Sanguine Depths – Quick Guide – Normal – Shadowlands Alpha


What’s up? It’s Jimfro from Ready Check Pull, and this is our Quick Guide to the Sanguine Depths dungeon in Shadowlands. And here’s a list of timestamps on-screen and in the description, so you can jump to the spot that you need. We’ll start off by showing the bosses, and then we’ll talk about notable trash and other things at the end. Kryxis the Voracious occasionally hits the tank with Vicious Headbutt, which does huge damage and knocks the tank back. So make sure the tank doesn’t face the boss towards the edge. When the boss casts Hungering Drain, you’ll need to quickly interrupt it to avoid the AoE damage and to reduce the buff stacks the boss gets.

Occasionally the boss will target a player and start casting Juggernaut Rush. Everyone needs to move between the boss and this player by the end of the cast in order to reduce the damage from the rush. Kryxis’s last ability is Severing Smash, which happens when the boss reaches 100 energy. This is a big AoE smash that knocks everyone back and spawns an orb from each player that slowly moves towards the boss. If the boss touches an orb, he’s healed for a large amount of HP. If a player touches one, they take some damage but remove the orb from the fight.

Make sure to soak these up quickly, but try not to stress your healer out too much. The second boss is Executor Tarvold. Try to stay spread out, because he’ll channel Castigate on a random player, which is a red circle around the player that does big AoE damage to anyone standing inside of it. The boss will regularly spawn an add that needs to be killed quickly.

It does a ton of pulsing damage to the group, and when it dies it will spawn a big red pool. The longer the add is alive the bigger the pool will be. This is important because you can run out of room or run into trash packs if the adds die too slowly. The next boss is Grand Proctor Beryllia. Iron Spikes is the tank mechanic, which is just large physical damage spread out over two seconds. When the boss casts Rite of Supremacy, which is a huge AoE blast that also applies a dot, everyone will need to quickly make their way to the bright yellow circle. The circle reduces the AoE damage and makes you immune to the dot. The boss will also channel Endless Torment, spawning a bunch of yellow swirlies on the ground. These need to be avoided. They’re pretty deadly. The last boss of the dungeon is General Kaal, who starts at 70% HP. Before starting the fight, make sure a player has picked up the naaru- looking-thing which grants them an extra action ability.

Stay spread out, because the boss frequently puts a red arrow above multiple players heads and then charges to each player doing damage and applying a bleed to anyone in five yards. The boss also frequently blasts a section of the platform with a line of red stuff. Just move out of the red stuff ASAP. But be careful, the damage radius is a bit bigger than the animation leads you to believe, so try to move a little further away from the line just to be safe. At full energy the boss will cast Gloom Squall. When this happens, the person with the extra action ability should quickly use the ability, and everyone else needs to stack inside of it. Otherwise you take a ton of damage and might get knocked off the platform. At 50-51%, the fight is over. Oh hey! Before we do the Boss Recap, if you liked this video, consider supporting us on patreon. It’s what allows us to make sweet guides like this one! Alright, so onto the Boss Recap. Kryxis: stack in a line to reduce the damage of Juggernaut Rush on the target, interrupt Hungering Drain, and pick up the orbs after Severing Smash.

Executor Tarvold: kill the adds as fast as possible, and move away when you have the red circle debuff. Beryllia: everyone moves to the yellow bubble when the boss casts Rite of Supremacy. General Kaal: don’t stand near the marked players, avoid the line of red stuff, and use the extra action ability when the boss casts Gloom Squall. We also gotta mention a few notable mobs. Regal Mistdancer: move enemies out of the red pool it casts on the ground, because it buffs their damage by 50%. Also don’t stand in it. Grand Overseer: interrupt the Curse of Suppression cast, because it silences the target for five seconds. Head Custodian Javlin: aggroes all the neutral mobs around him and buffs one of them.

Hallway Gauntlet: before entering the hallway, make sure someone has the extra action ability by picking up the naaru-looking-thing after the third boss. The group will fight an easier version of General Kaal three times along a hallway filled with other trash. She retreats further down the hallway once you do 10% of her health. The only ability to worry about from the boss is Gloom Squall, and the player with the extra action ability should use it for this cast, just like in the boss fight.

And that’s the Quick Guide to the Sanguine Depths. I really need to take a second to thank all of our subscribers and patrons who support us! The small gesture means so much to us. Also let us know if these guides are helpful in the comments below, or in the Ready Check Pull discord. Links to our streams and everything else in the description. Love you all, peace!.

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