TBC Classic Phase 2 Rogue BIS Gear, Enchants, Gems & Alternatives


Tbc classic phase 2 is almost here, so the time has come to make sure you know your classes best in slot gear for phase 2.. Today we’re looking at rogues. As usual, i’ve created a spreadsheet with the best in slot item name the next best alternative, where the items come from the gems and enchants you’ll want to use and a link to the wellhead database i’ll be updating the spreadsheet, as i make my way through each Class so feel free to share with friends and guildies and if you spot something that i’ve missed drop a comment down below. So i can update as needed and finally like the video to help me out and of course subscribe for more tbc, classic content with that said, let’s get to it, starting with the tier 5 set.

The ideal setup for your tier 5 items are to collect the helm from lady vash chest from kelphus legs from fathomlord and gloves from leotharis. There is an alternative priority with the chest and shoulder slots so we’ll cover that in a moment you’re going to want three glinting, noble topaz, one, relentless earthstorm diamond, one shift in knight’s eye and three rigid dawn stones and the enchants of ferocity on the head from Exalted with cenarion expedition, chest, exceptional stats, never cobra, leg, armor and glove superior agility, so the shoulders and chest the shoulder is linked with your chest slots and you have two versions to run. The first and ultimate bits to run is the shoulder pads of the stranger with the death metal chest guard. In the event you obtain the death metal shoulders instead you’re going to want to prioritize the blood sea briggins vest instead of the tier 5 chest. So the tier 5 shoulders dropped from void, reaver and tk, and the tier 5 chest drops from kael’thas and the shoulders of the stranger dropped from hydros with the blood sea.

Brigands vest dropping from favenlord you’ll want two rigid dawn stone, one shift in nightsight and one glinting noble topaz, but in charge it’s either the saffron one from next or inscription of vengeance from exalted with the outdoor or the shoulders and the chest with exceptional stats onto The neck, the choker of violent tent for 24 badges remains your best choice for phase two, with the pendant of mayhem, from kel’thas being very similar, but not worth aiming for or taken from a class that will benefit more next up. We have the cloak surprisingly, the drape of dark reavers from iran in karazhan is on par with the wilder cloak, it’s possible to squeeze a drop more dps from the wilder cloak with clever gem switching. But it’s probably not worth wasting your time on and make sure you enchant, with greater agility. Braces van braces of ending from solarian takes the top spot with the nightfall wrist guards from an epoch. Hunter in heroic kills brad in second place.

It’S also not a bad idea to keep the spy mistress, wrist guards on hand to swap to whenever you need extra hit as you’re gearing up throughout phase two and you’re gon na want to enchant braces with assault the belt. The belt of 100 deaths from vash is your absolute best until sunwell your alternative and nowhere near as powerful as the crafted leatherworking belt of the deep shadow. Because it’s going to cost you never vortex to craft. I would recommend you hold out until you get the hundred deaths. You’Ll want one glinting, noble topaz and one shifting nightside for gems boots.

Once again, kara luke stays strong with the edge walker boots from arose. Taking the top spot in second place are the boots of utter darkness, but considering the caraboots are abyss until black temple, i recommend you hunt moroes down, you’ll want a glinting, noble topaz and a rigid dawn stone for your gems, with enchant boots cat swiftness the rings. Your two best rings are the ring of lethality from hydros and the band of the ranger general from kelphus. Your alternatives are the thousand marks and garona cigna from karazhan next up, the trinkets dst from grawl and the warped spring coil from void river in tempest. Keep are your best choices.

The next best alternative is the bloodlust brooch for 41 badges and, whilst the tsunami talisman trinket, when it procs, is better than the bloodlust brooch waiting for the proc itself is a variable that, in my opinion, you shouldn’t really bother with let another class who needs it. More take the talisman and focus on your bits main hand. The talent of azshara is your best choice. There are so many choices for alternatives and most will think about the dragon more blacksmith mace as your second choice, which is entirely up to you, but it still does not compare to the talent of ashara. I recommend going for the reduced cost pvp gear from season.

One which will be purchasable via honor points as it will be cheap and a guaranteed way to get a main hand sword if you need an alternative or a temporary upgrade enchant with mongoose offhand latro’s shifting sword comes in first place with high value. This is one of the rare times where i’m going to be advertising against the absolute best as your first choice, the shifting sword can be farmed from normal bm, which is a lot easier to obtain versus the season 2 arena sword for most players. The arena sword is slightly better, so grab it. If you can, as it is your biss for phase 2 and, of course, enchant with mongoose the ranged weapon for your ranged weapon. The arcanite steam pistol from allah in tk is the top choice with your faction’s respective hellfire, exalted rep weapon in second place, or you could use the sun fury bow from prince and cara.

If you have it but bear in mind, the pistol is only a slight upgrade. Black has stabilized the turning room, scope on and you’re good to go and with that it’s the end of the video drop a like to help out the video and subscribe to the channel for more tbc, classic content and check out my other youtube channels. If you’re interested in lost ark or live streams, where i’m practicing hardcore classic leveling in preparation for cargo’s mortal raid, one life race to ragnaros event, which will be popping off on classic fresh when it releases take care and i’ll see you next time.

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