Shadowlands Starving Shadowstalkers Skinning Guide | Desolate Leather and Callous Hide Farming


Hey there guys this is reckles with one to my gold and today, i’m here to share with you the best skinning spot. I’Ve come across so far. I’M really excited because this is this reminds me of the falcosaurs in legion. It’S just it’s a simple farm. It’S really really good, it’s repeatable it’s consistent and we are killing the starving shadow stalkers in arden weld.

There are three kill piles. One is at 65 28. The next one is 66 30.. Third, one is right across the way at 64, 30. just cross back and forth along this path and pull together all of the little panther guys that you can aoe em down. They deal a lot of damage so be on a tank. If you can and make sure you have the shadowlands gathering glove enchant, but you can just bounce back and forth between the first two spots. But i’ve found that if you don’t include the third spot, you’re not gon na have a full respawn at every spot and as you’re killing things you’re gon na have things start to spawn and attack. You interrupting your skinning and it ends up just being a big hassle and it doesn’t feel good to leave enemies behind so make sure you’re hitting up all three of these spots.

As far as results go, i got in every hour of testing. I got over 1300 leather, 35, heavy leather over 50 hide and 15 heavy hide which, including the vendor grays at current prices. This comes out to about 45 000 gold, and now that people are finally gearing and buying the legendaries leather is selling and the final thing the raid just came out. I haven’t geared this paladin yet and he’s uh running his prop. So if you have a geared dps, who can do like i’m only doing 1 to 2k dps on these pulls, if you can kill more, you could get 60k per hour without much of a problem. So that’s it for me. Thank you. So much for watching make sure to subscribe, hit the like button and uh. That’S it good luck and happy gold making .

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