Rogue Subtlety WoW 3.3.5 VS Hunter PvP Guide


Parody of Universal Pictures intro. This is a famous music style among young people in Brazil, called “FUNK” is similar to “Trap Music” in USA Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, regardless of the time you are visiting this channel, be very welcome! I’m Fouz. And today, we will have here tips on how to face the class: Hunter. Against Hunter, you need to be always on alert .. Because it is a very fast duel, and in the blink of an eye ..

The duel changes considerably. And the Hunter uses: Pet, Traps, ” Flare “, the flame that reveals.. “Deterrence” an anti-stun skill, (It only harms at the time of “Kidney Shot”) Feign Death – the skill in which Hunter pretends to be dead.. Disengage – the skill that makes the Hunter take a huge leap backwards. So I’ll start by talking about the Pets of Hunter .. I could talk about many pets here, and their advantages .. But I will only talk about the pets that I believe are the most used in the “Marksmanship” build, which are two Tallstrider – that turkey without feathers .. And also.. What is the name of this pet? forgot it.. Oh.. Fuck that shit. The turkey without feathers .. It uses a debuff on you .. That makes you miss all your skills, they will give “miss”, in his Owner. For a time of six seconds, more or less .. But the ” Cloak of Shadows ” removes the debuff, so it’s not a thing to worry too much about.

Already that other, the .. Fuck that shit. He knocks you down. And this can mess up a lot, depending on the time when he knocks you down But, let’s a combo skills, there are many ways to start in a Hunter, I’ll highlight two here in the video .. Which are more effective.. The first way I’m going to show you can attack Hunter is: Stay in stealth mode ( obvious) You will disarm traps of Hunter first.. And when you start the combo on Hunter It will start with: “Shadowstep” + “Cheap Shot” shortly after doing this, already use the “Evasion” And ” Shadow Dance ” Started.

There is a skill limit at the beginning of the combo, for you do not run out of energy, and do not let the target escape, so use two “Ambush” ” Kidney Shot ” e ” Desarm ” logo ap?s usar o Kidney.. ” Ambush ” again.. You should bleed the target at the end of the combo, either with “Garrote” or “Rupture” And, you must run out of the range of “Flare” skill, and use “Vanish” You wait a while while the target bleeds. It is possible that in the meantime, he has already used his medallion, so it will be much easier when you return to hit him again.

This second mode is the call: think fast! While the 3 seconds of the duel count, you use “Sprint” + “Evasion”, run towards the Hunter and use the “Gouge” (You can also use “Shadow Dance” and use “Sap” Only then start the combo. Because it is a mode in which you do not enter stealth mode, it may confuse Hunter, and it will not even give him time to think about a defensive strategy. So, you start with: “Shadowstep” + “Shadow Dance” + “Cheap Shot” ” Ambush ” ” Ambush ” again.. ” Kidney Shot ” ” Desarm ” I held him, with a “Tailoring” net .. More one ” Ambush ” Leave a bleed on target He threw the trap to freeze me, I use the “Cloak of Shadows” and step over the trap, so it will have no effect on me. (If it is to freeze or ice in area, of course) I bleed him, and he immobilized me with ” Scatter Shot ” I used the medallion + “Vanish” to escape .. Ok, now I await the bleeding, to return to hit it ..

I’ll return in the same way, with: “Shadowstep” + “Cheap Shot” ” Backstab ” Wait a little .. ” Kidney Shot ” Continues beating with ” Hemorrhage ” When ” Kidney Shot ” comes to the end, you use the ” Blind ” After using the “Blind”, you have to try to give “Gouge” in the pet, as fast as possible.. Because if you delayed using the “Gouge” in the pet equal I delayed.. ” Blind ” time ends, and you will not be able to enter stealth mode, and use “Sap” on the hunter at the right time.

