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Rise of Azshara: Heart of Azeroth Essences Tutorial



Welcome to the World of Warcraft Feature Preview for Essences, a major update to the Heart of Azeroth system in Rise of Azshara. With Essences, you’ll use your Heart of Azeroth to tap into the raw power of the titans. These grant powerful active and passive abilities that allow you to customize your play style. Each Essence has a Major Power, which is usually a new active ability, and a Minor Power, which gives a passive benefit. As your Heart of Azeroth increases in power, you’ll unlock 1 Major and 2 Minor slots. Placing an Essence into the Major slot will activate both its Major and Minor powers, while a Minor slot will only activate its Minor power.

You can place them or swap them out in rest areas, or by using items such as the Tome of the Quiet Mind. You can earn Essences by completing a variety of activities, including PvP, raiding, world quests, and more. Many Essences are specific to your role as damage dealer, tank or healer, but some are usable by anyone. After earning an Essence, you can find information about the next rank and how to acquire it in the user interface.

Each Essence has 4 different ranks, with ranks 2 and 3 granting more powerful effects. Rank 4 adds an improved cosmetic effect to an Essence’s Major Power, making you stand out from the crowd. Before you can use Essences, you’ll need to establish your new hub in Nazjatar, and respond to a summons from Magni Bronzebeard to unlock the Heart Forge. Completing this questline will unlock the Major slot and reward you with your first Essence. The 2 Minor slots will unlock separately at Heart of Azeroth Level 55 and 65. Along the way, you’ll unlock 4 small stamina buffs as well. The Essence system is now available in the latest update to World of Warcraft: Rise of Azshara. Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you on the front lines..

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