The Motherlode Guide – Heroic and Mythic The Motherlode Boss Guides


Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is a guide to the bosses of the Motherlode dungeon of BFA. ‘The Motherlode entrance is found here in Zuldazar for the Alliance, and over HERE for Horde.’ Both portals take you back to the goblin Isle of Kezan for the first time since the Cataclysm. Our first boss is the Coin-Operated Crowd Pummeler. I especially enjoy the christmas lights that he’s just wearing all year.

Static Pulse is an unavoidable AOE damage channel that will knock you back. This is generally pretty harmless unless you’ve made some other big mistakes in the fight. We’ll get to that in a second. The Footbomb Launcher tosses out bombs that explode after 15 seconds doing damage within 100 yards and stacking Blazing Azerite on the party. That’s the debuff that makes Static Pulse scary. Before the bombs explode, you can punt them into the boss do to damage and stack up Blazing Azerite on him instead. Just walk over, aim with the little arrrow and click. Shocking Claw is a cone attack aimed at the tank. Everyone including the tank should move as soon as the cast begins to avoid it. On Heroic and Higher, the crowd will throw piles of coins into the ring which the boss will try to absorb with Coin Magnet.

The tank needs to drag him at least 15 yards away from the coins to prevent him from gaining Pay to Win stacks. Nobody wants that. The second boss is Azerokk, who happens to be a big rock made from Azerite. Sometimes the best names are the simplest. Most of his mechanics center around his adds, the Earthragers. You start with four earthragers in the room, and throughout the fight he’ll summon more one at a time with Call Earthrager. You want to CC as many as you can and kill the rest of them. If your group just doesn’t have roots, paralysis or other ways to CC them you can use the Fracking Totems to help. Target the add then use the totem to bind it for one minute. Throughout the fight, BE CAREFUL with your AOE spells because you can cleave them out and people will get mad at you. Watch where you’re pointing your Void Eruptions, and any other eruptions for that matter. Azerok will cast Resonant Pulse, which makes any adds that aren’t CCed cast Resonant Quake.

If you’ve just got five of those running around having a picnic, it’s gonna hurt. Azerite Infusion buffs one add, breaking it out if it’s CCed and supercharging the damage it does. Everyone should swap and kill the infused add. On Heroic and Higher, Azerokk will use Tectonic Smash. That’s a big scary frontal cone attack with a decent length windup. You’ve got plenty of time to get out of that, and you really should. Rixxa Fluxflame is up third, and she’s described as a reknowned chemist and gleeful pyromaniac. Searing Reagent is just her basic attack that she’ll spam instead of meleeing. I appreciate that some bosses just don’t feel like punching you. Azerite Catalyst sprays azerite goo which is effectively just fire in the direction of a random player. Ranged should stand near existing puddles to try and group up the goo. She’ll cast Chemical Burn, which puts a dispellable DoT onto two players at once. Dispel one, and heal the other one unless you’ve got a Mass Dispel handy.

Propellant Blast targets a random player and sprays a cone attack that does pushback and clears Azerite patches in their direction. You’ll need to fight against the pushback (which is reportedly even stronger on mythic). During the fight try to position in front of Azerite puddles to help clear them out if she picks you. On Heroic and higher, you’ll also have to deal with Gushing Catalyst. That is more Azerite Goo that will land in the area from these swirls. Dodge those but stand near them to try and group the Catalyst and the Propellant in those areas. Mogul Razdunk is the last boss, and you fight him from his sweet Azerite Powered War Machine.

Homing Missile targets a player and homes in on them, exploding within this ring radius when it gets there. If it’s after you, run away from others so that nobody else gets hit. Gatling Gun sprays a damage cone that rotates around the boss in a full 360 degrees spin. You’ll need to run all the way around the boss to avoid it, which is hard if you’re too far out. Ranged should stay kind of in the middle so they can make it around for the gatling gun but still get clear with the homing missile. At 50%, he goes into Phase Two with Configuration: Drill. He’ll jump in the air and take 99% less damage during this phase. Venture Co. Skyscorchers adds will come out, which need to be killed. You’ve got nothing else to hit anyway. They jump all over the place with Jump Jet so you can’t really position them, but the tank can try to maintain aggro in order to take their Buster Shots.

If aggro is an issue it may help to focus these down one at a time. They do a Concussion Charge which is an interruptible grenade throw. Kick or dodge that, up to you. They also cast Azerite Heartseeker which aims a laser at a target. The first person in line of that takes damage and gets a 33% healing debuff for 8 seconds. Try not to take back to back Heartseekers, you’ve only got the one heart. Big Red Rockets will come down in this phase, and you want to avoid their impact. After they land, they stay on the ground in the arena. Razdunk will target players with Drill Smash, which puts this arrow over their head.

Run that to a rocket, and once the brown ring spawns get out of the way. The boss needs to smash three rockets with that before he’ll come down and resume phase one again. On Heroic and Higher, you’ll need to deal with the Boombas and their Micromissiles. A ton of swirls will spawn that you need to dodge immedietly, because those missiles come in fast. So, that should get you through the Motherlode. Thanks for watching! Let me know what you think, leave a like for me if this helped you out and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!.

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