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The Story of Warcraft – Full Version 2.0 [Lore]


Hello everyone! It?s been 5 years already since I did my complete story of Warcraft and quite a lot has changed since then. The warcraft chronicles have cleaned up and revealed some of the mysteries in the lore. Warlords of draenor, legion and now battle for azeroth has been added to the expansions list. Couple of books, audio dramas, short stories and beautiful youtube videos in between. Enough changes to sit down and honor your many, many requests of getting an updated version. Give me X AMOUNT of minutes and you will know the global story of the Warcraft universe. If you want more details on specific characters or events, then check out my full chronoligical playlist linked in the description down below or of course subscribe to the channel where we cover a new subject every monday.

With that introduction out of the way, sit back, relax and enjoy the full story of warcraft… In the beginning before even the cosmos took shape, there was Light and then there was Void. The tension between these two opposing yet inseperable energies eventually ignited a series of catastrophic explosions, birthing a whole new realm into existence. In that moment, where the Light and the Void crashed with eachother, the physical universe was born. Conflict between Light and darkness, that?s what created the Warcraft universe. Not surprising that we call it Warcraft, the stage for every story we know of and every story that?s still to come. So out of this clash the universe came to be. The energies raging across the cosmos, bringing life to worlds without number. The universe expended, different kinds of cosmic forces came to be, all kinds of different life and beings popped up. Amongst them were the colossal titans. Their spirits, known as world-souls, formed deep within the fiery core of a small number of worlds. Eventually they woke up, formed the Pantheon and set out to wake up more of ther kind, scouring the Dark Great Beyond in search of them.

While doing so, they brought order to the planets they encountered, but not all forces in the universe are down with that lifestyle. From the moment that Light and Void clashed together, dark spirits within the Void known as void lords, sought to twist reality into a realm of eternal torment. For a long time they watched the titans go about their business and they were envious of their power. They wanted to corrupt one of these world-shaping titans into an instrument of their will. First they tried to corrupt one of these fully grown titans, but they quickly discovered that that was not an option. Instead they set their mind on the more volnerable ones, those still slumbering. Of course, like the titans themselves, the void lords had no idea which planets actually contained one of these spirits. So they decided to pool their powers together and send out creatures known as Old Gods to infect and corrupt as many of the worlds as they could. A shot in the dark hoping that atleast a few of their minions would land on a planet containing a titan spirit.

As luck would have it, some did hit their mark. In the meantime, the pantheon were aware of the void energies, but they had no idea of the void lords or the old gods. Their attention was consumed by another dark force born from a realm called the twisting nether… Demons we call them, beings enslaved to unbridled hate and malice, they hungered for nothing less than the destruction of all life in the universe. Not exactly a lifestyle that the titans are down with so as the demons caught their attention, the pantheon send out their mightiest warrior, the noble sargeras, to deal with them. For ages, he traveled to the worlds under attack, batteling the demons yet in time he noticed something quite strange. He started to encounter demons that he had battled and vanquished before. Turns out that demons can only truly die in their own realm, within the twisting nether, something Sargeras did not fully realise.

All he understood was that the demons did not stay dead, so instead he decided to imprison them in a pocket dimension known as Mardum. The prison would soon enough overflow with demons, bringing peace to the cosmos. Attacks from demons would remain a constant threat to the Great Dark, but they became increasingly rare. The titan?s worlds prospererd and life, in all of its complexitiy, flourished…until Sargeras found out just how dark the Great Dark could be… He discovered a world infected by the old gods, and not just any old world, this was one with a slumbering titan inside. The demons that were chilling on the planet, basking in its void energies were interrogated by Sargeras until they revealed what they had learned about the old gods and the ultimate, terrfiying plan of the void lords. If the powers of the void were succesfull in corrupting a slumbering titan, it would awaken as an unspeakably dark creature. No power in creation, not even the Pantheon, could stand against it. In time, the warped titan would consume all matter and energy in the universe, bringing every mote of existence under the void lord?s will.

Sargeras, the undefeated champion of the titans, knew fear for the first time… Knowing what the void lords were after, with sorrow in his heart, he decided that this slumbering titan could not be allowed to wake up. His mighty blade split the world in two. The explosion did consume the Old Gods and their dark energies, but it killed the nascent titan as well. When Sargeras met up with the rest of the Pantheon again, he told them what he had learned, what he done to stop it and the pantheon wasn?t too thrilled with his actions. There were already so few of them in this vast universe. They couldn?t believe that Sargeras had killed one of their kind.

