Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is your guide to the Ruinhoof pet battle on Argus. I’m going to start with a super quick strategy to just beat him and get your world quest done. Then, I’ll show you strategies for every single pet family for progress on the Family Fighter achievement. Ruinhoof lives here in Krokuun. If you have not finished your Mana Buns demon killing achievement yet, he’s like a little angry preview of the mount that you’re going for. First up, the fastest strategy for when you just wanna get your World Quest done.

This also doubles as the Flying Strat. Grab your Ikky with Black Claw and Flock, and then another bird with Flock or in my case, Falcosaur swarm. The third pet doesn’t matter but do remember to make it Flying. Starting with Ikky we’ll go Black Claw, then Flock, and that almost does it. When Ikky goes down the boss still has Black Claw and Shattered up on him so round of Falcosaur Swarm finishes him off. Next we’ll do Aquatic. I’ve got two high attack breed crabs with Rip and Blood in the Water, but you could just as easily use baby crocs. In the third slot is a Sea Calf with Surge, Bubble and Blood in the Water. Starting with a crab lay down the Rip, then hit him with a Blood in the Water. At this point you can just keep mashing Rip until Crab 1 dies. Since Rip is already ticking, we can go right for Blood in the Water on the second crab.

Then, you can rip approximatly once before that one’s done too. Finally, it’s Sea Calf to the rescue. Start with Bubble, then use Blood in the Water, then spam Surge. Next up is Critters. To keep it simple I’ve got three snails set up with Ooze Touch, Acidic Goo and Dive. Start with Acidic Goo, then Ooze Touch once, then Dive. Because we’re much slower the Dive won’t avoid his Hoof, but it will get you out of the way of Chew. Refresh Acidic Goo and in comes the second snail. Ooze Touch, then Dive, then Acidic Goo. Our final snail has the very easy job of Ooze Touching just the once then we’re good. Next we have Elemental. I’m using my shiny new Zephyrian Prince as well as a Tiny Twister with Call Lightning and Slicing Wind. Grab Bash on the Twister while you’re at it. Third I’ve brought a Ruby Droplet with Acid Touch, Bubble and Drain Blood. Starting with the Prince use Call Lightning, then occupy yourself by mashing your Slicing Wind button.

Slicing Wind is a bit subject to RNG but even average luck will do just fine. I get really lucky to survive this long but you can lose the prince a few turns before this and be OK. After the Prince goes down bring in the Twister. Use Call Lightning, then Bash, then go back to Slicing Wind. Stunning him won’t stop an existing Chew from hitting you but that’s alright. On the Ruby Droplet use Bubble and then Acidic Touch. Drain Blood is a HUGE heal if you need it but it looks like we’re good.

Next we’ve got Mechanicals. I’m using my trusty Darkmoon Zeppelin with Missile, Explode and Decoy, my Pocket Cannon with Cannon Shot and Explode and I grabbed the MiniZep with decoy too. You’ve got endless options here- choose pets with Decoy and Mech damage. Explode is nice in slots 1 and 2 and an Ion Cannon in the third pet slot wouldn’t hurt either. Starting with my Zeppelin we’ll lay down a nice Decoy, then start hitting him with Missiles. You should be able to do AT LEAST four of those if not more. Once you’re near the brink of death, make sure you Explode for an extra 600 damage. I mighta popped it a bit early but we’re good.

To finish things off with a literal bang, I’ll swing in my Pocket Cannon and go right for Explode. I love doing that. Next on the list we have Humanoid. I’m using my Anubisath Idol with Demolish for once in his life and Deflection. Slot two I’ve grabbed Squirky with Fish Slap, Stampede and Bubble and third is the Flayer Youngling with Deflection and Rampage. How many of these pets we wind up needing is largely dependent on how good your Demolish luck is. Starting with the idol use Demolish Twice, then go for a Deflection. Deflection is awesome for this because it’s got a short cooldown and gets you out of the way of both Hoof and Chew. After that keep on Demolishing with crossed fingers and you can use Deflection on cooldown. I have some pretty average luck here and my Idol soloes the whole thing so it’s OK if you miss some Demolishes. Next is Beast and we’re using the Tried and True Zandalari raptors with Black Claw and Hunting Party. This goes much as expected. Use Black Claw, then Hunting Party.

Ruinhoof does take down my first little buddy right before he dies but one more hunting party from my next raptor sorts it out. Next is Dragon, and once again we’ve got a familiar lineup. I’m using my Nexus and Stormborne Whelplings with Mana Surge and Arcane Storm, then a Chrominius with Surge of Power just for good measure. Start with Arcane Storm, then just use Mana Surge until both of your whelps are done for the day. At this point we’re almost at the finish line so Surge of Power is just a delightful piece of overkill. Next we’ll do Magic. I am bringing my Empowered Manafiend with Arcane Blast, Surge of Power and Arcane Storm, a Mini Mindslayer with Eyeblast and Amp Magic and then an Enchanted Broom with Batter. Starting with my Manafiend I’ll use Arcane Storm, then use Arcane Blast twice before going in with the Surge of Power.

That takes us more than halfway there. I’ll bring in the Mindslayer throw up an Amp Magic and then use Eyeblast. At this point I’ll actually Swap to my Broom and start spamming Batter. About three of those and he’s done for. Last we have undead. I’ve got my standard issue Unborn Val’kyr with Shadow Slash, Curse of Doom and Unholy Ascenscion, a Son of Sethe with Plagued Blood, Touch of the Animus and Lift-off and then a Blightbreath with Slime, Toxic Smoke and Bash.

Starting with the Val’kyr use Curse of Doom, then Shadow Slash all of twice before it’s time to use Unholy Ascenscion on your immunity round. On Son of Sethe start with Lift-off to avoid that Chew, then use Touch of Animus. He gets just obliterated but there’s still time to put up Plagued Blood. By the time we’re done with that it’s almost over so one good Toxic Smoke should do the trick. So, that’s Family Fighter Ruinhoof! Thank you so much for watching. Subscribe for the rest of the Family Fighter guides and other super cool WoW videos. Let me know what you think, share your own strategies in the comments if you like and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!.

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