Shadowlands Leveling Tips & tricks


And we’re live welcome back to hulk gaming. If this is your first time here be sure to go ahead and hit that subscribe button, if it’s not your first time here, welcome back meteoroid, welcome great to see you back and we are going to be streaming some world of warcraft and discussing the overall review. My thoughts, my feelings about the game so far and personally i think it’s been a pretty good launch so far. I think everything has been overall on the upswing. Now there was a few times there for a couple minutes, but i was not too happy with it. Uh because it was well, for example, one of the plot peps, wouldn’t let me go anywhere and i was stuck hey kelly. Welcome glad to have you and like i was just saying, i’m just getting settled in.

We are going to be talking about world of warcraft. The overall, what how it’s been so far for me at least, and i i have to say so far – i’m enjoying it nick tanner welcome glad to have you and just go ahead and, if, like i’ve said, if you’ve not been here before, be sure to hit That subscribe button, if you have been here, welcome back uh but overall, what are you guys, thoughts on the on the game overall? So far, do you are you enjoying it? Has it been a disaster waiting to happen or or what uh? For me, i i started out and i was going to power level the characters that i have and i was going to get them all the way to 60, and then it come to me that doing that is great, but doing something else is even better and That’S making gold and that’s what i’m going to be covering in the days to come. I am going to be looking into everything gold making. Okay, if it’s not gold making, then i’m not going to be doing it. I’M going to be doing videos on how you can make gold, how you can pick the best place and race to make that go the best zone to start out in and a lot of other tricks and tips. But i’ve uh thought of still wrapping my head around the covenant stuff and what is best for a class and spec that is underplayed uh. What class and spec are you? Are you looking at? For example, i have a little bit of everything matter of fact. If you take a look, i have right at 50 characters, uh 37 or so, let’s see exactly.

I have 40 on this server two and two on so 44 characters in all and i play each and every one of them two to the degree, but it’s needed. But overall i play my hunter so holy holy priest. Now, that’s one bit! I thought you might want to know that your youtube put: they added a cap for shadowlands mount um. So if you get a mount, you have to be level 60 to learn it. You know i’ve seen somebody say something about that and and i’ll get to that in just a minute, but uh back to nick tanner’s comment about the holy priest. Holy priest is not one that i’ve ever really played. I play priest. I play multiple different kinds of priests, for example different races. I do like the priest, but i’m always a shadow priest kind of person. Um, i’m more into you, know, hey, let’s rip this up, then hi elm, any anything else uh. So, unfortunately, i can’t help you out on that uh. What i can do is go ahead and look into it and make a video for you now. As far as meteoroid your comment, i i had seen somebody, i guess my one of my followers one of my uh people who watch me on stream and on videos, which is always great, but one of my followers messaged me the other day and he’s like what Gives with this stupid mount i got them out. I want to learn the mount, but for some reason i cannot learn it whatsoever and i’ll be honest with you. I thought well, maybe he’s just not to the level that he needs to be as far as uh training you know uh does he have the writing skill that’s needed, but once we dug into it and we looked at it together, it had nothing to do with His riding skill, because he had max skill on riding as much as anybody could uh what it did have a lot to do with, though, was the fact that he was only 56.

I want to say 55 56 and that he couldn’t learn it yet. So that was a new one on me. I personally, i always thought that if you you know, if you learn it, then if you you know it drops boom, you should be able to learn it. You should be able to use it, but apparently they don’t look at it. That way. Now, as far as i’ve had a few want to know what covenant i went with myself and i’m not going to beat around the bush, i went for the the armor and the mount, but i left, and that was the about uh bellen balantry. I guess is how how it’s pronounced. That’S what i’m going to call it at least and so bets were. That’S where i was uh the ventura campaign right. Okay, so i am gon na go with that, because i enjoy the armor which i’ve still to get. I can’t wait because it makes you look like a gargle and uh. Also the mount looks freaking awesome. So what covenant did you guys go with so far, and why did you pick the covenant, but you did like i said i was fully intended to power level to bulldoze through and to get to 60 on as many characters as i can.

But then i started to think getting the 60 anybody can do. Making gold is something that a lot of people may or may not be able to do is easy, so i’m definitely looking forward to it. You know getting back on track as they say now. I will save this a few of the items that i’ve found uh. For example, if i can okay here, you go uh thread your thread and work, your own belt with an all-in-one belt repair kit. Now i’m a i’m assuming the uber that makes it to where your belt automatically repairs itself more or less indestructible, or that it could be uh like a repair box. So, let’s the buckle is perfect shape. Maybe someone in wayne crypt hill can help. You create a new belt with it. So does anybody know what this is for riddle? My main pally tank is carrying because the amazing damage with divine divine toll. Okay, that’s awesome. Um, i’m trying to find this item. It may be on my other character, but i was hoping it would be on this one. I can’t remember um anyway, when you click on it.