Who knows what they could have done to save it, to cleanse it from its corruption. Purging it was not the only choice they had. A heated argument followed. In the end, Sargeras was unconvinced and believed that only by burning away all of creation could the titans stand a chance of stopping the void lord?s ultimate goal. In sargeras?s mind, even a lifeless universe was better than one dominated by the Void. Life had taken root in the cosmos once before, perhaps after scouring it of its corruption, life would take root once again. The pantheon would never see it his way and Sargeras stormed off to follow his own plans. The prison he had worked so hard to fill was shattered and the demons were recruited into his army. It was time for a crusade, a burning crusade with his burning legion to burn away the corruption. While Sargeras was away to form his burning legion, the rest of the pantheon kept on going with their quest. Eventually they stumbled upon a planet containing a titan spirit, but was also corrupted by the old gods. We now call this planet Azeroth. They sought to help that slumbering spirit inside by bringing order to the planet.

As Sargeras demonstrated, the titans power were more then enough to destroy the old gods, but the pantheon feared that doing it themselves would cause too much damage. Instead they created an army of enormous servants from the very crust of Azeroth itself. These Titanforged were lead by the Titan-Keepers in the war against the Black Empire, the empire of the old gods known as C?thun, Yogg-Saron, Y?shaarj and N?zoth. First they battled with the enslaved elemental lords, Al?akir the windlord, Therezane the Stonemother, Ragnaros the Firelord and Neptulon the tidehunter. Slaying them was not really an option as they were bound to Azeroth itself so they followed Sargeras? example and created a pocket dimension to contain them. The elemental plane would house the elements safely, with the old gods mightiest lieutenants out of the way, the battle continued against the old gods remaining forces and eventually the mighty beings themselves. Y?shaarj turned out to be so powerful that the Pantheon feared the Old God would overwhelm their servants. Despite their better judgement, they still reached down and ripped it out of the planet.

What they feared was exactly what happened. A massive wound was left behind and now the lifeblood of the slumbering titan spirit was spilling out. Now they knew for certain that tearing out the old gods would destroy Azeroth itself. Instead, imprisonment was once again the better solution. C?thun, Yogg?Saron, N?zoth and the heart of Y?shaarj that had fallen back on the planet were all contained within their own subterranean chambers, locked away in enchanted prisons.

The war against the black empire was was won by the pantheon, and despite their darkness being locked away beneath the world, for the first time in Azeroth?s history, a sense of peace settled over the planet. There was still quite a bit of work to do. First step was patching up the wound left by Y?shaarj with something called the Well of Eternity.

With that immediate threat out of the way, they worked on strengthening the nascent world-soul and stabilize its life force. Titan machinieries and facilities were build for that exact purpose, to help it grow, help it heal, help it mature into a titan rumored to be even more powerful then Sargeras himself. More of the titan-forged were created to help safeguard the world. Keep an eye on things, shape the surface and help that spirit grow. Now don?t get me wrong. Not all of the creatures on Azeroth were shaped by the titans hands, some evolved over time or were just already there. Twilight fell as the titan-forged surveyed the world they had shaped, and they named the primary continent Kailmdor: Land of Eternal Starlight. The titans had done everything possible to heal Azeroth and assure the world-soul?s future. All that remained now was to wait?wait and hope that the world-soul would one day awaken…

As Azeroth was left behind to do its thing, the titans ran into Sargeras again going about his burning crusade. They tried to convince him of another, another way. They had just done some amazing things for a corrupted world soul. Perhaps one day it would awaken and stand with them. He did not have to burn all creation, but Sargeras heard nothing but another target for him to take out. A massive battle followed by these titanic beings, a battle in which Sargeras struck down his former brothers and sister. Their spirits survived, but their forms were shattered and Sargeras set his eyes on finding this Azeroth. He didn?t know where in the great dark beyond this corrupted planet might be, but he had and he would track it down. The battle with the pantheon also showed him that his demonic forces were quite powerful, but they lacked in leadership. Inteligent minds to lead his forces, the dark lord of Legion figured that the race of Eredar from the planet of Argus would make for a fine addition to his troops.

He showed up and offered them a spot amongst his ranks. Power beyond their wildest dreams. 2 of their 3 leaders, Kil?jaeden and Archimonde were onboard with this plan. Decided to sign up while the third, Velen the Prophet, he saw that this was a very bad idea. Instead of joining Sargeras, he decided to take as many of his people as he could and flee. Run away with the aid of the Naaru, beings of holy light.

A move that Kil?jaeden took very personal. He felt betrayed by his co-leader, his brother in spirit and promised that he would hunt Velen and the now called Draenei down, even if it took him a thousand years. On the run the draenei moved from planet to planet until they could run no more and crash landed on a world they would name Draenor. It was home to a race known as orcs and the coming of the draenei would have a massive impact on the future of their race. In the meantime on Azeroth we saw life do its thing. Races grew and evolved, worked hard to further their empires. A race known as nigth elves had set up base near the well of eternity and were studying its properties, delving ever deeper into this fount of power until their research drew the attention of Sargeras and the Legion. Finally he had found Azeroth now all he needed to do was find a way to reach it. Queen Azshara and her followers were down with bringing Sargeras into the world and tried to use the well as a massive portal. Nearly they succeeded, but the resistance formed of night elves, demi-gods, furbolgs, tauren, dragons, all kinds of races that did not want to be anihilated rose up and prevented the queens plans.

