Today we will find out exactly how to defeat Shar’thos and in doing so slow the forces of the Emerald Nightmare! SHAR’THOS THEATRICAL GUIDE WoW LEGION WORLD BOSS Our hero “Boomkin McPoultry Assassin” arrived back at the dreamgrove after hearing word of trouble in Val’Sharah He checked his map to see that Shar’thos the epicly evil dragoon had spawned This could not stand! He made his way immediately to the Temple of Elune where the Emerald Nightmare was being pushed back. After arriving he mounted his trusty steed adorned in the glow of a thousand moons Boomkin McPoultry Assassin pushed yhis way through the vangaurd of the nightmare toward Shar’thos who was waiting for his sexy chickeny goodness to appear. A bright light in the form of many comrades could be seen Boomkin McPoultry Assassin thought this was all fandabby-tastic and they all pushed toward the mighty beast As it turned out Shar’Thos has a few abilities that can be quantified and predicted For damage dealers it is suggested you merely stand to the side of Shar’thos avoiding the powerful knockback of it’s tail and the extremely damaging breathe from it’s snout.

Spread so that you may avoid the medium damage caused by the Dread Flame that passes to 5 nearby enemies and prepare yourself for a lengthy terror that will send you running for exactly 5 seconds, All this while avoiding the burning earth that creeps out from it’s epicenter. Healers! you must do the same, and watch out for anyone taking 1 million damage in an instant for they have been breathed upon and will surely take another million over the next 30 seconds.

You should apply your HoT’s in time for the fear. Tanks must just position the boss so that the majority of the raid is at the bosses side while also keeping in mind where the burning earth is located, Shar’thos’s breathe is an attack bearing no warning, so just take it like a man and stop being a pussy! THUS… ENDETH… THE LESSON! If you enjoyed this video please be sure to drop a like If you found me intolerably irritating then there’s a dislike to! Your final mission is but to subscribe and reap the rewards of knowledge and entertainement! Peace out ya’ll, I be all trippin’ in this bitch!.