It’S supposed to give so many anime to your to your covenant. So i was thinking it was on best character. I may be wrong, though, but i was hoping to be able to get back to work and show you guys. Let’S see, maybe i have it in my mail a lot of times if i’m running out of space, i’ll mail, things to my other character and then have it bounce back, but let’s head on out and do a few world quests uh overall and uh, i got Ta bring up my map overall, the mall, i absolutely hate. I hate it as far as being in the mall, you know and and stuff you can’t ride. You can’t do anything except run which, thankfully, on my hunter, i have a aspect of the cheetah – makes me run a little bit quicker, uh every. What is it 2.4 minutes? But overall, i think that you know the mall is one of the worst places in the game. I don’t like it whatsoever, but as far as being able to make gold, the mall is the bomb uh. Why? Because there’s herbs in the mall that most people are not going to ever want to go back and get they don’t want to go back to the mall, because it’s it’s horrible, you know i mean why would they want to go back right? But if you’re looking at it from a gold making aspect, you automatically are gon na love, you know love the herbs and stuff you get from there now here on the screen, you can see the the reward for this particular world quest gives the dark haven, soul, Lantern uh infused 35 stored anime into your covenants reservoir.

Now, i’m assuming and if anybody knows anything about this, please let me know uh, i’m assuming, but that’s kind of like how you gain renown, that in doing the world quest for bill, anybody know – and i will say if you are going to be leveling a character. There’S a few things that you can do about, but there’s one thing that you absolutely cannot make it without when you’re starting out and especially right now i mean heck, we don’t even have flying yet right. So, yes, we can uh, go out and do world quests, but we can’t fly well. I can, and i will and here’s how i just go – jump off a cliff and i use my glove one glider now. I don’t know if you guys play the uh. The auction a lot – i know i i typically do on one character and on my other ones, i try to stay away from it as much as possible. So it is definitely a good thing to have your goblin gliders and then to make as much of the things that you can make that people are gon na want. For example, i made the um helmet gives me 40 agility, 68 stamina, 40 critical strike 40 mastery and increases my engineering by 20 by 20, which allows me also to look far into the distance now this. If i wanted to, i could sell for 44 gold.

Some of them 43 gold, but they are awesome items now be sure you know what you’re making before you make it the best one i just made, because i wanted to level up as quick as possible, but like, for example, this it’s so bound. I can’t sell it these. On the other hand, i can – and i do sell quite a bit of the emperor green reflex site – always a good seller. So, let’s see here, i need to get to that world quest at least out here i can mount up. So, let’s climb up as high as we can, then we’re going to jump okay so so far, and – and i want to thank each and every one of you for for joining so far. What are your thoughts about the overall of shadowlands? I know there’s some who speculated that it would be horrible, you know, but it was not going to be good at all and you know to those people. You know that’s their belief and i’m not going to try to tell him but very wrong, but in all honesty i think it might be mel drexes, i’m not a fan of either uh. In a whole honesty, my favorite out of all the zones would have to be none other than bastion yeah.

I think they underestimated this too, because they didn’t realize just how quick we would level up, and in that way i do think it may have been a an oversight if you want to put it that way from blizzard. You know, i think they may have uh over or underestimated us. They thought that we would take longer to level and we’re not we’re. You know, burning through in a heartbeat and and uh people are, i think, the new, the new max level. I do believe somebody had said was uh from 1 to 60. The time used was what was it um? I want to say 6 hours, 15 minutes, and that is totally freaking insane, because if you think about it, you know the the whole thing that they claimed they wanted to do with this expansion was to make it rougher, not rougher, but more time consuming. I guess is the best way of putting it to level up, they wanted to make it so that it would not be so easy, and but we would take longer to level well guess what we’re not uh. People are burning through in a freaking heartbeat, and that is um, something i’m sure about nuke in the future. I’M almost positive very well how the heck do i get to this hmm? Okay, maybe i have to go around. Oh. I will say this: if you are, if you’re not already one who has picked a a profession, pick one personally on this character, i went with the ones i’ve already had, and that was herbalism and engineering on my druid, however, and that is the one that i’m Leveling up as we speak on my druid, i did go with a a lot more profitable profession. I went with the mining and skinning because i, from what i’ve seen skinning, is absolutely fantastic.

