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Shadow Priest PvP Guide | Priorities and Gameplay | 5.4.8


Okay in this segment, I want to talk about priorities and gameplay, and what I mean by priorities in game play is exactly what should you do it a given moment in arena? The first thing I want to clarify is that there is no set damage rotation in PvP. The only thing that says consistent as Shadow in PvP is that you want to stay in inner fire and shadow form 100 % of the time. Obviously, you can stay in shadow form when you heal, and also you want to have a feather speed buff when you pretty much every time you move, but especially when you’re going for Fears. Also, the way to maximize your wind chances is not necessarily by doing the most damage you can, but rather to create opportunities for burst damage for both you and your partner, combined with TCC on the enemy.

That being said, the best thing to do in a certain point of the game depends entirely on the situation at hand. So, besides dpsing and doing at full damage, you want to be thinking about helping your partners. That means dispelling them healing life clipping, etc. Purging helpful spells of enemies a lot of times, purging a spell, puts more pressure on the enemy team and simply doing damage and positioning yourself so that you are in a hard place to reach for an enemy, melee or a dangerous place to reach for an MLA Or really close to a spot where you can line-of-sight arranged while at the same time, staying in line of sight for your partners, your healer, especially, I will go over positioning in more detail in the next video.

Second, you should understand what makes a good player I have watched a lot of great players and read a lot of their guides and tutorials throughout multiple expansions, and I personally saw heard just a few of them touch on this topic, one of the most important things I have noticed about high rated players when compared to a lot of other players, myself included, is that they always play to win now. I know that might sound too an obvious, but what I mean is they know when to go offensive, but even more importantly, they know when to stay defensive and turtle. So I think it’s disability to recognize it’s best to just go defensive, CC, line of sight kite and do everything necessary to basically it’s not die while using a few cooldowns as possible and then retaliate with offensive and try to get control of the game back and Is the the the factor that’s gon na matter? The most your improvement, I’m going to talk more in depth about this concept and a few others in a future video. It’S probably going to be the last one of this guide and you can click over here to go there directly. Now I’m gon na explain how and why you should be building up your damage and how to burst, but it is up to each and every one of you to develop the skills required and to ask yourself: is it the right time to burst? Should I rather heal my allies ID, I should be dispelling that fear word and go for a fear.

First or maybe I should grip my druid because he’s scattered. So I hope you get my point now. The way I see it, here’s the priority list number one. Don’T die, you do this by positioning yourself properly and managing your cooldowns to counter your enemy’s cooldowns. Also by communicating well with your teammates. My cat keeps making screenshots number two: don’t let your partner’s die again. You need to communicate with your partner’s and make sure they’re not in trouble. You could assist them by healing gripping Mass dispelling or simply seeing the enemy number three get your three orbs number four line up: everything for the kill. The first two are kind of self-explanatory. So, let’s go over the last two first, you must acknowledge the fact that you are not an affliction warlock nor a balance druid.

You have no constant AoE pressure just because you have two dots on everyone on the opposing team, but you do have, however, is burst. Damage and strong CC, so both you and your teammates are out of danger. Your priority now becomes getting the three orbs. This means you should be mind blasting on cooldown again, if nothing more important requires your immediate attention to get the three orbs as fast as possible. It is best to keep shadow word pain on as many targets as possible. That means keep it up on everyone, including their pets. So you get this right. You should be SPECT into divine insight and then every single one of your shadow word pain is going to give you a 5 % chance per tick. To give you an instant mind last so, as you can see, if I keep dotting them soon, I will have three orbs, it’s kind of orangey there you go that’s without casting anything. There is a fourth. So, fifth, you know you want to have shadow word pain on his main targets as possible. Also you want, you must have vampiric touch on, I would say at least two targets throughout the entire game.

