Shadowlands Guide to Optimizing Timewalking BiS Gear By: ImThePatronSaint


Why should I get Timewalking gear set?

Timewalking gear will make your dungeon runs faster. This is useful if you are still farming for Infinite Timereaver mount and other Timewalking rewards.

You can check this Wowhead Guide and this spreadsheet for more information about spec specific gear (work in progress).

Here is some important stuff you need to know:

Weapons: Dragonwrath for casters. Shadowmourne for melee dps. Val’anyr for healers. Also some strong options are Destiny , Soul Drinker , Gurthalak, Twin-Pipe Buster Cannon, SoO Heirloom weapons like Hellscream’s Warbow & Sha-Touched Weapons like this.

Chromie Time weapons(Check Chromie Time section):

Legion Legendaries: Legion legendaries got disabled in Timewalking like the legion set bonuses so they no longer work sadly. But there are some legion legendaries with 3 sockets which make them really strong. Celumbra , Vigilance Perch, The Sentinel’s Eternal Refuge & Rethu’s Incessant Courage

Heart of Azeroth: I did some testing and the neck does perform well in Timewalking. Prizerock Neckband can pull ahead sometimes in Timewalking dungeons but overall Heart of Azeroth is considered better now.

Azerite Pieces: This is debatable since some classes/specs might have some good traits that scale well making Azerite Gear stronger than pure socket gear.

WoD Pre-Legendary Ring: This ring is still really strong in timewalking unlike its upgraded legendary version which scales badly. (e.g. Spellbound Runic Band of Infinite Preservation )

WOTLK Ashen Band: This spec specific ring is your BiS ring until WOTLK and even in Cataclysm the proc seems to be strong. (Example for casters Ashen Band of Endless Destruction)

MoP Legendary Cloak: This is your BiS cloak if you did the questline back in MoP. (e.g. Xing-Ho, Breath of Yu’lon)

Bfa Legendary Cloak: Also strong option if you don’t have the pandaria cloak. (Ashjra’kamas, Shroud of Resolve) At least rank 12 for stat proc.

Shadowlands Legendaries: These work in Timewalking and the effects are really strong most of the time.

Mechagon wrists: Mechagon wrists can be strong for some specs, especially for fire mages.

Chromie Time items:

There is a new way to acquire items from classic-cataclysm as higher ilvl. This makes few items BiS.How it works: You can either find friend that has lvl 44 characters or use your own character if you have a 2nd WoW Account. All you have to do is activate Chromie Time on lvl 44 character for the respective expansion where the item drops and just enter dungeon->clear to boss you need for the item->if item drops you can get it traded as ilvl 50 which is highest ilvl you can if you also want to enchant the item which is important. TLDR: lvl 44 character is recommended to get items at ilvl 50, so far all potentially good items are from between classic & tbc.Here is a list of strongest Chromie Time items:

Enchants, Inscriptions, Tailoring Spellthreads & Leatherworking Reinforcements: You can enchant every piece of gear except your head, waist and trinkets. Combination of old , new enchants & other stuff lets you do this.

Trinkets: I can’t really speak for all classes about trinkets but I can mention a few that have good scaling in timewalking.

Note: You can get socket proc for Unblinking Gaze of Sethe, Umbral Moonglaives, Ravaged Seed Pod & Mirror of the Blademaster.

Gems: Gems are still strong for optimizing your gear for Timewalking but over the past expansion and late Legion they have been slowly getting nerfs because of number squishing and other things like direct nerf of TBC Heroic gems that were the best gems for us in Bfa. Currently tbc, wotlk and cata main stat gems seem to scale the best but it depends on what class/specs you are playing and how important secondary stats are for them. There are also better gem options for strength and intellect users but harder to acquire.

Most gear with most sockets comes from Mists of Pandaria, especially Throne of Thunder and Siege of Orgrimmar raids but there can be good pieces from Dragon Soul and other raids that might have specific secondary stat combinations if you are going for perfect stats and max sockets.

Gear with most sockets:

  • Helm: +2 sockets (ToT / SoO), Engineers can also use Retinal Armor

  • Shoulder: +2 sockets (ToT / SoO) , +3 sockets with legion legendary Celumbra for cloth dps and +3 sockets with Tusks of Mannoroth for warriors , paladins & death knights

  • Cloak: +1 socket (ToT) If you don’t have legendary cloak from MoP. Also you can use Bfa legendary cloak with stat proc. If you didn’t play much in Bfa and you are agility user you can also get +2 sockets with Dreadfire Drape

  • Chest: +3 sockets (ToT / SoO)

  • Wrist: +1 socket (ToT / DS) or +2 sockets from vendor or crafted cataclysm wrists. Cloth, Leather, Mail, Plate. Choose depending on what stats are better for you or if you are healer/caster dps/tank.

  • Hands: +2 sockets (ToT / SoO) or +3 sockets with legion legendary Vigilance Perch for hunters & shamans

  • Waist: +2 sockets (ToT / SoO) or +2 sockets with crafted waist. Cloth, Leather, Mail & Plate. Links have multiple options so choose depending on what stats are better for you or if you are healer/caster dps/tank. +3 after you use Living Steel Belt Buckle

  • Legs: +3 sockets (ToT / SoO / DS) or +3 sockets with crafted legs. Cloth, Leather, Mail & Plate. Links have multiple options so choose depending on what stats are better for you or if you are healer/intellect dps/tank.

  • Feet: +2 sockets (ToT / DS) , crafted ones or legion legendary feet with 3 sockets for leather users

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This post will be updated regularly till the end of Shadowlands.