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Rise of Azshara Survival Guide – Update Live on June 25



Welcome to the World of Warcraft Survival Guide for Rise of Azshara, the latest content update for Battle for Azeroth. In this video, we’ll take a look at the new features and changes coming in Rise of Azshara. After being ambushed by Queen Azshara, you will find yourself in the brand-new zone Nazjatar. Here you’ll have to find new combat allies and gain a foothold to prepare for an epic confrontation with Queen Azshara and her fearsome forces. Adventurers who are Level 120 and have unlocked World Quests will receive a summon from either Genn Greymane or Nathanos Blightcaller to kick off the events that bring them to Nazjatar. Even in the face of imminent threat from Queen Azshara, tensions between the Alliance and Horde still boil beneath the waves as factions battle over territory in Nazjatar. Every 3 hours, this War Mode-only World Quest urges players to work with their allies to capture and hold 5 objective points. The winning faction will be rewarded with Nazjatar Battle Commendations that can be exchanged for items, including war banners and the Inkscale Deepseeker seahorse mount.

While slaying enemies in Nazjatar, players can loot Benthic Tokens. These are Bind-on-Account items that can be used to create gear which grants bonuses in Nazjatar and the upcoming Azshara’s Eternal Palace raid. Benthic Armor can be further upgraded using a new currency, Prismatic Manapearls, which is found while adventuring in the zone. After you’re set up in Nazjatar, you’ll receive word of a new discovery: Mechagon Island, the lost home of the mechagnomes. There, you’ll meet the Rustbolt Resistance and join their fight to stop the tyrannical King Mechagon. Along the way, you’ll participate in new daily quests and other activities unique to Mechagon, such as Junkyard Tinkering, which lets you assemble equipment, toys, consumables, and mounts, including the new X-995 Mechanocat. You’ll also get to build your very own trinket: the Pocket-Sized Computation Device, which can be customized with red, yellow, and blue punch cards.

Rise of Azshara includes a major overhaul to the Azerite system, with the introduction of Essences to the Heart of Azeroth. As your Heart of Azeroth increases in power, you’ll be able to infuse it with Essences, which grant you powerful new active and passive abilities. Essences can be earned from various types of gameplay, and you can mix and match them to best suit your playstyle. More difficult challenges provide more powerful Essences, and the highest ranks grant a cool unique spell effect.

The skies of Kul Tiras and Zandalar will soon be open. To unlock flight in all Battle for Azeroth zones, you will need to explore Mechagon and Nazjatar, earn Revered reputation with the Rustbolt Resistance and your new Nazjatar allies, and have completed Battle for Azeroth Pathfinder, Part One. As an additional reward, you’ll receive the mechanical parrot mount, Wonderwing 2.0. Heritage Armor is now available for gnomes and tauren. Tauren who have completed the latest chapter of the War Campaign and are exalted with Thunder Bluff can begin their Heritage Armor quest at the Embassy in Orgrimmar.

Similarly, gnomes who are exalted with Gnomeregan can begin their quest at the Embassy in Stormwind. Rise of Azshara also introduces mount equipment, which grants all of your mounts a unique benefit, such as: more speed, daze prevention, a parachute, or water walking. You can craft mount equipment with Enchanting, Tailoring, or Leatherworking, or just buy it on the Auction House. And, of course, there’s so much more coming with Rise of Azshara, such as professions updates, a brand-new Robodrome PvP Arena, updates to the transmog system, a new pet battle dungeon, two new islands, and a new chapter of the War Campaign.

And that’s just the beginning. We’ll meet you here in a few weeks to discuss the start of Season 3 of PvP and Mythic Keystone Dungeons, including the new mythic-only dungeon Operation: Mechagon, and, of course, Azshara’s Eternal Palace. Keep an eye on worldofwarcraft.com for more details on upcoming content. Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you on the front lines..

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