Shadowlands Powerleveling 1-50 | How Fast is Leveling in Patch 9.0?


Hey there guys this is reckles with one to buy gold and at last year’s blizzcon, the devs told us that uh leveling to max in shadow lands would be uh 60 to 70 percent faster than it is right now, 60 to 70 percent faster to level um. So that’s what this video is all about. I mean people like mephisto, have actually done it on the alpha and baden personal speed run record from 12 hours down to four hours, so it’s definitely faster and definitely possible. But what about for people who aren’t mad men and have every quest in the game memorized? What about for us mere mortals?

How fast will shadowlands leveling be really to test this and figure it out? I picked three different power, leveling methods available to anyone and so questing dungeons and then the super sneaky best methods and i copied characters from live over to beta. And then i did an hour of each method on live and then an hour over on the beta and that’s what we’re good. So, let’s get into it method number one questing for this one. I picked the night off starting zone and i just went for it on live. I got to level 18, but the first thing i noticed was that i was leveling so quickly that the ding like i was. I was dinging every three minutes and honestly i stopped noticing the ding and that kind of made me sad.

I feel like that’s an important i mean you know whenever we have a birthday like i just dinged, so i think that should be an important part of the game over on the ptr. There were four things that i noticed right off: the bat first off no aoe looting. That was weird. Even when i turned on auto looting. I still had to loot each body individually that turned on randomly at level eight, but then it turned off again later on. I sincerely hope it’s just a bug or i messed up my settings somehow i don’t know. The second thing i noticed was that heirlooms had been totally redesigned so uh. The way heirlooms work now is, if you have the rings, you can have a maximum of 55 bonus, xp per kill in quest turn in uh, without the rings it’s 45, but they’ve been buffed in shadow lands, kind of um. So that’s gone. You get the same! Xp as as normal, but you get rested, xp 60 longer. So essentially, let’s map this out uh, the the maximum amount of rested. Xp you can have is 150 of your current level so times uh plus 60. So you can have essentially a maximum of two and a half uh levels of xp saved up. So is this a nerf? Is this a buff? I don’t know, i think they’re just redesigning it. So uh they’re disincentivizing you from getting all your leveling done in one.

Go and instead breaking it up into chunks if you’re hanging out in a city, it takes 10 days to save up that much rested xp, so just every 10 days do 10 levels and you’ll get less time slash played than you would in bfa. The third thing i noticed was how i killed a little mini boss. At the end, a little corrupted tree named oaken scowl um. I wrote down the each individual ability i used to kill him. It was moon, fire, sun, fire, star surge, wrath, wrath, wrath wrath so uh on the ptr. I tried to do the same thing, but after moon fire, i couldn’t do sunfire because i didn’t know sunfire. Yet i wasn’t high enough level. You don’t learn sunfire. Until the equivalent of like burning crusade zones, sunfire doesn’t aoe until uh. What is that cata? I tried to do star surge, but you don’t learn that until the equivalent of mop beyond that, you don’t learn starfall until the equivalent of like warlords of draenor you’re, almost done leveling before you learn boomkin’s basic aoe, so i finished up questing somewhere around level 11.3.

Great cool we have data. The problem is we don’t know how to interpret that data because everything has been rescaled all in all. In bfa we got 18 levels and on the ptr we got the equivalent of about 22 levels. So, let’s just say it’s about 20 more efficient questing will be a little bit more efficient. The next method i used is dungeons and there’s lots of different variations on this. You can either run dungeons with your friends, spam dungeons and pugs freehold power. Leveling dungeon carries uh so to test this. I did a monk method uh, that is it’s a little sneaky. You and a monk go into stockades and the monk runs around and gathers up all the enemies and then brings them back and drops a monk statue and then goes and hides in a corner. The person being carried uninvites, the monk tags, everything and then reinvites. The monk, so they don’t get, kicked out of the dungeon. Essentially the the person being carried is doing all the damage they’re doing all the work. The only thing they’re not doing is taking any damage because the monk statue is holding aggro, but it doesn’t generate threat.

