got a 160 in total. And disenchant them all. Tradeskillmaster has a really great feature called TSM_Destroying where it searches through your bags, sees what you can mill or prospect or disenchant and it automatically queues up everything, and all you have to do is click “Destroy Next.” So you just click that one button rather than making annoying prospecting or disenchanting macros and click next and click next and click next. So, once we’re done with that we’ll mail that back to my tailor so I can post it on her and we’ll see what we get. So, we got 241 and 30 greater mysterious essences. And remember each dust on average across all servers is selling for between 10 and 12 gold each but on my server it’s selling for between 18 and 20 gold.

This is going to be a ton of gold for us. It’s going to be about 5k. And we’re going to go post this up on the auction house and see how we do. One last tip, if you don’t have an enchanter or a tailor you’re in luck because you can still make a lot of gold with this without professions. If you look the average daily quantity sold and the standard deviation for these it’s about 3 gold so for instance, on my realm the average price is about 13 gold but it varies from 7 gold to 19 gold, so I could make a pretty decent living on dust if I just wait until it’s 7-10 gold and buy everything out that’s in that range and then sell it when it’s 13-19 gold.

And just do that. All the time. So, even if you don’t have a tailor, go sell some hypnotic dust, you just maybe won’t be able to sell quite as much of it. I hope you found this helpful, remember to share it on Twitter, Facebook, or Reddit if you did, and subscribe if you haven’t already. And after all this goodness remember that in the end the key to making gold is just to search, craft, post. Every day..

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