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Shadowlands 9.01 pre patched Marksmanship Hunter Guide


Hello everyone. This is Gentleken from the World of Gentleken Channel. This time, I made a Marksmanship Hunter Guide. I’m personally attached to the Marksmanship Hunter I enjoyed this class. Unfortunately, in the Battle for Azeroth, this is a class that’s not an unloved class It’s powerful in the Shadowlands beta I made a guide for the beginners of the Shadowlands for the pre-patched version Let’s start the guide first character the item mounted display original item level was 460 now been scaled to 122. Secondary stats are set to 29.1 percent crits, 15.9 percent haste, 15.95 percent mastery and 7.22 percent versatility.

Based on the log site and sim research results we can aim for 30% crits, 16% haste, 21% mastery and 12% versatility based on full farming. Based on my character’s current settings, this is a single target patchwork 4-minute stat weighted sim result. Second is the highest versatility in the stat can see haste is the lowest But if you look at my settings, you’ll see that I’ve matched the crits and haste The reason is that the cycle can run smoothly only when there is some haste. and in that rotation, the crits must be above the proper level in the corresponding spac.

Because I thought I could pull up the most efficient damage. Let’s talk about single target talents. Level 15 is Master Marksman, Level 25 Careful aim Level 30 Nature Mending 35 Steady Focus Level 40 Posthaste Level 45 Lethal shots level 50 I chose the Calling the Shots The most important part of the rotation is the steady focus buff It’s a buff with 7% acceleration with Steady shot 2 consecutive times making the Marksmanship a more powerful single dealer. Next, let’s look at setting a single target essence setting. The essence is divided to major power and the minor power, Condensed Life-Force is strongly recommended for major. As the minor, I recommend Breath of the Dying, The Crucible of Flame, and Conflict and Strife. If you don’t have Conflict and Strife, it’s better to wear lucid dreams or Vision of Perfection Defensive Azerite is not much different from the patch I recommend one Unerring Vision and two In The Rhythm The best thing is to wear three Hearts of Darkness. If you’re starting now, you can wear what the shooter can choose from your setting. Let’s take a look at the single setting trinkets. The best trinket is Harlan’s Loaded Dice Lustrous Golden Plumage and Dead-Eye Spyglass.

It is recommended to use a combination of two wearing effect accessories or one wearing effect and one use effect. Let’s take a look at the single target rotation. For the first time, mark, aiming shot, rapid shot tureshot, essence, racial characteristics, aiming shot 2, fixed fire 2, got 7% buff and aiming shot, rapid shot, aiming shot, steady shot aiming shot, rapid shot, aiming shot, aiming shot again with steady shot 2, Refill the 7% buff . After the opening proceeds, you can do damage while maintaining a steady shot haste of 7% buff. To give you one tip, you can see the trueshot cooldown , refill the steady shooting buff before use, use the trueshot, and proceed with the opening again Let’s learn about multi-target settings. First, my character’s 4 target 2 minute patchwork sim results. As you can see, mastery has the highest weight and lowers in the order of critical smooth acceleration. characteristic, it is different to shoot As for the explosive shot at level 25 and level 50 volley.

Other than that, the single characteristics and characteristics are the same. As for the essence, only major can be replaced with concentrated eyes, and you can also set the accessories the same as the single setting. Next Multi-Target deal, let’s learn about the cycle, first, mark the target Aimed Shot Multi-shot rapid shot, volley, Explosive Shot concentration of pupils ethnic characteristics trueshot Aimed Shot multi-shot, aim shot volleys Rapid shot Steady Shot Steady Shot 7% buff getting Aimed Shot multi-shot Aimed shot opening proceeds like this, and after that, you receive a 7% buff using steady shot 2 as in a single setting, and continue to fire explosive and repeat attacks while maintaining that buff whenever the cooldown comes.

use trueshot after get buff by steady shots guide here is concluded this is Gentle Ken from the World of GentleKen channel will come to find a better content, then love and subscriptions Thank you.

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