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Semi-Auto Mailing and Storage – TradeSkillMaster and Logistics By: ElGoblinoGuides


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https://imgur.com/a/0VTviCH <– images will be mentioned throughout the guide

Most players mail items in their bags by clicking each of them and typing the mailing recipient. Most players store and withdraw items in their banks by individually clicking each of them. That’s repetitive, boring and inefficient. Let’s make it so we do all of that in 1 click. If you don’t yet use TradeSkillMaster, follow this guide for installation instructions and easy setting up for that addon.

1. Planning your toons

First of all, we need to decide how many bank/auction toons we’ll be creating. Depending on what you’ll be doing, you may have different needs.

I’ve decided on creating separate characters for different expansions and different items.

This is what I’ve been using and what I will use once Shadowlands comes out:

  • Classic materials

  • Classic transmog, recipes, pets, whatever single stack items

  • Shadowlands materials

  • Shadowlands gear, pets, mounts, whatever single stack items

  • Same thing for whatever other expansion I’ve been playing

  • Most valuable items I want to regularly cancel scan

Why do this?

I found it easier to visualize everything going on in my multi-character inventory this way. Easier to see profits from each thing I’ve been doing. Easier to organize groups separated by expansion. More inventory space for storing duplicate items.

Creating a separate toon for the most valuable items because of the recent cancel throttling. I don’t cancel scan regular transmog or single stack items anymore. It takes an unholy length of time, so I only cancel scan materials and the most valuable items.

1.1 Race Choice

Vulpera. Choose it. If you haven’t unlocked it yet, you don’t need to worry. The reputation requirements for allied races will be lifted in Shadowlands. You will only have to complete some short quests.

The Vulpera get 8 extra bag slots as a racial passive.

Alliance? Tough luck, boy. All your races suck.

1.2 Guild Banks

If you’re running low on inventory and bank space (which is quite easy to get to, once you’ve farmed enough transmog), consider creating a guild just for yourself to make use of guild banks.

For 9350g, you can get 588 extra inventory slots. This is very cheap.

Ask a few friends to sign your guild charter. If you have no friends (a moment of silence for our lone brethren), you can offer something like 1k gold in trade chat for people to sign up. It’s quite quick, that way.

1.3 What city to choose as your base

Not all cities are built the same. I consider the Undercity to be the best as your auctioning and banking base.

The auctioneers and mailboxes are the closest. The bank also seems to be the closest.

And, most importantly, you can stay mounted up everywhere, unlike in Orgrimmar, for example.

If you want to do a bit extra effort, The Booty Bay is probably the most efficient in the long run. The Auction House, mailbox, bank and guild bank all fit within the screen.

Stop puppy eyeing me, Alliance boy. I don’t like your cities.

2. TradeSkillMaster Operations

Now for the more technical part of this guide. To continue from this point, you need to either have your own item groups set up, or follow this previously mentioned guide.

2.1 Mailing

Open up TSM by clicking the minimap icon or typing /TSM

image 1

(2) (3) Create a new mailing operation or rename the default operation. Name it as the character you’ll be mailing.

(4) This is the character you’ll be sending items to.

image 2

Scroll down until you see this. Add all the item groups you want to send this character.

image 3

Example of how it may look like, once you’re done setting up all the operations you’ll need.

That’s all done. Now get to a mailbox.

image 4

(1) Click groups

(2) Select all groups

(3) Everything will be sent to the respective characters

That’s it! You won’t have to sort anything ever again!

2.2 Warehousing

This is even easier than the Mailing function of TSM. There is no further setup required. You’ve done everything needed.

Go to the bank

image 5

If you can’t see this window while you’re at the bank, type /bankui

(3) Move any excess items to the bank

(4) Move anything to your bags that you haven’t posted enough of

That’s it! Storage is that simple with TSM!


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