Otherwise you are going to go Uma. You use them pick touch not necessarily for the damage it does, but more for the mana you gain and for the dispel protection right, because in case you didn’t know with the fourth set bonus see right here when your vampiric touch is dispelled, the dispeller is instantly Cleared in horror for three seconds, that means the enemy. Healer, can’t just randomly dispel all your debuff. You know on cooldown you can, but he’s going to get feared, so keep em peeled touch on at least two targets. Keep shadow word pain on as many targets as you can and get your three orbs as soon as possible. Once you have three orbs ready until touch and chat, the word pain with a decent duration. Let’S say half on target you want to go for. You are ready to go for burst and attempt score kill. Let’S go over the ideal situation to kill someone step 1 purge or kill target so that he has no buffs at least no big important buffs like powered shield and of sacrifice, earth shield, etc. Step 2 have three herbs ready and vampiric touch inside the word pain on your target step. 3. Wait for your products. Trinket proc is the most important one, but if you have tailoring, you might want to wait for the cloak one as well.

They usually have proc at the same time because they have the same internal cooldown I’ll go over this in a second. But you want to wait for your products and if you have a mind, last and mines, pipe rocks as well all the better step 4. And this one is very important: make sure your partner, an example mage can burst with you he has so he has deep orb or fingers of frost ready and he can see someone in the enemy team step. 5 CCD enemy healer. You can fear silent, cyclone, deep freeze or polymorph him or anything else, step 6, so use your unused trinket or your gloves in chant. If you’re an engineer then do the shadow fiend sha bug which I showed you over here devouring plague on the same global you get them go for an, instant, mind blast or casted one if you didn’t have the proc then go for mine spikes. If they are product or mind play if they are not right. So let me let me show you what I mean let’s say this guy over here is the healer right, and this is my kill target so.

I have the healer on focus and my my kill target is you know, dots check, Prague’s check right now, I’m going for a fear on the Hiller right, I’m going to side fiend and mind and divine play at the same time then use all my products and Then do this so there’s red: let’s get the red! Okay, let’s! Let’S do a small break from this tutorial, so I can kill this red, for you seems like a nice guy who wants to kill me: hey where’s, my I don’t have any any cooldowns cuz. I just use those you’re gon na have to bobble soon yeah he’s gon na have to bubble. Should I kill Emma he’s running come on. Do that, I want to kill you. Let’S say hi come on hi come on dude run away. What is it doing like? Y’All I’m gon na come. What is he doing? Thank you whatever. Okay, sorry about that guys, let’s go back to the to the guide. Okay, I’m gon na say one more thing after you devouring plague in case you have no products, so no surges of no surge of darkness and no instant mind last. The best thing you can do in order to maximize your damage is to go for a cast and cast with mine last and then channel mind play right. However, if you are expecting two solos and insanity, then you do not want to go for the casted mind. Last, if you have an instantly an instant pine blast product, then you want to devouring plague, use the instant mind blast and then insanity then use mind play or insanity okay. But if you don’t have the mind last proc, you don’t want to go for a case of Mind Blast, because just casting insanity would do more damage.

Step 7 follow up the CC on the Hitler with another CC, all extra orbs you get after your boring plague. I usually best spent on a horror on the hill er, not every time, though step 8 enemies either dead or your first lot of cooldowns good job step 9 turtle until you can repeat or Riku. If you have wonder we know now what about in between bursts? What do you do if you have two or three orbs, but nobody can see, see the enemy healer? Do you just three or Benny? Wait top damaged meters? No, of course not. If you find yourself in a situation where you have three orbs, but for whatever reason, neither you nor your team can set up a window of opportunity, never go for a random devouring plague, although you can sometimes get off on pets and kill them quickly, because most Killers won’t notice to this palate or to heal in time. You will find yourself in this situation quite often during this downtime.