Okay ? 🙂 ” Sap ” Now, just return, and end the duel .. Allright ? Let’s go to duels now .. Starting in the horde .. Starting with the mode, think fast! ” Gouge ” Ok. He used the pet’s immune skill to my skills would gives “Miss.” So I use “Cloak of Shadows” “Shadowstep” + “Shadow Dance” + “Cheap Shot” I’m hitting him..

” Kidney Shot ” Did he use the medallion? “Desarm” in it .. Leave a bleed on the target .. And run away with “Vanish” Until now, everything as planned .. Now just wait a little bit to return .. While the bleeds are ending, you remove the traps No problem.. Now I’ll return, with: “Shadowstep” and “Cheap Shot” Returned. I’m hitting him.. ” Kidney Shot ” Uses that ” Blind ” at the end of the combo.

” Gouge ” on pet.. Ok.. Now I’m going to use “Sap” on Hunter .. To be able to return to the combo .. Prepared to start again.. Returning.. Returned. Came to death. Next duel.. Again with the mode: Think fast! But I started with a different way: “Shadow Dance” + “Cheap Shot”, since this hunter already knows of my move .. ” Kidney Shot ” ” Desarm ” He threw a freeze trap on me, I used my medallion. He used the racial He used racial “Shadowmeld” to hide, I reveal it.

I use a bleed, and .. ” Vanish ” No problem here, sir. Now just wait a little bit .. Remove the traps.. it is good be prevented, right ? This, removing successfully.. Now return, with ” Shadowstep ” and ” Cheap Shot ” ” Kidney Shot ” Ok Now, using that ” Blind ” NIIIIICE ! I delayed again, to use the skill “Gouge” on the pet, so I had to use the “Vanish” hastily Because, I was not going to give time to ..

Exiting combat, stealth mode, and using ” Sap “, then, ” Vanish ” had utility. Now just prepare to return .. Returning.. MO-MO-MO-MONSTERKILL-KILL-KILL ! Next duel.. Always in fast think mode ! ” Gouge ” Ok. The pet used the skill to leave the hits immune .. I removed the immune with ” Cloak of Shadows ” I started the combo .. ” Ambush “, he used the medallion .. I tried to use ” Kidney Shot “, but I failed. I used another ” Cheap Shot ” Another ” Ambush ” I used ” Vanish “, because after miss the ” Kidney Shot “, the situation became dangerous .. removing traps … Now, I’ll have to try to use a ” Sap ” on it, carefully .. He used “Shadowmeld”, and I approached ..

I used “Sap” successfully. I prepare to start the combo again .. I breathe, ok.. Return with, ” Shadowstep ” + ” Cheap Shot ” GG ! KILLING SPREE ! Next duel.. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go “Gouge” Ok. I’ll return now with “Shadowstep” + “Shadow Dance” + “Cheap Shot” ” Ambush ” “Ambush” “Kidney Shot” “Dismantle” I’m going to use a “Vanish” because the situation is out of control .. It’s a “Vanish” Now, I wait a little bit.

To be able to return with “Shadowstep” and “Cheap Shot” Returning.. “Kidney Shot” Ok. DOMINATING!! HOLY SHIT-SHIT-SHIT ! Next and last duel.. “Gouge” He wears the medallion, and I already use the “Cheap Shot” “Ambush” I used “Cheap Shot” again .. For the time of the “Deterrence” skill ends .. “Kidney Shot” “Ambush” again.. “Backstab” And “Blind” “Vanish” I wait a little bit .. What ? IT’S GONE ! Son of a b%@#.. LOL Where is this sucker.. Oh, son of a b%@#.. I used Corroded Skeleton Key, and “Vanish”, and stunned him with “Cheap Shot” “Kidney Shot” GG! GOD LIKE ! Well friends, this video is coming to an end, I hope you have enjoyed it ..

And, I’ll try to post videos more often .. To end soon this saga of duels. Because I want to start talking about Arena x2 .. Then the whole thing will be serious! I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! And until the next video! See ya !.