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Sanguine Depths Basic Dungeon Guide | Normal – Heroic – Mythic | Shadowlands Guide


Hey everyone, so, in today’s basic eye series we’re taking a look at sanguine depths, the dungeon has a total of four bosses and in this video we’ll look at the tactics, the covenant, dungeon bonuses and some of the notable trash mobs. Now, with that being said, let’s start off with voracious, so the first ability is called vicious headbutt. This will deal physical damage for the tank and knock them back so make sure you don’t stand too close to an edge. The boss will also cast hungering drain. This will do damage to the entire group and apply stacking buffs to a boss, called essence search. So you want to make sure to interrupt the cast because it can get pretty nasty. You will also target a random player and channel juggernaut rush when this is being channeled. Everyone needs to stand in between the player and the boss to minimize the damage at 100. Energy.

The boss will knock everyone back. This will leave five orbs one from each player. You need to soak these orbs, because if they reach the boss, they will heal him for a huge amount of help on mythic difficulty soaking. One of these orbs will inflict damage to the entire group, so you don’t want to soak all of them. At the same time, rest in peace, healers and yeah – that’s pretty much it for the first boss. Next up we have executed towel, the boss will channel castigated in a random player, which is a big red circle.

If anyone stands inside of it, they will take damage. As well throughout the fight the boss will spawn adds, and these adds will do taking aoe damage to everyone. You want to kill them as soon as possible, because the longer they stay alive, the bigger the circle from a residue is going to be when they die. Also make sure to move out of the red bulls on the ground to avoid taking any damage on mythic difficulty. You will see two red beams that orbits the prison that you have to dodge as well, and that’s pretty much it next up. We have borulia. She will cast ride of supremacy, which is a big aoi blast that does damage and applies the debuff to everyone. When this is being cast, the entire group got ta move to the yellow circle. To avoid the damage on mythic difficulty.

You won’t have this circle, but you will see a bunch of orcs that you have to pick up instead to minimize the damage. Each of these orbs will reduce damage taken by 20. The boss will also channel endless torment, which spawns yellow swirlies on the ground that you have to avoid. However, if you do get hit by one of them, you will get a nasty diva for about 12 seconds. The last boss of this dungeon is general call before even starting the boss fight make sure your tank has picked up the gnar looking shield because you’ll be needing it later on during the fight but anyways. The first ability is wicked rush. The boss will target random players and rush towards them and cleave everyone within 5 yards so make sure to stay spread out. This will also leave behind a debuff called wicked gash dealing damage every second for 20 seconds and on mythic difficulty. You will have to deal with it for the entire fight. She’Ll also create images of herself that will rush forward so just make sure to avoid them on mythic difficulty.

She will create three images, instead of just the one so a bit more challenging at 100 energy. The boss will cast gloom squall so make sure your tank uses the extra ability that they got from the nora looking shield. This will put down a barrier that will reduce damage taken. If you stand inside of it, the shield will also remove any wicked gash stacks that you may have, and with that being said, let’s move on to the covenant bonuses. So if you are part of the ventier covenant, you’ll be able to use their covenant. Dungeon bonus you’ll be able to find enema cages around the dungeon that you can click on to activate for 20 seconds after 20 seconds. Every single player will get a stack of sinful boon for every enemy that you have killed close to the cage. Each of these stacks will give you 3 damage and healing done so it’s going to be crucial to use in mythic plus but anyways. Let’S move on and take a look at some of the notable trash mobs regal. Miss dancer move that’s away from the red pools on the ground because it buffs their damage for about 50 grand overseers, interrupt curse of suppression because they silence the target for about 5 seconds.

The javelins will aggro all neutral mobs, so just make sure you tank, as the aggro first make sure to pick up the narrow looking shield after the third boss use the shield. Whenever general caulk has gloom squall in the big hallway and make sure everyone stands inside. Of it so avoid the damage and that’s pretty much it for this guide. I hope you found it helpful and if you did make sure to give it a like, because it truly does help out. Thank you for watching, and i hope to see you guys in the next video as well. Take care.

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