If blizz wanted to nerf, this they’d just have to make the monk statue generate threat, but that would open up a whole new can of worm for farmers who want easy access to tags. Now this video took a little longer than i expected in order to make it because i’ve spent the past three weeks trying to figure out whether or not this is considered an exploit. I’Ve been in talks with gm’s and let me speak to your manager. Let me speak to your manager. Let me speak to your manager, just moving up the ladder trying to get an answer and their official statement after three weeks and and multiple gm’s, their official statement is they’re not allowed to say um. They did give me the good advice of, if you think, something’s an exploit, then don’t do it, but the problem with that is as a content. Creator um like let’s say the most sure i could ever be that anything is an expl or that anything is safe. Is like, i could be 99.9 sure that something’s safe right, like i’m, almost positive, that no one could get in trouble for this, but it’s impossible to be absolutely 100 positive. Well, the problem with that is being 99.9 sure

. This channel just passed, 20 million views um. So that means at 99 point that means that 0.1 is 20 000 people’s accounts. After all, this, i did uncover something kind of weird the terms of service define cheating as anything not expressly authorized by blizzard. When i ask them for express authorization, they say they’re not allowed to expressly authorize. So it is impossible for us to abide by the terms of service, because we have no way of ever learning whether or not something we we have no way of getting authorization and anything that we don’t get authorization on is cheating, there’s something really wrong there, but I don’t know what it is and i feel like if i talk anymore about it, it’s like a legal problem, so i’m just gon na put this up in the air. If anyone from blizzard is watching, hey uh can talk to us so on live. I was getting about one and a half levels for killing the trash and then one level for killing the bosses on the ptr. I got two and a quarter levels for killing the trash and the bosses, and that’s crazy, because those two and a half levels that i got on the ptr, those shadow lands levels mean more they’re.

Each level is the equivalent of two and a half bfa levels. So leveling in dungeons is gon na be about twice as good. I did notice something else really important here, and this is probably one of the biggest things biggest overarching ideas that i noticed from my testing. First time i went through no issues in about ten and a half minutes. I killed everything and got the two levels from it, but the second time i tried it, i couldn’t kill them. I had leveled twice without getting any gear increases and because there are fewer levels now um it’s a sharper. You feel the power decrease at each level in any dungeon that you guys run you’re going to have about a 25 chance of not getting any gear um. So if you just get a little unlucky and you don’t get gear for a couple dungeons in a row, you’re going to be so much weaker, fights are going to last longer. Healers are going to oom. More often you’re gon na have more wipes.

That’S not a bad thing. I think it’s good when dungeons are a little bit harder. I think dungeons are a little bit too easy, but that’s totally subjective just be aware that dungeons will be slightly less of a cakewalk if you’re an experienced player all right and finishing up with the best power leveling strategy in the shadowlands patch is anyway warlords of Draenor treasure i went out to warlords of draenor i love to tune around. It, took me about two and a half hours. I tried to do the same thing on the ptr and i was fine blah blah blah blizz nerfed it it’s uh. They nerfed uh the treasures and the bonus objective. Xp, so don’t worry about those anymore they’re, not any good, but what is good is the other best method of power leveling. Some of you all know this and i’d be willing to bet some of you all.

Don’T know that this is the best method for power leveling and that’s pet battles, run-of-the-mill open world pet battles, so uh just looking at the map. Each pet battle in wow gives you 13 of a level that’s about 1, 7 of a level per pet battle, so that means in seven pet battles. You can get a level so great cool. How quickly can you do pet battles? Well, there are certain areas in the game where the open world battle pets for spawn, like you beat the first one and it it it despawns. And then you beat all the others, and if you beat enough other ones, then that first one automatically appears again, and so you can just go around in a circle battling them all over and over and over and with the right team comp. You can beat those open world pet battles in 30 seconds, so if you can get a 120 kills per hour, then that makes this a 15 level per hour method.

That’S great! That means you can get 1 to 120 in 8 hours 9 hours – something like that. But over on the ptr, we would expect this 13 to get scaled down to somewhere around five percent per level, but they’re, not five percent per level. It’S each pet battle on shadow lands is 10 of a level, which means you can get a level every five minutes, that’s 12 levels per hour, and that means, if you hustle through questing, through a starting zone, and then you knock out the rest through pet battles. You can get into shadow lands in under four hours and that’s anybody as long as you have a couple good max level pets you, anyone can get out into shadow lands in four hours. If you hustle. That’S all. I have

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