Shadow Priest PvP Guide Wow 6.2.2


Hello, everyone. This is casino, I’m going to make a shadow priest pvp guide today, in which I will not only share my talents, glyphs and rotation, but I will delve into an actual battle ground and show you some pvp footage as well. So aren’t you in for a treat starting out, let’s begin with talents, as you can see here, there’s pretty straight forward. I think every shadow priest gets the same ones. If they don’t, then they should. These are the correct talents, they’re, the ones that the top shadow priest run. I’Ve looked it up and I’ve rid of the research, and I know these things the as far as glyphs, I kind of run a little bit different. Well, I don’t know, I guess a lot of people use this massive spell mind. Blast psychic or I don’t think I really need to explain massive spell in psychic or buying blast is really good for making people mobile and battlegrounds, especially melee.

It’S very beneficial when you’re cutting people getting credits off, helps even more if you have a hiker trait, which I do so going into my stats, I’m a little bit different than your typical shadow priests who would have somewhere in the vicinity of sixteen to twenty percent Haste I instead decided to stack mastery as much as I could and what I couldn’t get in mastery. I got in versatility, um. The rest was stacked on crit, so I’m going pretty heavy with three main stats here. Instead of spreading everything out, I have a little bit of multi strike a little bit of haste, but not much to speak. Of i brag about multi strike is a really good stat for shadow priests. In fact, i’ve checked out some sites. That says it’s one of the top stats, but i don’t like to rely on a proc or a non chance thing. Um i like to have a lot of damage that I can rely on. I think versatility is a great stat for that, as you will see here, I’m going to eat some food and holy crap, i’m at 114 percent mastery and i’m fourteen percent versatility. So if you’re good at math, that’s 120, eight actually 129. If you add the hundreds place percent damage to my mind straight line spike, mind blast in mind, flay, so talk about putting all your eggs in one basket but seems to be working for me fairly.

Well, alright! Well, it’s always interesting when I q solo without any healers – and I get put with a bunch of pugs – should be a good time, but a little bit skeptical. We actually do have a flag runner, although, like death Knights, are very credit mobility, but maybe he’ll survive a little bit longer. Here’S a fun little thing I like to do here: oh you got ta, be kidding me. So basically, some idiot took the berserk that isn’t going to do a third of my damage and that’s pretty much the story and burn to my cool down. So I blast cascade shadow word: painting vampiric touch shadow death boom dead, already wow. That really just happened. All right, this guy is going to be squishy ouch Jesus back to the matter is even if that booming out dps is me he’s not even as effective as me, because all my name is just burst damage his damage is spread around, so I’m actually killing people And he’s fluffing the numbers up.

That’S why I play shadow priest because there’s no fluff in here I hit you it’s going to be hard at 81 k. I don’t like hewers it bother me. They all need to die strip all those Bluffs off at when I fear I literally just took every single buff off of him that I could I mean. Do I care about playing objectively? Yes, but if I can kill one of their healers, I’ve played very objectively as far as I’m concerned. Oh you’re, gon na open on me like a little beeyotch yeah. Please stand right there. Oh my I’m still not used to how much damage I do just seems. Unnatural to me a failure. I can’t the bizarre thing just spawn right on top of me. That would be really cool. I’M just chilling here for like a hot second, and i just get berserk, give me berserk that i need it. I really don’t need it, but it would be kind of cool. Oh, come on really really. Oh, my god see. If I had a healer, I could have killed their entire team right there. You know, store my life.

Ah such scrubs. Today, apparently, we have no good players in this battle ground, except for two being dirty here. His name is I’m. Assuming is also a rated battleground player. Get off me, son, mmm nope. Today, you really you haha you’re frozen in place. Oh, I dispersed John yo. Why? I asked mother fucka. Can I say that on YouTube? I don’t know it’s questionable. This just have to sit there after. I crit him for like 100k and get like eating again. Oh just healed up. That was kind of questionable you, so you don’t up. You done up it you, it’s all your fault, you meanie, it’s like for a minute, I’m not a shadow priest anywhere, I’m just like I’m going lights, how to heal. Ok, now I’m evil again! Oh. Why did I do that? Oh sweet! Oh yeah! Oh, it’s done. Their whole team is done their whole team. Oh it’s over! It’S over! For them all to mine, spikes and a mind. Blast are off the bat. Oh now you’re stunned.

What? If I can perfect this guy? Perfect it? Oh! Do you see it? Do you see what I see? Oh I’m, so sorry what I’m about to do to you? Oh my god! Now what I disperse I come out of this I get like a million versatility to watch. Oh no big hits but ooh. I spoke too soon. I’M just gon na be an idiot and run out be a BG hero, tough guy. No, oh! No he’s immune! No! No! This is going to be ugly. I mean zero. Survivability is a shadow priest. If you get guys on you like two or three guys on you and you’ll, have a healer you’re done. You are toast, so it’s very simple rotation, Mind Blast cascade vampiric, touch shadow word pain, mind flay, my blast, cascade vampiric touch shadow, we’re paying yeah. I have tell me when, which is an add-on that tells me when my shadow work deaths is available right above my screen, so i don’t have to pay any certain particular Dame attention to anything other than you know. Whatever this rogue around here, I’m dead, it’s a paladin, warlock team, again so gay so gay. This is what pisses me off about battlegrounds when I’m healers, it’s like I’m better than like every single one of these players combined, but they’ve got healers. So I have to suffer as a result. It’S just really it’s a joke.

You know part of it’s my fault for bad positioning, not really sticking with my team part of it to my team’s fault, for not just following me around the whole battle ground and just letting me kill everybody. You know so it’s it’s about 5050, but yeah. Oh god, damn you dude, you know need to know come on dude really. This is gang. Bang, the top dps, because we’re cool. Where has our one healer, been this entire game just sitting here with the flag carrier just holding what a bad a dude? Yes, hmm the book – I said: that’s so tough. Now man, please grab this guy.

Please grab this guy. I mean yeah, this guy’s, okay, what it was his top damage hit 104 k on Star Search that make sense, wasn’t even a crit I’ve hit for 100k, like everything I did in this battle round. So what do you grow? You spread your dots around and chase numbers i’ll actually kill. People like this guy see ya yeah a little, but me in riding my butt all day idiot, it’s all about. When you silence them, I mean it’s not last forever. It’S got a sound so at the right time, like thirty percent hell if they’re done. Oh, this is how he’s been getting top damages been sitting here by the private sitting by here by the rather res just killing them when they come out getting the berserk mm-hmm.

I’M learning your secret, sir. Oh there you have it. Ladies and gentlemen, I got beat up pretty bad by balance druid but other than that did pretty good, um, no survivability whatsoever, we’ll get a pocket healer and you’re, like that, my god or something so hope. You guys enjoyed my lame commentary and my awesome pvp skills and yes, 18 for more peace.

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