Shriekwing Raid Guide – Normal/Heroic Shriekwing Castle Nathria Boss Guide


Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is a guide to the Shriekwing fight in Castle Nathria on Normal and Heroic difficulty. A quick note that my footage is a smidge old and you’re going to see a lot of debuffs on the raid, don’t worry about that, they’ve scrapped that mechanic. Our tank swap is Exsanguinating Bite, and you want to swap after every application of that. The tank that just ate it will be tough to heal for a few seconds, so ideally top them up before they get bit. Wave of Blood is some unavoidable raid damage to heal through. Blind Swipe is a short range cone attack, she’ll point that at a random player, and it does not track, so melee can sidestep when they see her casting it.

Shriekwing will target random players with Echolocation. Whoever gets it needs to run it away from people and pillars, just go hang out by an edge. The boss will do the Descent AOE on their location after about 8 seconds, and a pool drops. On live the graphic’s gonna look a bit different, you’re gonna have an arrow over your head with an echoey ring but it’s the same deal, just run that out. After a bit of that, she’s going to start casting her Earsplitting Shriek. Everyone, tanks included, need to stack up behind a pillar so they’re out of line of sight when the cast finishes. At that point we all drop pools, so you want to make sure you’re stacked tight behind the pillar, then move away once it’s done. At 100 energy, we go into Phase Two. She’s going to rampage around blindly, and if you get caught within her circle, you die. Run away. Echoing Sonar is going to spawn these echo thingies for you to dodge.

If you get clipped by one, you’ll be horrified, and then the Descent AOE from phase 1 will happen complete with pools. It’s ugly, just don’t get hit. Earsplitting Shriek will happen in this phase, you still need to line of sight that behind a pillar. After her energy meter drains, she’ll go back to Phase One and it’s rinse and repeat.

On Normal, that’s it. On Heroic, you’ll also have echo thingies to dodge in Phase One from Echoing Screech. Just like the phase 2 echoes, getting hit is going to trigger AOE and clog up the floor with pools so again, just don’t get hit. And that is Shriekwing in Castle Nathria! Come by my Twitch sometime, thanks for watching and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!.

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