Okay, what in the world have i done here? Okay, in my opinion, if are you doing it to craft things, or are you just wanting to uh make make go if? Because the answer to that question will be a very big decision maker as to what the answer will be, if you’re after it to make gold and you could care less about the rest, then you know it’s a lot easier if you’re wanting to make gear for Your character or for a character of yours, then it becomes a little bit more difficult. But okay, gold, making great great great great and, like i said, be sure to keep an eye out because i’m going to be releasing a lot of videos and the videos are going to tell you how to make a lot of go. Um first professions: if you don’t have them pick one up on this character herbalism now let me show you just a few of the herbs, but i’m looking at here now this herb here, but smuggled azerothian produce, which is um, actually not an herb, i’m looking at It wrong here these herbs depending and right now the tsm man under my journal the best way on earth to tell what you’re looking at is and i’m going to bring under my journal over okay, okay. So let’s look at the herbs. Okay, that’s kind of odd head showing pedal for ezra, but it’s not showing well. For example, let’s go with a an herb that i think it’s called death, moss or death, something uh, okay, widow, bloom. Let’S look at it widow. Bloom automatically is one of one of the herbs you’re going to be picking and you’re going to pick quite a bit of them. So let’s look at the press on the under my journal. Widow balloon. Okay widow, bloom right now is selling on my server for 120 gold, each okay.

Now widow, bloom is givered by of course, herbalist, and it can be ball or so, but i was hoping, but it would show what you get from the most. You know like what zone or whatever, but it don’t, but that’s how i always pick up uh what something’s worth okay and to be very, very very honest with you. I think that skinning it has been under estimated for a very long time and skinning is one of your better. I honestly think it’s one of your better ones: okay, um, let’s see come on now, i’m still learning the covenants and how to get in and out of build. I need to get to the outside, not the inside there we go okay, [ __ ], not not cool okay, but yes, uh, if you’re just wanting to make gold the absolute best possible way to do that is to go to your auction house do like. I do go to your auction house and pick for example, you want to look at herbs. Okay, look at your herbs find out what the herbs are for. This expansion hmm find out what they are for this expansion and check out the prices uh. If you’re wanting something that’s going to sell a lot of and you’re walking somewhere, that’s going to sell very high skins or herbs, that’s it um! Personally, i am going to be leveling up.

My of course, my characters that have crafting, but i’m not going to be doing it anytime soon. Now this character was kind of the the exception to the rule. I went ahead and leveled up engineering here and i’ve already started on herbalism, but you know it is something that will take nowhere near the amount of time you you may think it would because well to be very honest with you. It took me less than 45 45 50 minutes to go from one to a hundred on. My engineering. Uh scanning took a little bit longer hey by the way, would you guys be interested in seeing a guide that is going to tell you how to level up each and every profession in the game as we have now? If so, i will go ahead and be very happy to sit. You know set that up make sure that the guides are being put out for you guys so that, for example, you want to level up uh herbalism. You know you know where to go.

You know where to find the herbs that you need. You know but, like i said just let me know if that’s even something you’re interested in, and that is one big trick. I’D like to make better pet. Definitely i will get on that bin and get those up for you guys as soon as possible. How in the heck, okay, i’m gon na have to run back. I’M gon na have to go up this a different way. I will say that they they have done very well as far as the uh overall on this, i think they’ve done very well with the design of the of the zones. Everything looks fresh. It does look very um, almost like a new game. You know now straight up be the game. It’S been needing a little bit of a facelift for for quite some time right. We all know this. It’S just needed it bad and it got it now. I will say, but i am a little disappointed in one aspect of the game: we are going to the area of death right we’re going to see uh we’re going to the shadowlands. The shadowlands has always been described as death, but dead. You know where everything is dead and yet we are running around, like a bunch of you know, just like normal. Nothing changed we’re still here, we’re still alive nobody’s dead and to me, but it’s kind of disappointing uh. Now i’m not saying i wanted this to all you know all dying like uh be be done. Let me keep from uh dying there for a minute, but i am going to say, but i i would like to see well, for example, the storyline the storyline could have went something like this.

