Soulrender Dormazain – Heroic/Normal – Official Guide – Sanctum of Domination


Oh hey, we’re pulling. What’s up it’s Jimfro from Ready Check Pull and this is our official boss guide for Soulrender Dormazain on normal and heroic. This fight only has one phase and is mainly single target with some occasional spread adds. Grips and knockbacks will be huge for this one and bloodlust can be used on pull. In this fight there are three big things to do: Number 1 Dodge the big red cones on the ground.

Throughout the fight, three of these cones occasionally spawn from the back of the room and there’s always a safe cone that everyone needs to quickly move to. At full energy, the boss will cast a long channel that spawns a few of these quickly in a row, so be ready to dodge a lot while this is going on. Number 2 Interrupt and kill the adds before they get to Garrosh.

Occasionally a few caster adds spawn spread out across the back of the room that start moving toward Garrosh while spamming a long, interruptible cast. If the cast goes off, it does damage to the entire raid.

And if the adds reach Garrosh, they become uninterruptible and get a huge damage buff. If you can, try to group them up quickly with Death Grips and knockbacks, and then AoE blast them down. They can be CC’d by a bunch of abilities, so use whatever you have to to prevent them from casting or reaching Garrosh. It helps to stack the boss on the adds for cleave damage too. And number 3 Break Garrosh’s shackles before he wipes the raid.

Occasionally, three clickable shackles spawn near Garrosh and he’ll start a long cast that instantly wipes the raid if it goes off. The only way to interrupt the cast is by breaking all three shackles, which is done by having players click each shackle and move over 40 yards away from where it spawned.

This breaks the shackle and does a ton of damage to the entire raid, so consider staggering each chain break to give your healers enough time to catch up before the next chain break. Big healer cooldowns are gonna be needed here. By the way, a warlock’s Demonic Gateway makes it really easy to move far enough away if you position it like this.

On heroic, interacting with a shackle gives the player a debuff that makes them unable to interact with other shackles, so you need to have different sets of 3 people break them every time.

We recommend assigning at least 3 groups of 3 for this before pulling. This prevention debuff also does a bunch of dot damage, so it may be worth assigning tankier classes to the earlier shackles, and you can even include tanks if you want. Other than that, there are some smaller things to deal with. The tanks need to taunt swap on the boss after every cast of Ruinblade.

It applies a debuff that massively increases physical damage taken. While the caster adds are alive, the boss applies a debuff to a couple random players that does DoT damage to nearby allies. What’s crazy about this debuff is that it also works on the caster adds and increases their damage taken by a ton, so the players with this debuff should stack on the adds as much as possible. And on heroic, these swirlies spawn under random players whenever the red cone mechanic is happening, so be ready to dodge those or else you take a ton of damage. Alright, so quick recap!

Dodge the big red cones on the ground, especially when the boss gets to full energy causing a bunch of cones to spawn in a row. Group, interrupt, and kill the caster adds that spawn toward the back of the room before they reach Garrosh.

When Garrosh starts casting Hellscream, interrupt it by clicking on each shackle near him and moving 40 yards away to break it. There’s 3 shackles and each break does massive raid damage, so stagger the breaks and use healer cooldowns to survive. On heroic, different players have to break each set.

Tanks taunt swap after every cast of Ruinblade. Stack the red circle debuffs on the adds to make them take more damage, but try to avoid other players. And on heroic, dodge swirlies while dodging the red cones. And that’s pretty much it! You can find our written version of this guide on Icy Veins, linked below.

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