While you wait for your mage to have deep backup or you wait for your fear or anything like that, the best thing to do would probably be purging. Rebuffing yourself. If you were purged and refreshing your dots and don’t use your instant mind, blast or mind spikes. If they proc, you want to save them, for when you go for a kill most of the time. Shooting your instant mind last won’t really cause any pressure because around them, forty to seventy K, mind blast is easily healed and might not proc again at all. When you go for the three urbe, I want you to remember, however, that everything I just said should be taking as a guideline and not actual rules. It’S been times many times when my mage was getting trained, bribed three orbs and every prop possible. So I just go solo: the healer. In some cases the healer just died in others. It first appeal and it others our mage died, and I was to blame so take everything as a general guideline. Okay, let’s talk about how and when to see see unlike mages Shadow Priests, don’t have the ability to control as much. However, in short windows, RCC can be very scary.

Sometimes it is a good idea to try to get a double fear on the DPS one, silencing the healer. This is going to give you breathing space in that scary, rogue mage, opener and will quite often for such trinkets or will of the Forsaken at least at my MMR. It does, which is to point 2 K, ish again versus rogues. You want to try and get one or best fast, as you can in order to disarm his shadow. Blades mini rogues, use shadow blades in the first opener. So if you fear them and they will it or drink it, then they are now stuck in a five seconds disarm. Most of the time all your CC will go into the enemy healer and it will usually start with a fear followed by a silence file followed by a one or bort or disarmed now add volume, morph and cyclones into the mix and you’ll begin to see why? God comp is so strong many times versus druids. You will want to use your disarmed horror first and then fear so that it doesn’t displace your beast or typhoons, your fear attempt or if your mage can land upon poly or a deep. You can clear out of that. I want to take a moment and explain the products a little bit when you apply a dot. It will take a snapshot of your current stats, increased by by buffs of shadow form, etc and throughout its entire duration.

It will deal damage based on the initial snapshot. Let me show you what I mean when I say the dots take a snapshot so right now I will have no buffs on myself, except for there. I’M gon na take that off as well, and I’m going to do one shadow word pain on this guy right. Let’S see how hard it takes, I know it hits for 11 K done great right and I’m going to buff myself and go shadow form. As you see, it hits the same 11 K, but if I do it one more time right now well now it hits for 20 K see because I have my proc drink it up. I think I had my weapon enchant as well and the shadow form which increases the damage by 25 % and also my inner fire, which gives me another 10 % spell power. So you see the damage the damage bonus is quite quite high. So if you want to maximize your damage output, you will have to refresh your dots when your procs are up. That means right now. Well, I have one I’m done, however, keep in mind that the Shadow Priests dots take for quite low damage, even with Prague’s up. So it might be a smarter thing to go for burst when you have when you’re proc syrup, but, as I said before, everything depends on the situation at hand. If you consider the time is not right to go for a kill attempt, then refreshing, your dots is maybe the next best thing to do. Pressure-Wise now, a few words about the proc King, getting the cloak enchant your protein kit and cloak enchant. If you are Taylor, both have a 45 kans internal cooldown.

That means that after they activate right, see after they activate, they cannot proc again till that 45. Second, internal cooldown or ICD is over as soon as they are not on cooldown. The chances of that blocking is really high. I believe it’s 50 %, so as soon as the internal cooldown is over, you can pretty much guarantee your your trinket will proc right, but that means for you is as soon as the gates open in arena do not use renew or any other heal. Until you get in combat these abilities that you can trigger your trinket and since its internal cooldown is off, it will proc and you will have wasted your initial proc pretty much now. On the other hand, if you want to have the trinket brought by the time, you have your first three orbs, which, depending on a lot of things, including RNG, should take you around 15 seconds. Since you engage in combat, then you might want to have that ICD active and time it so that, let’s say 30 seconds after the game starts drinkable proc. That will require you to spam. Heals like flash heal around 15 seconds before the gates, actually open, keeping track of your trinket proc and even its internal cooldown by using add-ons a stopwatch macro or trying to keep track of it. Yourself is crucial to being really successful with any dps class in world PvP.

I will talk more about positioning self, healing and healing partners and what to do and how to play while being trained as a shadow priest in the next video. You can jump there by clicking this beautiful button over here or if you want to go back to the main menu video click over here. Well, that’s it for this one guys. I hope this helped good luck and have fun, see ya.

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