So wellness killed us all. We are now in the shadowlands button to come home, come home to ezra, where in the shadowlands, because we are dead now here in the shadow lands, we are able to do a lot of things that we may not be able to do before. You know uh, maybe fix it to where you know. For god’s sake, you’re you’re dead, you know just run and if you want to jump off of a cliff jump off a cliff you’re not going to die and if you’re not going to die, you know it’s. No big deal now, i’m not saying don’t fix it to where we can’t die, because if you did that it wouldn’t be a game anymore, it would be us just running around doing whatever the heck we wanted to do and that’s never fun, not at least in My my opinion, um, you know just incredible productions: hey hulk, nice video, i’ve been playing shadowlands as well, and i’m loving it. My favorite zone is bastion as well and arden. Well, they are both beautiful zoned. Also raven draft is really hey. I i totally agree ma’am. Absolutely loving the expansion so far, uh raven giraffe is really cool. I love the castle there vampire thing uh. I wasn’t really a fan of melodrax’s though, but it’s okay. I i totally agree. Maldraxis is not my my thing as they say: wow he’s a big boy. Look at that thing: wow, okay, so where in the heck, do i go to start this world quest now come on?

Just let me start the quest and i’ll leave you people be otherwise. I have to kill you all. Okay. I also think the mall is really interesting zone, but mall has its advantages. I’Ll say i’ll say that the mall has its definite advantages uh. It can be very, very, very interesting in that, as a a mall walker has been called us this time around uh. We, you know, we see a lot of stuff there in vermont, but we don’t see that much of on the land – okay, like uh here, where i’m at right now, i don’t see as much of certain herbs or certain ores that i do in the mall favorite Zones are arden, weld and base gen. You know i i’ve been hearing. A lot of people say that very self same thing that you know arden well, basian, that’s very bitter pick and i honestly think that that could be okay hold on. What do you give me rebels awakened and court attackers slain? Okay? This is a doable one, but you know personally, i, like my zones to be a little bit more interesting than some of the ones we’ve had in in the pace expansions. You know i like to be able to i like that i like to be able to go about my way to find different things to explore the zone, see things for the first time and find it out for myself.

I guess is what i’m trying to say. You know, oh now, you shouldn’t ought to have done that come up behind me and attack. Now, i’m gon na have to kill you, okay. So to me i think the reason is the engagement of the zones b. Arden well, arden well makes you save people, and some bastion and maldraxis makes you kill enemies and raven draft makes you betray people, you know and that’s what i’ve got to. I got ta say hats off to to blizzard. They absolutely did wonderful when it comes to the storylines. You know what i mean the way that they drawed out things. The way they uh put. The stories into effect is absolutely great. Okay, you want to save people, go to business, want to kill, people go to vet zone and it is fantastic. Now i will say you know getting used to this. Are the anime and, and all that’s definitely a new one to me, it is something that’s going to take some getting used to that and be just different things: uh, for example, the tower of uh tour guests tower of the damned love, love, love. It absolutely love that zone, it’s fantastic and it it just gives you so much to do. You know i mean yes, you’re not going to go in and get to tour gas tower to them level. 555. In just a few minutes you know you’re not going to do that. If you think you’re going to do that, then you know you’re wasting your time stay away from it because it ain’t going to happen. But – and this is a big one for me – i enjoy the tower – maybe a little bit more than most.

I think that the tower gives people a whole new way of enjoying the game because, for example, okay in in previous expansions, i want to go to a dungeon. I can’t get enough people to go to that dungeon with me oops. I guess that means i can’t go to the dungeon, not anymore yeah. That’S what i’m saying it’s solo, you do it for really good pieces of gear equals legendaries. You know that is one thing that i do have to say. I am a little bit torn about. So many people are so excited about the legendaries and and call this being old school call it being whatever you want. But this is my personal belief on it. I’M not sure how, like the fact that you can go in and create your own uh legendaries. You know yes, i understand, but you can only have one legendary on you at a time, but i just i’m old school. I think that the absolute best days we ever had in the game as far as uh as that aspect was back in well back in uh, vanilla, so to speak, not what we have now, not classic classics, okay, but it’s not the same as vanilla uh. Many many people will tell me i’m wrong.

It’S it’s not it’s, it is close, but it’s not the same and um. I don’t know for me. I just i like the way it was back. Then because, hey you know, this person went to malton court. They got a a legendary because they uh kept going back. They kept getting what they needed and wow man babe. They got them one heck of a legendary. You know they now have thunder fury, you know mm-hmm, but you know i guess for me. I, like the the idea that um, i don’t like the idea, but there’s so many legendaries floating around this time around uh call me call me silly whatever, but that’s just my thoughts on it and you know the reason i like i said, but i think that Is simple: if you have too many people running around with legendaries, you know, and i know right now: no, we can’t have a full set of legendaries but know how i said that for now, okay, i do believe that, in the end blizzard will make it to Where we can have a full set of legendaries before it’s over now, i may be wrong, but that’s what i think will happen.

