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Saronite Ore Farming Guide – 3 Best Routes (World of Warcraft)



Hey there guys, what?s going on. This is Reckles with WTBGold and today we?ll be talking about how to farm Saronite Ore. Alright, so, for this test we did test we did the 3 best zones: Wintergrasp, Scholazar Basin, and Icecrown. Each ore route took about 10 minutes so we did 6 laps in each zone for about an hour of mining each. We wanted you to get reliable results. Each zone has it?s pros and cons depending on what you like and how much competition you have so I do recommend learning all 3 routes but…blah blah blah, let?s go! Our number 3 zone is Scholazar basin.

Next to Un?goro crater, Scholazar is the quintessential mining zone because, In World of Warcraft, mining nodes tend to spawn much more often in rocky areas, and since the perimeter of this entire zone is surrounded by cliffs, you can do pretty well here just running around in circles around the perimeter. The problem with that is that there are 5 pillars in the middle of the map. Now, in WoW there are a minimum number of nodes that can be up in any zone. In other words, if 20 saronite nodes have to be in the zone, and you farm the 20th one, another will force spawn somewhere else. This helps on those high competition servers so everyone gets something. No one feels left out like they’re wasting their time. However, if the saronite keeps force spawning around the pillars in Scholazar when you’re running around the perimeter, you might find that you do an entire lap around the outside without coming across a single node. So, you want to hit up the interior efficiently too. The route I recommend is running along the perimeter and then looping around pillars at a few specific landmarks.

The first landmark is in the south when you see wasps and this ginormous tree stump. Rather than just looping around the pillar there, go ahead and head north to the river, follow it to the west, and then go back south at the river?s heart. The second landmark after you keep following along the perimeter, there’s a big golden temple. For this one and the rest of our little detours, just loop the pillar.

The third is after Nesingwary?s base camp as soon as you hit the big temple on the cliffs called The Maker?s Reach. Fourth, is when the sky turns to fire in the dragon section, and the fifth is when the ground turns to snow. At that point, follow the river past the Avatar of Freya and head east towards the Maker?s Overlook. So, Tree Stump, Gold Temple, Gold Temple, Fire, Snow. Easy as that. I rarely see this zone without at least 3 other people mining Saronite and because of that my haul is usually pretty low. The best lap was 51 Saronite ore, our worst was 33, and we averaged 41 per lap, for 246 saronite ore per hour. Don?t expect any Titanium here, but you may get a little bit. Our number 2 zone is Icecrown. This is my goto spot if number 1 is taken. I don?t really like mining here because it?s dark and dreary, and the music in the zone is just kind of depressing, but the lap is super easy. Starting at the bottom left, circle along the internal cliffs in Icecrown around Ymirheim, and then head towards the Argent Vanguard basecamp.

Head north and follow the cliffs but take a left when you get to Sindragosa?s Fall. It’s just a big crater in the ground. Keep following the perimeter cliffs as you wiggle around Aldur?thar in the very north, and then take a small detour through the Fleshwerks in the very very west. And then you’re back where you started from. Our results were pretty good here. The laps ranged from 44 Saronite to 69, and we averaged 60 Saronite ore per lap, for about 360 ore per hour.

Not bad. Ok. Not bad. Our number one spot is Wintergrasp, the PVP zone. It?s essentially the Wrath of the Lich King?s Ashran Island. This place is one of the few you can get a respectable amount of Titanium, which spawns as a rare spawn in the same node locations as saronite. There aren?t a lot of nodes here but a lot of them are rich nodes, so your per hour evens out. However, if you have competition, if anyone else is in the zone I?d recommend just heading over to icecrown because it’s just not worth it. Also, the routes you?ll find for this place online oftentimes look like gobblydygook. But it?s super easy to remember with three rules. Start in the Fire pit at the bottom right. Head along the perimeter then head up and follow the river.

At the halfway point, go up and check the cliffy things. Then go back to following the river. Then check the cliffy thing. Then follow the perimeter. At the top of the map, circle the base as you check each cliffy thing for ore. Follow the perimeter again. There are more cliffy things then. You?re back at the fire pit. HAZAA! EASY! So, essentially If you aren?t at the perimeter, you?re either looking for rocks, you know cliffy things, or you’re looking for water. GG. We a high amount of saronite here. We got 89 for our best lap, 60 for our worst, and an average of 73 ore per lap.

And we were actually able to do each lap in under 10 minutes here. A total of a little bit more than 440 Saronite ore per hour, almost twice what we got from Sholazar. And the last thing I want to say before I go, selling this stuff. Believe it or not, you can sell Saronite Ore for 30 gold each. I normally just post mine up for 10 or 15 gold each, and just leave it up for 24 or 48 hours, but it’ll sell. Like, over the course of two days, prices normally bounce around up into the 10-15 gold range even if they average at about between 5 to 10 gold.

It’ll get up there. And then once a week, someone will buy out the Auction House and you can sell it at 30 gold, so you can make 440 ore times 30. I’ll let y’all do the math and write that down in the comments. So, hope y?all enjoy. I haven?t done one of these since my last cloth farming guide, I think it was Embersilk?, and I?m looking to get one done for every material in the game, so expect one of these to come out every week. After you like and subscribe, I want you to do something. Go do 3 laps in one of these zones and tell me what you got, how many ore you got each lap, and pick something that you really liked about the place, something you really didn’t like.

Let us know, let’s build a database, a community around farming and gathering and goldmaking. Alright, Good luck! Happy farming! I’ll see you guys later..

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