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Okay, so, let’s start with race, the short answer would be go human if your Alliance go undead, if your horde, if you’re, not sure what faction you want, the human is the best for pretty much every single class in PvP right now. Now, let’s take this a bit more in depth, okay, so forward, and that is the way to go. One of the first second is just too good, and the passive touch of the grave is not bad either. After that, I would say, goblin the haste buff you get makes it probably the best race for Shadow Priests in PvE, and the mobility with the jump is really good for PvP as well.

A close third, maybe even second, would be troll trolls have the haste buff, which is, if you spec insanity and say power infusion, combine that with the troll racial it would it’s going to do. A ton of damage so chose are pretty good as well. Blood elves I’d, say they’re, not that good I mean the silence is okay and the mana regen is decent, but other than that they don’t really have anything. Next up. We have the oh, my god. What is that? Okay, there we go. Torrents torrents are fun. I, like torrents, they’re, not really that good though I’d say they’re even worse than them blood elves, because the only thing they have really is the worst stomp and do they even have the extra HP anymore yeah. They have 5 % extra HP, so torrents and blood bellow and blood elves are pretty much the same.

I would say I would go for blood, oh okay and now for Alliance for Alliance. You definitely want to go. Human humans are just hands-down the best best race for for PvP right now, the ability to have to DPS trinkets is just insane okay. A second for me would be my toes light off is pretty cool and allows for some really great place with that, the shadow mode you can shadow melt, a job combat and then you can use spectral guys to drop combat again. So it’s pretty pretty awesome. Now. Next, in line after night off would be, I would say, worgen organ are good, they’re, probably the best for PvE for alliance. The Sprint is good. The crit, the 1 % crit is good again and that’s about it.

They don’t compare to humans, not at all, and I wouldn’t put them on par with my selves either, but I think they’re strong, turd dwarves would be next for me. Actually, oh, my god. I actually like how dwarves look when they cast and you can get one extra 1 % extra hit if you were waiting if you’re wearing a mace. However, as a shadow priest in PvP gear usually go over the heat cap anyway, so you don’t really need it, but it’s there and stone form is not as useful as it used to be it’s just there. It’S okay, I guess gnomes gnomes are just gnomes. There’S just nothing to it: it’s pretty cool because you can break roots and then feather yourself and you’ll have the full feather effect for until you get rooted again, which is going to be pretty much one second later in this game. Okay, next up we have drone. I oh no, no, no, no, no drew and I drew – and I are actually really bad for Shadow Priests in PvP.

You can’t use gift of the Naaru in shadow form. You have to get out of shadow form and then go back in so it requires two Global’s plus. The heart itself is not that amazing and the extra hit they get again. You can get it from a human from a dwarf and you don’t need it anyway. So Drew – and I are, I would say, the worst class for Shadow Priests, okay and last but not least, but one of the worst is pandas. The problem with pandas is they’re, going to really have anything except the the incapacitator and that breaks on damage and there’s a Shadow Priests. You do have damage up. That’S that’s pretty much all they have. I would put them actually above Draenei, but that it so that’s it for races. Let’S move on to professions so professions for professions. I would recommend you go. You think you can take anything that is not a gathering profession. So let me check out them. You can go alchemy, blacksmith, enchanting, I’m gon na talk about engineering or inscription jewelcrafting leather working.

I think that’s good one as well yeah. It is, and I’m gon na talk about tailoring as well. So all of those they all give you the same stats except for tailoring and engineering. Now, let’s start with tailoring as a tailor, you lose the your cloak enchant for this right light weave, which increases your intellect by 2,000, and it is a proc. So what I’d recommend is, if you’re not used to tracking your products, then definitely do not go tailoring, because if you just randomly do damage and your tailoring your cloak randomly procs and then you just don’t care, then you’re pretty much wasting that 2k intellect and you I mean for that. You are losing 500 intellect passively because you are not only losing the 180 intellect on your cloak. The enchant, but you’re also losing the potential 320 320 intellect from another profession. So that’s 500 intellect pass if you lose for 2,000 intellect rock. So again, if you’re not used to tracking your products and what I mean by that is actively looking over here, see now I product so now.

I know that I can do more damage than usual, because I have this what I would wait for my drink at which just proc so now I can do more damage right. If you’re not used to tracking them up here, then I would really suggest you go for another profession now about engineering. First thing is: if you’re a human, you don’t want to go engineering. What engineering gives you – and this is all about arena by the way, because both Taylor and engineer give you some pretty neat and cool devices you can use and that’s why I chose them really, but I’m talking strictly arena now so in arena, if you’re a human, You do not want to go engineer because it is pretty much pointless. The thing that you get from engineer is a non-use effect on your gloves. So you can see here increases your in. I have used increase your intellect agility or strength by 2k for 10 seconds.