I think, by the time that legion or by the time but shadowlands ends, everybody in its grandma will be running around with a full set of uh legendary items. And then you know: where do you go from that? You know i mean for real. Where do you go from that? You know, are you? What are you gon na pick up, but you that you need for that? You know uh wha. What’S going to be an improvement in the next expansion, if you’re already walking around with a full set of of legendaries and shadowlands, what are they gon na give you next, you know. So i guess it’s just uh an example of me being just a wee bit old school on things you know. Well, that’s also, and this is another prime example. I don’t care for the fact that you have to be, but you have got to have a level 60 to to learn the amounts. You know. If i, if i’m out here and i’m doing something and i get that mount, then i should be able to learn that amount immediately, not later immediately. You know and if i’m not going to be able to learn it immediately, then don’t let me have it drop. You know what i’m saying and again that’s just my my personal thoughts on that. If um, if you can’t use it, why have it right?

Okay, where in the heck is, i just come from down there and i didn’t see it but okay, there. It is, and oddly i didn’t die, wow, okay, okay, what in the heck am i hold on a minute guys hold on okay, guys? Sorry about that. What is this? Is it like a beam and i’m burning things with or okay. This is definitely a uh. An odd world quest, i guess uh, i guess i’m supposed to be taking yeah. Okay, i see what it is. I’M setting people on fire all righty. I can get behind that. Okay now. What did i get for that? Um? Okay? This is the uh two things. I was talking about the ones that give like 35 stored anime into your covenants reservoir, so it is definitely from. I don’t know if that’s like what you need to do to a calling and raven draft okay. So what is everybody uh playing right now? What what place do you play in and did you change your place in this? Your main, i should say, and this expansion over what it was before, or are you still playing your same name, how you like that for a hearthstone guys, nice little cosmetic, okay? So a beast beast control.

I need to turn it in where the heck do. I turn it in got. Ta pick my herb, if you guys had to to say one thing: that was your favorite part of the expansion and one that was your absolute least favorite of the expansion. What would it be? What is your favorite and what is your least favorite part of the expansion? Okay. So, let’s see what time i can, if there’s any of the world quests that i just have to do. Oh i like that one 278 gold. I definitely like that one and that’s what we’re gon na go do now. I cannot see how long this this uh live stream will be going. Maybe another 10 minutes, maybe another hour, maybe another 10 days who knows no, it won’t be 10 days, but uh i mean who knows more or less until i get tired and am ready to give it a break. Okay, so dread hollow threats, slain times 12 and souls liberated. How do i liberate? I guess that’s it, okay, that one don’t have a little urn, so i guess he’s just screwed and can’t be liberated huh. So who do i have with me at this moment? Okay, i was wondering where the uh big badge was on this. I guess now we know. Oh you guys. Uh just wanted to ask you uh how many of you have watched and i got killed. How many of you have watched videos by student or student albatross? I always told a student at first but student albatross.

I don’t know about you, but personally i’ve. I’Ve watched him for quite some time and i think his channel is kind of cool. So that’s me that’s for deals. Some of these guys are, i guess, some of the souls that you’re trying to liberate are not happy about it and they try to kill you. Okay, you, okay, so this is definitely i’ve got to say, but covenants are for one part, but has me um, looking forward to the game a little bit more uh lately, because it’s something new, it’s something: we’ve not done to death before you know i mean it’s Not something about oh well: here we go, we got our um, you know uh our table where we can do uh, multiple different missions every day and so on. You know, because i don’t know about you, but that was getting old. You know: we’ve done the mission tables. How long i mean i think what was it started back in warlords, so it’s getting old in a big way and um. No, i mean yes, i i know they’ve got them in this expansion too, but you want to do it great. If you don’t great it ain’t, no big deal, you know. Okay, can you guys hear me hello, just doing a sound check here? Let me know if you can hear me you, i never will forget.

