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Sire Denathrius – Castle Nathria – Guide Preview – Shadowlands Beta


Hey, it’s Zax and Jimfro from Ready Check Pull! We got to test the last boss of the first raid in Shadowlands, so we’re here to break it down for you real quick. The full guide will be out later on, but for now here’s a little preview. We finally made it to Sire Denathrius! Let’s jump right in. At the start of the fight, everybody gets five stacks of a permanent debuff, and the goal of phase one is for everyone to remove at least three of the stacks by the end of the phase when the boss gets to 70% health. You remove the stacks by getting hit by the boss’s frontal cast.

Each frontal removes a stack from everyone it hits, and it also spawns an add nearby for every stack it removes. These adds channel damage onto the raid, which can get out of control if you have too many up at once. The boss has another ability that does damage to the raid based on how many players have the same number of stacks. So you’ll most likely end up splitting your raid in half and alternating which half gets hit by the frontal, so that at least half of the raid has a different number of stacks when this ability is cast. Also after each frontal, two images of the boss will spawn and mark two random players, charging to them after a few seconds. These charges need to be soaked by the rest of the raid to reduce the damage on the marked players.

The soakers just have to stay out of the circle of each marked player and avoid soaking both charges at the same time. This always happens right after a bunch of adds spawn, so it can get a little hard to see what’s going on. And the last thing for this phase: you have a strict time limit on how long you have to get rid of your stacks. This is because the sword in the middle of the room will occasionally cast this big cone that covers a third of the room in red stuff that makes players unhealable.

So ideally, you’ll get the boss to 70% after everyone has removed three stacks, but before the third cone happens that leaves you with nowhere to go. At 70%, the boss starts a little intermission, where he teleports to the middle of the room and knocks everyone to the edge of the room. Everyone has to run towards the boss and make it inside the circle around him to survive the transition to phase two. The hard part is that you’re silenced after you get knocked back, and you’re slowed by 20% for each stack of the debuff you still have. If you managed to remove three stacks, you’ll make it to the boss just in time, but otherwise you’ll be too slow and be killed on the way to phase two. Some classes can probably cheese this so we’ll keep an eye out on that for the full guide. In phase two, you fight Denathrius and his floating sword, while dealing with the occasional waves of adds. The goal of the phase is to get Denathrius to 40% health with no adds alive, so that you can start phase 3 safely.

It’s also worth noting that any damage to the sword is copied onto Denathrius, so it’s definitely worth putting damage into. The adds spawn in waves of four, and two of them are always on separate platforms. So ranged DPS will have to focus those ones down. All they do is channel a DoT onto the raid, so nothing crazy. You just don’t want them up when you go into phase three. The boss’s frontal turns into a pretty basic taunt-swap mechanic for the tanks, but you can also aim it at the adds to make them take extra damage. The boss also gains an ability that pulls everyone to him, and then explodes for falloff damage after a few seconds. You can just run away from the explosion, but if you want to get fancy, you can run through a nearby mirror that will instantly teleport you to the opposite side of the room. Then you just take the mirror again to get back.

Easy. The sword casts abilities now too. One of them being a basic taunt-swap debuff on the tank. But it’ll also mark random players and then charge to each of them, hitting anyone along the way. Not a huge deal, you just have to move to a good spot while everyone else stays out of the way. And the final thing in this phase is probably the coolest looking mechanic I’ve ever seen in this game. These giant red swords spawn all over the place and then start slicing through the platform. Yeah, it’s absolutely insane! But it’s actually pretty easy to dodge. Phase three. Now at 40%, Denathrius disables the mirrors and blocks off the edges of the platform. He wields the sword himself and no more adds spawn, so it’s back to just him. And you have to kill him real quick, because he’ll occasionally cast the same third-of-the-room cone as in phase one, eventually leaving you with nowhere to go. He still does the pull everyone to him and then explode thing, and the big swords still occasionally slice through the room, and there’s also still a taunt swap for the tanks.

But now he has two new mechanics. One of them does a ton of damage to the tank and knocks everyone away from him. And the other one is a circle debuff on a random player that spawns an orb after a couple seconds. The orb will explode on the entire raid for a ton of damage after a few seconds, but the explosion can be reduced by players soaking the orbs in that time. This last phase shouldn’t actually be that difficult to handle with the right strategy, but it’s definitely going to be a tough DPS check. I f’n love this fight! From phase one all the way to the boss dying.

I think this fight is gonna go down as one of the best fights in the last few expansions. I honestly can’t wait to fight him. Yeah this boss is nuts. And I like that you’re fighting Denathrius himself the whole way through. There’s no adds-only phase or anything. And as far as the mechanics go, it’s actually giving me Blackhand and Argus vibes, which were two amazing final bosses. Not to mention, there’s even a bit of a secret phase for mythic at the end. You apparently have to go through a warped mirror at some point and there’s no telling what’s going to be on the other side. I cannot wait to see that! Thank you so much for checking out this guide preview of Sire Denathrus! We honestly can’t thank our patreons and subscribers enough.

You literally are the reason why we can make these guides. We also have some pretty big plans, and hopefully a few surprises, for the full boss guides coming out soon. Links to our discord and everything else in the description. Love you all, peace!.

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