STONE LEGION GENERALS FULL Boss Guide – Normal & Heroic Castle Nathria Raid Guide


Hey folks, this is kalani. Welcome back to the castle, nathalie array guide for normal and heroic in this video, we’ll be taking down the stone legion generals. This fight has three phases with a small intermission between them. In the first phase, you’ll be fighting carl, while grishall flies above carl will mark random targets with wicked blade. You can see the red arrow on top of your head. This will deal aoe damage around you and apply to bleed to anyone who gets hit so take these out of the group. She will also cast heart rend. This applies a dispellable debuff to several raid members. The debuff itself deals damage over 36 seconds. So it’s a long one, but if you dispel it, it deals significantly faster damage over 6 seconds, so make sure your healers are ready for that. Carl will also use serrated swipe on the tank, with aggro dealing heavy damage and applying stacks of serrated tear.

You want to tank, swap every two stacks of this debuff and be sure to clear this debuff, as often as you can with the next ability, while flying above grishall will use stonebreaker’s combo, he casts crystallize at a random player. That player has a yellow circle around them. When the cast finishes. Anyone in that circle will turn to stone and be stunned. Briefly, anyone turned to stone will have all bleed effects removed. So that’s pretty handy grishard then drops a huge meteor on the same player’s location. Dealing a massive amount of damage. This damage needs to be split with as many players as possible. The most ideal way to handle this ability is for any player with a bleed effect, like the one wicked blade leaves, or the tank debuff bleed, to get turned to stone, with a crystallized cast to remove those bleeds and then every player available. Hopped in after the stun to soak the meteor, we actually found just stacking up for both parts of the combo to work. Well, so do whatever works best for your raid group grashan will also throw stone spikes at random players, while he’s flying around this is just random raid damage, so heal it up.

When carl gets to 50 health she’ll enter a hardened stone form. This is the intermission. The boss takes 95 percent less damage and to break this form, you have to gather up animal orbs and give them to prince renethel at the back of the room during the intermission, gargoyle adds in the air will periodically die, dropping to the floor and leaving behind An anima orb pick these up and take them to renathal to replenish his mana another ad spawns that needs to be tanked. The stone legion goliath. Besides dealing a lot of damage to your tanks, these ads will also use ravenous feast. They jump to a random player. Dealing damage and stunning them and then dealing even more damage over 4 seconds make sure the targets are healed up quickly. You can use immunities to break this effect early if they are available. They also periodically gain stacks of ravenous hunger, increasing their damage done dramatically. You have to kill the ants before this buff gets out of control. When the ad gets to 20 health, they will start stacking, a healing reduction debuff on the entire raid, so you have to finish them off quickly. Otherwise, your healers just won’t be able to heal when they die.

These adds leave behind a larger anima orb worth 30 percent mana to renathal. So take that over to the prince asap when the prince gets to 100 mana he’ll use shattering blast, dealing raid wide damage, knocking everyone back and breaking the boss’s stone form, don’t stand near the edge of the room. While this happens, so you don’t get knocked off. Make sure everyone is healed up and get ready for phase two carl retreats to the air and grishall drops down to fight during this phase, carl will still throw out wicked blades so handle them. In the same way, she will also throw out shurikens at random players for extra raid damage. Just keep everyone healed up. Grishall will continue to use his stone breakers combo, so keep stacking to remove bleeds and split the meteor damage he’ll also use stone fist on the current tank. This knocks you back, deals heavy damage and applies a debuff increasing the damage to stone fist by a hundred percent. Don’T get knocked off the platform and tank swap every stack. Reverberating eruptions will mark a random player with a yellow arrow that deals a large amount of aoe damage to the target and leaves behind an unstable ground zone.

You want to drop this out of the group and trying to put them next to other unstable ground zones, but don’t stack them up every time this ability is cast. Any existing unstable ground zones will trigger echoing annihilation, causing them to explode for raid wide damage. Unless someone stands in them to soak them, if you get hit by reverberating eruption or you soak an echoing annihilation, you get a debuff increasing the damage you take from those abilities by 500 for 45 seconds.

So you cannot soak them twice in a row. Every single raid member needs to be on their toes for this, because you’re gon na have to rotate who soaks and you have to soak every single unstable zone and the longer the fight goes on the more zones you’re going to have. You can use immunities to help soak these if you’re struggling the last ability grishall has is seismic upheaval. Swells will appear under random players feet after a short delay, a rock bursts up and deals a lot of damage just keep moving. When you get grishall down to 50 health, you start another intermission handle it in exactly the same way.

Kill the big ad collect all the animal orbs and give them to renethal he’ll, break the stone form, and you enter phase three. During this phase, both bosses will be active and you’ll have to handle all of their abilities. At the same time, the fight doesn’t really change too much. You just have to keep an eye on more things. Take the eruptions out of the group soak the echoing annihilation. Take the wicked blades out keep clearing your bleeds with the crystallized, keep stacking together for the meteor damage, keep moving for seismic upheaval and keep the tank swaps going. It is a lot to keep track of, but practice makes perfect. You also have to kill the bosses at about the same time when one dies, the other deals, 200 more damage, so keep their health equal and finish them off together and that’s all.

You should need to take down the stone legion generals on normal and heroic stay tuned for more boss guides, covering the rest of the raid, a big thank you to all of our supporters over on patreon and to everyone who has subscribed on twitch. You can see their names floating by on screen if you want to catch us live pop on over to kalani tv. We do a bunch of stuff as well as stream our progression raids, thanks for watching folks, good luck and have fun and, as always i’ll see you next time.

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