When i very first started streaming, i had been on live stream for a while. I’D been talking, i’d been moving around doing things, and i had no idea that my mic was muted. Apparently i had muted it at some point prior to the live stream and for some reason, when i hit the button to turn it back on, it did not want to do it. So i literally on one of my very first live streams. I think i i think it’s still up, i’m not sure i was talking. I was doing everything that needed to be done and being found out, but nobody was hearing anything okay, you got ta love that shaman runs around comes up, hits something runs on givers. Everything up you die and he givers up things. I guess i don’t know, and he didn’t even have the decency of you know res come on. Okay. Why am i not able? Oh, i guess, there’s a wall between us huh be kind of hard. If i could uh be kind of funny, if i could shoot through the wall, but now that would be a new kind of um ammo, but they could add to the game. You know wall, busters or whatever you want to call it you more or less.

Can bus strap through that wall? Let’S go up here and grab this one. Okay final, one for this quest and make myself 270 plus go oh 125 rip go ahead and kill this guy get him out of my way. Okay! So i’m gon na harp back to you know it would be nice if they gave you a heart to get you back and forth to your uh covenant kind of like what we had with the uh the garrison. You guys remember, you know the garrison hearthstone. I think that would be cool. Yeah got a few extra minutes, because my timer is not down. Okay, if i can get to my whoa, can i get over here to film not from in here? Okay now i have found, but there are a lot more of the uh treasures. Nowadays there are a ton of treasures, it seems like um everywhere you go, there’s some kind of a treasure popping up and all you got ta do is run over and open it. You know i wish it was giving us gold now, but we are max level uh because you know prior to hitting max level you get well. You get experience right. Well, if i’m doing a world quest – and it was given me experience and now i’m max level – that world quest now gives me what you know it gives me or about quest, i should say, gives me go.

Why can’t these okay? It shows, but i am that’s it: okay yeah, i would miss it. Okay come on, hopefully everybody had a great turkey day, a great thanksgiving. I knew i did, but i guess the only thing it could have made it better for for me and and my wife would have been if my father-in-law had still been with us, but sadly that’s not a was not an option. Okay, if i jump here i’m dead, can i go through that door? No and how in the heck? How am i supposed to get to that? Oh well, i’ll pop one, there i go! Oh, i was right on it. What’S the timer on my, my heart was up about three more minutes on the uh glob goblin glider: oh, have you guys noticed they have a goblin, glider and um? Now they also have one called the horde glider and i’m assuming 4b alliance. They have an alliance glider. Has anybody else noticed that uh use five? I don’t know what it does, but i’m gon na do it just for the fun of it. Oh, yes, i’ll use five of those. How long will you guys pack me around huh, okay and, of course it’s up here? Let’S see, if i can, i used to be pretty good at rock uh jumping in vanilla, don’t know if i’m apparently not now you, okay, so this better give me something good.

A bunch of crap, so it’s like three four go: a few infused rubies and some stored anime alrighty. Well, it’s better than nothing now go ahead and hire. If you guys could see my dog right now, oh, he is sleeping with his eye. One eye open. One of my clothes – and it kind of reminds you a bit about saying about sleep with one eye open you, okay, guys and the stream will be ending in the next 10 or 15 minutes uh. If you have any questions any comments, anything at all that you want to share now is for time. I got to figure out how to get to the area where i turn back question alrighty, and what do you give me?

Let’S go ahead and use bc just for the fun of what it gives: okay, huh. Okay. This is interesting, okay. Well, at least we now know how to do that, because i literally had no idea okay, so there it is there, it is okay. So, let’s see what those valuable atoms are, it did say contains valuable atoms, but i’m not seeing it anywhere in my bag. Let’S take a look there. We go okay, wow, okay, so on that one it gave me six of the chained pocket watch 73, gold, each and another 20, so 26, in all two of the widow, bloom, infused fragrance and a piece of gear. Let’S go ahead and clear this okay! So these items here degrees are going to be worth two grand two grand, so that overall was not that bad. It could be. Uh could be better, you know, but not bad, but guys i’m going to go ahead and end. This live stream, go ahead and call it a day on on things and [ Music ]. I hope everybody has a great weekend. What’S left of it.

Don’T forget, don’t forget tomorrow is the first day of the dark moon fair. So if you have any any professions that you need to train or to level up forever, today’s been a rough day to level up now’s the time to do that, go ahead, go grab it and once you go to darkmoon, bear grab all of your dark moon Fire water, you can handle okay, deposit anime into your sanctum reservoir yep. Okay, and here we go okay, wow. That was a good little bit, but in bed tall speak to who – i guess it’s somebody over here, but guys that will wrap this up. I hope everybody has a great weekend. What’S left of it enjoy your week ahead and okay, i’m getting sent back into the mall, so not my favorite place, but it’ll do until next time have a great day. If this is your first time being here again, please do subscribe and have a great day.

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