The Shadowlands Mythic Dungeons Guide / Plaguefall


Hello, this is Dingka. This video is by boss, the fall of the plague It is a strategy. The dungeon with the bloody abyss on the other side It is known as a dungeon with high difficulty. Now then let?s start explaining the strategy I’ll do it. First, it is 1 nem slime. The slime killings continue to be plague Casts Ao’s Tear, dealing area damage and knocking back. To all players at the same time as the knockback Reduces damage over time and movement speed for 20 seconds while setting a disease. Slime Slayer Casts Slime Wave if Inflicts heavy damage in the front sector and inflicts immobilization and damage over time for 6 seconds. If you check and avoid the breath effect It’s possible. Also, periodically call slime during combat. To cast Three small slime and one large slime Appears in the battle area and approaches as a boss. When the slime touches the boss 300% of the remaining life of the slime is restored to the boss health.

The tanker checks the location of the slime You have to move to a place where there are no slime Dealers cannot move this winding Use chi and process slime Hey. The boss only avoids the breath well It is not difficult if you catch slime well. Next is 2NEM Doctor Icus. 4 islands in battle with this boss It proceeds by moving randomly. When the battle begins, the Icus is the player Infusion of mucus is often cast. Inflicts continuous damage for 1 minute and when canceled Erupting sap is summoned. The sap can be removed by stepping on it. If the eruption is completed, it inflicts total area damage. Because the debuff overlaps If you get caught, you must release it immediately and step on the sap. After a certain period of time, the boss Jump to the area The Plague Bomb and Condensed Slime are summoned at this time. Plague bombs after a certain amount of time It explodes, inflicting annihilation damage to the engineering force. The first thing you should catch is.

The condensed mucus is within a 7 meter radius Reduces damage taken by bosses and bosses by 75%. Tanker Grab it quickly and get away from the plague bomb. Also, it keeps the dirt Because it deals 5 meters of damage within the impact point Subject must be removed from the main camp. The boss periodically makes slime raids To cast Inflicting AoE damage to the location Fires the sudden sap in the shape of a cross. Just look at the effect and avoid it. Finally, the boss is close to If there is no player to attack Inflicts total area damage and continuous damage. Tanks never get away from the boss Shouldn’t. If only the plague bombs are processed quickly It is not difficult boss. Next is the 3 Nem Venom Blade. The boss is the player throughout the battle Within 6 meters If there are no other players, it is stunned after a certain period of time. is.

All the party members stick together throughout the battle You must proceed with the battle. If you are stunned, You need to catch it quickly to get out of the stun. Bosses often cast Shadow Ambush And after a certain time Runs at the target, inflicting damage to all players within 10 yards and stunning them for 3 seconds. Before the shadow ambush debuff ends Go out and get hit alone You can quickly return to your hometown. Also, the boss summons a bloody assassin. However, the spider web of the veil is laid at that location In the middle of the web Blood Clan Assassin appears in stealth. Inflicts damage or stealth If you do not release Cast an Assassination to a random enemy Deals damage and deals damage over time for 30 seconds. When a blood assassin pops up, quickly Using the AoE skill on the spider web If you release and hold on to hiding It’s possible.

Finally, the primary target is cytotoxic I am casting a slash Increases the target’s natural damage by 100% for 8 seconds. Reading comprehension classes are available You can do it. When the boss is covered with a spider web How quickly you catch an assassin is the key to your strategy. Lastly, Magnem Stradama. Magnem is malignant growth, infectious rain, corrosion Plague, Plague Combine Devotees, Plague Collapse, 5 skills in total Use.

Number of skills compared to other dungeons Is less The difficulty can be very high for those who are dealing with the Plague Collapse skill for the first time. First, other skills besides the Plague Collapse I’ll let you know. Malignant growth immediately destroys the malignant creature. Summons to continuously cast Slime Touch. Damage to players within a circle Clothed If there is no player within the skill radius Inflicts annihilation-class AoE damage. The tanker must be on the floor You have to be greeted Dealers have to quickly catch malicious creatures. The infectious rain continues during battle Casts and deals AoE damage and damage over time. Because the effect overlaps If the battle lasts a long time The party can be wiped out due to the heel being pushed. Disease because it is possible to clear the disease Classes that can be released are It is better to turn off the infectious ratio immediately after casting.

Also, melee attack is possible near the boss. If there is no target, it casts Corrosive Plague, inflicting wide area damage. Tankers must stick to the boss. Also, during the battle, Summoning Approaches the player at a slow speed and deals Physical damage. Because the damage is very high, the tank Should quickly catch the uggling Dribbling without sticking Is good. Even if the tanker is alive and hit, Suffers great damage Finally, let me know about the plague collapse I will. If you cast Plague Collapse, The tentacles appear sequentially A wide area within a sector of the tentacle front Inflicts damage. Because the damage is very large, You must avoid it. The pattern in which tentacles appear is Patterns appearing in clockwise or counterclockwise fashion At a time with a slight gap Tentacles rising pattern Pattern with 2 safe zones There are four patterns in total. Tentacles clockwise or counterclockwise If they appear sequentially Take a seat near the first tentacle that appears and when the first tentacle falls You can go up right there. The only second appearance in the tentacle It should never be.

Opposite first and second tentacles You can wait at the flight seat. Tentacles at a time with a slight gap Comes up If the first tentacles are located in an area where they have not been raised and the tentacles fall You can move to a separate place. The pattern with two safe zones is the first Seeing the position of the tentacles, Tentacle position and first When the tentacles fall, move to the safe zone. In the case of a pattern that comes out on one side Check the first tentacle position When the tentacles fall after moving to the safe zone You can go to the seat. There are four patterns, but what they have in common After checking where the first tentacle falls Move to safety zone and first tentacle When it falls You just need to move to that seat. This boss has all skills at once They can also overlap. Don’t panic, tentacle safety zone After checking You can deal with them one by one. Above all, attack each boss in the Fall of Plague Finished the explanation. Subscribe if the video was helpful & Likes & comments please. Thank you.

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