That way, I can play with my proctoring kit and my PvP trinket and have an unused effect as well. So but if you have an honest trinket, if you’re human right, if you’re human, you will have this trinket and the unused trinket and you cannot use gloves and all new string kit at the same time. So if you’re an engineer, the only thing you get is the 2k intellect bonus when you use it. So the reason why I like it personally is because I can I can do the most burst possible with with these two with. Actually, it would be a bit more if I’d had the PvP trinket itself, but since I don’t this is the next best thing so right now you see, I have all the proxy. This is my weapon and I’m popping my gloves enchant and your that’s. I will get rotation in a second okay, so that’s that’s pretty much it with professions.

Now, let’s move on to the main issue when it comes to Shadow Priests, sort of – and that is the gear and that’s the stat priority, so okay, so these are pretty much the cookie cutter stat priority. First, you want to get 6 % hit. Then it’s intellect, then it’s haste, crit and then mastery intellect is overall better than haste in my opinion, but some priests do like to jump full haste. The thought comes down to personal preference. Really I’m going to explain exactly why and what what the difference is. But first, let’s get something straight, because I see a lot of shadow priests making this confusion. You don’t go haste for the extra tick on on your dots or anything like that. That’S what you do in PV is true. You want to get the extra ticks on your dots, but in PvP you don’t care about your extra text. So the reason you go haste is for the faster global cooldowns. So you can spam more abilities and also for faster mass dispels mind blasts and all the spells pretty much so you don’t go haste for the extra ticks.

Ok, so here’s here’s the difference of not getting full haste gems compared to getting full hit gems. It all comes down pretty much to the 1,300 intellect versus the 3300 haste. So, with everything being said, the difference in damage itself would not be high either way you go. Okay, they’re both fine. I would say that for really skilled players and I’m talking 2.5 k plus maybe haste would probably be more beneficial than intellect just because you can have those a bit faster reactions and a bit more a little bit more ability. As you can spam because of your global cooldown being a bit lower, but for everyone else, I would really recommend going for socket bonuses, like I note that at 18,250 haste you get to the global cooldown cap. So if you by any chance, have a heist rating higher than that, although I don’t think you can, then you should just stop stop going phrase at all altogether, because it’s not going to help you it. It’S not gon na. Do any good for you anymore. This is a tip for PV ears as well. If you get to eighteen hundred eighteen thousand two hundred and fifteen, then you can stop going for ice and the PvP gear.

If you go full haste gems, with the full haste offset, you would have around 15 thousand haste, I’m pretty sure, so nowhere near enough to the cap right. So, let’s move on to the gear itself. Gear itself is really simple. All you have to do is get your your main pieces, the shadow ones, except for the gloves. You want the killer gloves because they have you see, they have haste and not the shadow ones have quit, I think or mastery, and so you have the shadow helm. Shadow shoulders, chest and legs, and you want the healer gloves and for off pieces. You want to get everything that has haste. Haste is the most important then create the mastery. Oh that’s it. It’S really easy, just see whatever has haste and take that one. If it has haste and mastery, we Forge the mastery to crit if it has haste and quit, leave it like that simple, oh yeah, and as for weapons, I would recommend not using a wand like I am, and the reason for that is.

If you have a one, you can okay, let I actually have a mace as well. I’M pretty sure I did. Okay, I’m going to use this one. If you have a maze or a dagger, if you right-click a target, it’s going to hit it instantly right. So work, let’s say this is a totem or a mushroom right, so I just right-click it BAM. However, if I have a wand – and I try to do the same okay, so now it’s pretty fast. Actually you know it still has the delay see. Is this faster? No it’s to speed, so this is actually faster and it seems slower see you have that wait time. However, with the maze you just go in and whack it and plus you can do it on the move, you can’t you can’t move and and want to same time, see it just stopped stacking, so yeah go for every anything. That’S not want! Oh, and also you want to go main hand off and not staff.

The difference again is really really small. Stuff gives a little bit more HP main hand off hand, gives a little bit more spell power and other stats so go main hand off hand and that’s for main hand pick a dagger or mace, not the one like I did. I picked the one because I wanted the transmog, but I regret it now. I have a mace as well in my bank, so I’m going to change that. Okay, I think that’s pretty much it for gear. In the next section, I’m going to talk about glyphs and talents, so if you want to go straight to that, you can click over here or if you want to go back to the main video menu. You can click over here. So I hope this guide was this first part was helpful and good luck.

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