Sylvanas Windrunner Raid Guide – Normal/Heroic Sanctum of Domination Boss Guide


Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is a guide to the Sylvanas Windrunner fight in the Sanctum of Domination on Normal and Heroic difficulty. This fight has a lot of abilities and most of them don’t do anything special, so we’re going to spend most of our time on the ones that actually matter. In Phase One, we fight Sylvanas in a big open arena. Her Windrunner has her doing kickflips and jumping all over the place, but her actual hitbox will not move with her.

Melee do NOT need to chase her all over the place, you can just kind of chill and keep stabbing the air while she does her best Tony Hawk impression. She will cast Wailing Arrow at her tank, who needs to run it away from the group, that explodes for raid damage with a distance dropoff. The other tank can pick her up while you go explode by yourself.

Ranger’s Heartseeker pours damage into her tank and stacks a DoT, use a tank button if you need one. She’ll do damage to random players with Withering Fire and apply stacking Barbed Arrow bleeds with no duration.

To remove those, you need to use the next mechanic, Domination Arrow. Arrows come down and chain a player near them. The chains drag you and do damage over time, they also clear Barbed Arrow bleeds. Get near one if you have a bleed, fight the pull and the arrows need to be DPSed down right away. Desecrating Shot is Swirls to avoid and Shadow Dagger in this phase is just damage to heal up.

Veil of Darkness is a Large AOE to run out of. It applies a healing absorb if it hits ya. At 80%, it’s time for your first intermission. You cannot do damage to Sylvanas through her Banshee Shroud, so just live. Domination Chains will spawn for every raid member, clean those up fast.

Rive will do big line attacks across the arena, and you need to dodge those if you like living.

Banshee Wail will put aoe rings on everyone- interrupting them for six seconds and doing more damage to players with low health. You want to go into that with a loosely spread healthy raid and just don’t cast until it’s over. That brings us to Phase Two, and our first room change. You’ll be chasing Sylvanas along the Jailers chains, with Jaina and Thrall making you bridges between them.

Banshee wail, and Veil of Darkness continue in this phase.

Keep a loose spread and run out of the veil again, which is going to be tougher in this narrow space. Sylvanas will run away from you and cast Ruin, you need to catch up to her by running along the chains and bridges and kick her to prevent a wipe. Haunting Wave fires out dark swirls to dodge that radiate out in a starburst pattern, avoid those. And this phase has five different kinds of adds.

You need to stay on top of them to keep Jaina and Thrall making bridges for you. They do a whole laundry list of stuff and almost all of it boils down to kill them, kill the stuff they summon, and interrupt their casts.

The notable ones are the Mawsworn Goliath, which you’ll want to pass between tanks once in a while to keep their Fury damage in check, and the Mawforged Souljudge. The souljudges put out a dispellable DoT on players called Crushing Dread that does a 5 yard AOE which gets stronger as it continues. Dispelling it will pass it to another player but reset the strength at least.

The only way to get rid of it properly is to kill the Souljudge. Spread out, dispel when it starts to really hurt and kill the Souljudge to make it stop.

At the end of the chase it’s time for another room change, and Phase Three. We’re in the Arbiter’s Room of Oribos this time, and we fight on four platforms that you can jump between by running off the edge, Dragon Soul style. Wailing Arrow and Veil of Darkness are back, and you’ll want to jump between platforms to avoid the veil and to get the Wailing Arrow away from players.

Banshee scream will put AOE rings around everyone, spread out. Shadow Dagger is a line attack now, avoid that. The big thing is this new dispellable DoT here called Banshee’s Bane that gets applied from a bunch of things.

It’s a stacking DoT that drops a puddle when dispelled, and running over the puddle will pick it back up as a DoT. Space is limited, so moving this around to put it out of the way is going to be key to phase three.

She’ll put Bane directly onto players, and also chuck it directly onto the floor with Bane Arrows. Additionally, her Banshee’s Heartseeker will plant stacks on her tank. The longer the fight goes on, the more bane is going around and the less space you’ll have to work with. Speaking of less space, Raze will effectively destroy one of the platforms after a long cast. Leave behind any Bane stacks on it if you can and get off it before she finishes Razing it.

The end of this fight is a race to finish her while you still have room to fight, as Raze and Bane shrink your workspace down to nothing.

On Normal, that’s it. Heroic has a number of upgrades, some more important than others. On Heroic, touching the domination arrows will kill you, so don’t let yourself get dragged all the way in when you’re clearing your bleed. In Heroic Phase Two, Hymn of the End makes it even more important for players to make it along the chains to the adds in time.

The adds in Heroic Phase 2 get a new ability each. Vanguards get a 5 yard slam, careful in melee, Hopebreakers will be spreading raid damage with Enflame.

Souljudges will hit their tank quite hard and apply a heavy bleed with Lashing Strike, that might need a cooldown. Heroic Summoners get Curse of Lethargy, a DoT that slows and can be kicked or decursed. The biggest change in Heroic is the addition of Banshee’s Fury in Phase 3.

This is a cast that does strong raid damage and then a bunch of extra damage for every stack of Banshee’s Bane that is still on a player. Get them all dispelled onto the floor before the end of the Banshee’s Fury cast. And that is Sylvanas Windrunner in the Sanctum of Domination! Thanks for watching, you’ll do great in there, and have a wonderful, wonderful day.



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