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Shadowlands: Chains of Domination Survival Guide


Welcome to the World of Warcraft Survival Guide for Chains of Domination, the latest content update for Shadowlands. The Jailer and his armies continue to press their assault against the Shadowlands, and it’s up to you, with the help of your allies, to thwart their efforts. In this video, we’ll look at all the new content, features, and changes coming with Chains of Domination, including a new outdoor zone, a new raid, a massive new mega-dungeon, lots of updates to Torghast, and more. As part of his ongoing schemes, the Jailer has located a long-lost domain of the Shadowlands, Korthia, the City of Secrets, and dragged it from the hidden byways of the In-Between into the Maw. In this new zone, you’ll team up with the mysterious Death’s Advance faction to fight against the endless forces of the Jailer and work to uncover what obscurities he seeks in this forgotten realm.

By doing so, you can earn all manner of rewards, including new mounts, pets, and Maw-Touched gear. Of course, your covenant is not sitting idly by while you tackle this new challenge.

Forty additional levels of Renown are now available to earn, along with new chapters in the Covenant Campaign, new Talents for each Soulbind, cosmetic armor sets, and the ability to craft powerful new Legendary items. Completing covenant activities and campaign chapters will also reward you with the ability to take flight above the Shadowlands’ four main zones on brand-new, covenant-themed flying mounts. Kyrian players will glide on the backs of the elysian aquilon, night fae will ride upon majestic wolf serpents, necrolords will charge into battle on corpseflies, and venthyr will take to the skies on newly awakened stoneborn.

The ever-shifting and changing Torghast continues to evolve in this update, with some major changes to how you progress through the tower.

In Chains of Domination, slaying enemies, freeing souls, and completing other objectives will contribute to a score that rates how efficient and effective you were on a given run. No longer should you fear the Tarragrue, as he has been summoned elsewhere. Now deaths within Torghast will only result in a penalty to your score without ending your run. The time you spend navigating the unhallowed halls of Torghast now reaps newfound benefits, as you’ll be able to earn Tower Knowledge to spend at the mysterious Box of Many Things to gain new perks.

Along with a selection of power-ups and bonuses to assist you within Torghast, you can also open Adamant Vaults in search of further riches and cosmetic items. These challenging Vaults can only be accessed by players powerful enough to earn a near-perfect score in the higher layers of Torghast, and who have gained enough Tower Knowledge to locate them. When Season 2 begins shortly after Chains of Domination is released, you’ll find everything you might expect from a new World of Warcraft season and more, beginning with the new eight-boss Mythic mega-dungeon Tazavesh, the Veiled Market.

Here, you’ll chase down a wayward Broker before she can unleash the might of a stolen artifact to realize her own destructive designs. Fight through dastardly assassins, four-armed Broker guards, and, of course, an infinite pirate dragon to put a stop to this dangerous criminal’s actions, while collecting some of the coveted trinkets and treasures hidden away by the Brokers.

Mythic+ adventurers will discover updated rewards, the new Tormented affix, and a new rating system that gives a better understanding of you and your party’s accomplishments in these challenging instances.

The top Mythic+ players will also be able to unlock teleportation spells that bring them directly to each dungeon. In PvP, there’s been extensive work done on Honor Talents, with many being reworked or replaced entirely with new additions. Of course, Season 2 also comes with a full suite of updated PvP rewards, including the new Unchained Gladiator’s Soul Eater and Vicious War Gorm mounts. The fight against the Jailer continues in the Sanctum of Domination.

This is a new ten-boss raid located inside Torghast, where the Jailer’s most faithful servants have all gathered to pursue the next step of his dark designs. Here, you’ll face off against enemies new and old as you fight your way past the Tarragrue, discover the true Eye of the Jailer, square off against Kel’Thuzad, and challenge the Banshee Queen Sylvanas Windrunner herself in a fateful confrontation.

As you progress through the Sanctum, you’ll earn powerful new gear, some of which can be further empowered with Shards of Domination that will strengthen your prowess in healing, survivability, or dealing damage. This is just a taste of all the new content and features that await you in the Chains of Domination update to World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, along with the Season 2 content rolling out in the weeks that follow. Keep an eye on worldofwarcraft.

com for more details. Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you in the Shadowlands..

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