Hey! What’s going on, guys? This is Reckles with WTBGold and today we’ve got a video should be a staple of your gold making from here on out. The WoWToken prices, they just changed how the wow tokens work this week, so they doubled prices on that. Everyone’s in a rush to make gold so let’s go! Let’s do this! Let’s double our money. Alright, so Legion has been out for a while and prices on all the crafted stuff…profits are getting smaller and smaller for crafted gear. But that’s a good thing for us because that means we can finally start doing the Legion shuffle. It hasn’t really been the best course of action if you have raw materials. So, what’s this guide in a nutshell? What’s the 5-second version? If you buy materials and craft leveling blues, that’s the 715 stuff, you can double or triple your money when you disenchant them and then sell those disenchanting mats. Now, it gets a little bit more complicated and you can do this with any crafting toon, but I’m gonna show you all of ’em and we’re gonna start off with the full shuffle via Jewelcrafting.

So, Step one for the full legion shuffle is go out and farm some ore. Get some felslate. I like to go out to the basilisks near fel soul hold. I server hop around and can get about 600 an hour. Normally, if you just sell this ore on the Auction House, felslate’s worth about 30,000 gold right now. But we’re gonna Step 2 prospect it and make a little extra money. Sqeeze a little extra out of that. And so, we’re gonna get about 35-40k worth of the rare gems. But then we have all these extra uncommon gems that you’d normally just throw away. Here’s where the shuffle starts. This is where we really start optimizing and doubling the profit potential of this. We take all those gems and we turn em into rings. The blue ring uses 2 blue gems and a green one. The yellow ring uses two yellow gems and a green one. The same for all the colors. The only gem that doesn’t get used in this is red.

So, the next step is to take all these rings and send em over to an enchanter. They have a 100% chance to turn into a leylight shard. 1% to turn into a chaos crystal, and 3% to give you a blood of sargeras. I like to think of the chaos crystals and the blood of sargeras as kind of bonus money, that you can forget about. Like, “ooo! I made a little bit extra!” So, in general, each gem you get, each uncommon gem, is going to be worth 1/3rd of a Leylight Shard. Cause it takes 3 gems to make each ring. So that means, if leylight shards are selling for 90 gold, each uncommon gem would be worth 30 if you include the chaos crystals and all that stuff it’s about 38. But, that’s the jewelcrafting shuffle.

Also, if leylight shards start tanking, and Arkhana prices are super high, you can shatter them and 1 leylight shard turns into 3 arkhana. But, that’s the Jewelcrafting shuffle. You can do the same thing with every single profession. With tailoring, you can make the silkweave bracers and this uses 9 Shal’dorei Silk for each one. So in that instance, each silk is worth 1/9th of a leylight shard. The most you should pay, if the shards are selling for 90 gold, the most you should pay for silk is 10 gold, and you’ll make profit at anything less than that.

Blacksmiths, you can do the same thing. You can craft Leystone…wristguards, I think? Yah, leystone wristguards. The rank 3 version of that recipe uses 9 leystone to make each one and so each leystone ore needs to be less than 10 gold. Now, Leatherworkers, you guys can do the same thing. You can make Warhide Bindings. So each one, it takes 9 stonehide leather for the rank 3 profession. So, each one can be worth, should be worth less than 10 gold. But, that’s it. The way to maximize your profit here is to make sure you know your enchanting materials markets, so if Arkhana is selling more, do the leylight shatter and sell the arkhana. Other than that, get cheap materials. You can farm up your own materials, that’s the cheapest way, but it also takes a lot of time, but if you are buying materials for 7 gold 50 silver, you’d be making double the money if you were buying it for 5 gold. So, keep your eyes peeled for deals in the materials market.

In a nutshell though, I farmed up 60,000 gold worth of ore, and turned it into 90,000 worth of materials. Squeezing out an extra 30k. So, here’s what I want you to do. I want you to go to the auction house. We’re gonna play a little game in the comments. I want you to go to the auction house, and look up how much a leylight shard is going for on your server. Go ahead and write it down in the comments, and then also, let me know the price of stonehide leather, the price of leystone ore, and the price of Shal’dorei silk. And if you want to, you can throw in the price of green gems, the uncommon gems, but I don’t want you to take up too much time doing this. I want you to get out and go make some gold! But do that and we can all work together to figure out how profitable this shuffle is on each of your servers.

But, that’s it, I hope you make a lot of gold with this. This should be something that carries forward for the rest of this expansion into the next expansion. It’s gonna be something you need to know and anyone you know that, you know, you wanna share this video with, please…and, you know, like the video too. But, this should be something that everyone interested in gold making should know.

Tell your guildies, tell your friends. Hopefully this is good information, I’ll talk to you guys later. Get out there and go get rich. No pun this week, just a frequently asked question. If you obliterate this, you get about 50 gold worth of obliterum ash, whereas the leylight shards are worth 90 gold, so yes it’s better than obliterum..

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