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Hey guys welcome back to my channel missy mimu, i hope you’re, all okay, so today’s video is going to help you guys get your alts back on track for the shadowlands and i’ll be covering everything from legendaries to covenants renowned and so much more. If you guys do like the video, please hit that like button down below and subscribe, if you haven’t already and make sure you have, your notifications turned on, so you get notified every time i post a video. We are so close to the 2k mark on youtube, which is insane, and it would be fantastic if we could hit that very, very soon, let’s get on with the video. So before we get into all the ways that you can get gear and the different covenants you can choose, your alts will have to go through a leveling process to reach the max level, which is level 60

If you already have a level 60 in the shadowlands you’ll be able to talk to fake scribe roh tall, who will give you the option to talk about the threads of fate? This allows you to choose your fate within the shadowlands and how you are going to level up your alts. There are two options that you can choose for: leveling to do the storyline or you can choose to level up by doing dungeons. World quests and bonus objectives. Bear in mind that if you do choose the threads of fake quest through your choice will be final and cannot be undone, whereas if you choose the main storyline and you want to change that will still be possible. Threads of fate will allow you to choose your covenant immediately, whereas if you choose the storyline, you would receive your choice of covenant at level 60.

Personally, i would choose the storyline as it allows me to see what covenant abilities i would get from experience to four different zones, but it’s up to you how you enjoy leveling in the shadow lands once you are level 60 and have chosen your covenant. You’Ll be able to start earning renown which helps build your relationship with your covenant and allows you to connect to your soul, bind and allows you to progress with your sanctum. Unfortunately, you will not be able to grind out renown due to it being a progression system that happens each week each week, you’ll be able to reach a certain renown level and wowhead released this piece of information to show you how much renown you’ll be able to Get each week if you are falling behind on renown on an alt blizzard, have made renown very easy to obtain.

If you have missed a few weeks, you’ll be able to obtain them from quests world quests raids and dungeons. You will have a lot of activities to do if you are far behind on renown, but these activities will be fairly simple and easy to obtain the missing renown from previous weeks. Each covenant has a keeper of renown which will show you what level you are with the renown and the rewards that you will get. There is also a ui that shows you what level you are, and you can mouse over to see. Further information building renown is very important for your character’s progression within the shadowlands, so make sure that this is one of the main things that you get started with on a fresh level: 60.

Legendaries are only available to max level characters and can provide powers to increase your character’s, dps healing and tanking ability, but to start getting legendaries. You must complete the tour guest introduction quest line once hitting level 60. You will receive a quest line to take you into the mall, which will eventually unlock tour ghast. The rune carver will also be introduced, and this is where you’ll be able to make legendaries. With the help of the runecarver to make legendaries, you will need the recipe. A base item, soul, ash and missives recipes can be obtained through dungeons raids, pvp and questing raids and questing is a hundred percent drop rate, whereas dungeons may take a few runs to receive, have a check on the wellhead site to see which legendaries are best for Your class, but bear in mind that you are only allowed to equip one legendary at a time so make sure that you make the correct decision in which to get you can obtain soul. Ash from doing layered tour guest runs the higher the rank.

You want to upgrade your legendaries to the more soul ash that will be required. Currently, there is no catch up to obtain soul ash so make sure you do your runs every week as you won’t be able to obtain miss soul ash from previous weeks. You can also gain soul ash from mission tables within your covenant, so check daily to see if there is a mission for soul ash. There are many ways to obtain easy armor to get your alts geared up. By doing your renown quest, you will gain some gear by doing your covenant campaign. You will also reward you with some gear and that will range from i level 155 to 190. Depending on how many chapters you’ve done, you can purchase these from the armor trainer within your covenant.

Sanctum raid finder has now opened some of its boxes up with new wings opening up every two weeks. If you have an item level of 170 or higher, then you can queue up to take down some of the bosses within castle niathria, normal, heroic and mythic. Raiding is now open with many groups running them every day check the pre-made section and see. If there are groups going for a certain boss, you may need, or even a full run you’re in my castle of these pens, mythic zeros are a great way to earn gear for your alts. Depending on how lucky you are with rng, the item level you will receive from doing. Mythics is 184, which is a great way to get some gear before doing mythic plus get a group together of friends or some random players to defeat bosses to earn you some decent loot. Mythic zeros can also help you obtain conduits, which are very important for your alts and lastly, pvp brings back a pvp vendor, which you can buy item level, 200 gear with conquest, spam out arenas or battlegrounds, and complete weekly pvp quests to earn conquest to get easy Obtainable gear, well guys, that’s it for me in this video, if you made it this far, thank you so much for watching the video.

If you did like it, please do give it a big thumbs up and subscribe down below. If you haven’t already. I hope you all had a lovely holiday and christmas if you do celebrate it, and i would like to wish you all a happy new year for 2021 and may this year be much better than 2020 was that’s all from me. Missy moomoo out!

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