Shriekwing – Heroic/Normal – Official Guide – Castle Nathria


Hey, we pulling? What’s up, it’s Jimfro from Ready Check Pull and this is our official boss guide for Normal and Heroic Shriekwing. This guide is brought to you by our supporters on Patreon. They get early access to our videos before anyone else, so if you want early access too, check out the Patreon link below! Alright, so Shriekwing is the first boss of the raid, and what better way to welcome us into Castle Nathria than a giant VAMPIRE bat, setting the tone for the entire raid. Shriekwing has two alternating phases: the main phase where you’re fighting her, and a sort of intermission phase where you’re basically playing hide-and-seek with her. So let’s jump right into the main phase. You’ll start off by lusting on pull and having a tank pull the boss close to one of these pillars, while the rest of the raid positions behind the boss. The reason the boss is close to a pillar is so the raid can easily line-of-sight the Earsplitting Shriek cast when it happens.

Everyone other than the current tank should go behind the pillar, line-of-sight the cast, and drop these red pools all in one spot. After the pools are dropped, everyone gets back into position behind the boss. You can use the same pillar for each shriek cast by just line-of-sighting behind the previous pools. The current tank doesn’t have to line-of-sight the shriek casts because they can easily survive the hit, and keeping the boss in a good spot is far more important. The tanks also have a separate mechanic to deal with. Whenever either tank gets hit by Exsanguinating Bite, there needs to be an immediate taunt-swap, because it will give that tank 10 stacks of a bleed debuff that reduces their incoming healing per stack. The stacks will drop quickly, so each tank just has to survive the initial bite and they’ll be fine. Shriekwing will occasionally mark random players with a red arrow above their head and pulsing circles around them. These players need to run away from the raid to avoid hitting anyone else with the AoE when the mark expires.

This also drops a pool, so try to put it out of the way. Shriekwing also occasionally casts a short-range swipe in a random direction, so be ready to dodge that if you’re in melee. And on heroic, Shriekwing will occasionally shoot these circles out that bounce around the room for a little bit, making them a bit tricky to dodge. Getting hit by one of these does damage and stuns that player; and then it does AoE damage to anyone in a circle and drops a red pool. Definitely don’t get hit by any of these. And if someone does, everyone else needs to immediately move out of the circle. There’s also some regular DoT damage throughout the phase, but it’s nothing major. When the boss’s blood bar fills up, she’ll start the intermission where she becomes untargetable. She’ll jump to the middle of the room, shoot a bunch of circles everywhere, and then randomly walk around the room, instantly killing anyone that gets close to her. The goal of the intermission is to stay away from the boss and use the 4 pillars to line-of-sight her shriek casts, while also dodging the circles bouncing around the room.

The shriek works the same as in the main phase, so the raid should group up and line-of-sight behind a pillar for each cast, and then move out of the pools that spawn. You might have to move the raid to different pillars for each cast if the pools end up getting out of hand. The circles are also the same as in the main phase, so just dodge them at all costs.

When her blood bar is empty, the main phase starts again. Then it’s just rinse and repeat until she’s dead! Alright, so quick recap. In the main phase: The tanks need to taunt swap after every Exsanguinating Bite. Run out if you get a red arrow on your head. Line-of-sight the shriek casts. And on heroic, dodge the circles. In the intermission: Stay away from the boss. Line-of-sight the shriek casts. And dodge the circles. And that’s pretty much it! If you liked this guide, support us on Patreon! We have a goal of reaching 100 patrons by the end of the tier, so that we can do this again for next tier and keep making all kinds of other guides too. Thank you so much to all the patrons who support us already. We honestly can’t thank you enough. Also, you can find our written version of this guide on Icy Veins, linked below. Like, subscribe, and join our discord to keep up with everything Ready Check Pull! Peace..

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