They were able to reverse the portal and send the legion back to where they came from. All that messing about with the well made it incredible unstable. It imploded, sundering the land of kalimdor and make it look like we know it as today. Despite massive damage and loss of life, the day was saved. Sargeras was pushed back, but the dark titan?s gaze had fallen upon Azeroth and would not rest until his mission was completed. The legion had their first taste of Azeroth and would come back many times in the future and lets not forget that Kil?jaeden still had vengeance to claim upon the Draenei….

Back on Draenor the Draenei were located by the Legion again, yet Kil?jaeden decided to not send out their full force only to see their former kin run away again. This time they decided to use the orcs to do their dirty work. Pitch them agains the draenei, despite living together on the planet in relative peace for centuries. Fel magic was introduced to their tribes and replaced the use of elemental magic, shamanism.

The orcs were manipulated, banded together and formed the Horde. Corrupted, its effects not only visible to the orcs themselves but also the planet they lived on. Eventually the pitlord Mannoroth offered them demon blood, a great gift in the eyes of the orcs and while it did indeed give them incredible power, it also made them slaves to the Legion. They did not know this and most of them decided to drink. Nearly all of the Draenei were wiped out. Some of them even forced to stay behind for the slaughter to make it look like Kil?jaeden had completed his mission so that a small part of their race would survive. It worked. Kil?jaeden thought he had been succesfull. On orders of Sargeras, he left the orcs left to their fate, to rot away on a dieing world. A powerful force desperate for survival, desperate enough to build the dark portal and go through it to Azeroth, a brand new world to conquer. The right weapon to weaken Azreroth?s defenses in preparation for a ful-scale Legion invasion. Even the orcs that had not touched the demon blood followed through the gateway.

It was their only way of survival and the first Horde invasion into Azeroth began… ?In the age of chaos, 2 factions battled for dominance. The kingdom of azeroth was a prosperous ones. THe humans who dwelt there turned the land into a paradise. The knights of Stormwind and the clerics of Northshire abey roamed far and wide serving the kings people with honor and justice. The well trained armies of the king maintained a lasting peace for many generations. Then came the orcish hordes… No one knew where these creatures came from and none were prepared for the terror they spawned. Imagine this alien force popping up out of no where.

It was quite a shock and some did not believe the initial reports about the monstrous orcs. As the Horde conquered more land, their eyes were soon opened to the truth and the Alliance of lordaeron was formed. They fought hard over the fate of the world with Azeroth being victorious. Some of the orcs escaped home through the dark portal which was shut down. Others ran away and survived in the wilds while those that surrendered were placed within interment camps. Defeated, but not vanquished. The Horde still had a dieing homeworld and came back for a second time. The Dark Portal re-opened. This time not to conquer the planet, instead they gathered powerful artifacts which they could use to open more portals to others worlds to conquer those instead.

The Alliance of Lordaeron decided to follow the Horde through the portal and take the battle to them. Prevent them from inflicting the same suffering to others that Azeroth had felt. Again the Horde was defeated, but not before the portals were created. Massive rifts across Draenor caused the already corrupted planet to transform into Outland as we know it today. The dark portal was shut down once more giving Azeroth time to rebuild and heal, but the threats to the world are far from over. ?we never payed any head to the ancient prophecies.? Smack smack Like fools we clung to the hold hatreds? Smack smack ?And fought like we had for generations.? This brings us to the Warcraft 3 time period in which the new scheme of the Legion came in the form of the Lich King. This powerful being was created and send down by Kil?jaeden with the goal of weakening the world, summoning more Legion forces and accomplish that goal of claiming Azeroth. From the cold lands of Northrend, death washed over the lands of lordaeron and beyond. Prince Arthas tried to save his people, but in his quest he fell for the Lich King?s schemes, picked up Frostmourne and instead became an agent of the Lich King.

The very thing he had tried to fight against. Now it was he who lead this Scourge and brought his fathers lands to ruin. The high home of the high elves was invaded and brought low. With the use of their Sunwell, another magical found of power, he resurrected Kel?thuzad as a lich as he was needed to summon Archimonde into the world. This act did corrupt the well, something that the high elves had become very dependant on.

Their prince Kael?thas anounced that they would be known as the blood elves in honor of those who?s blood had spilled trying to defend their lands against Arthas. This didn?t compensate for the loss of their well, but their prince would do everything it took to find some way to save his people Archimonde clearly remembered the Legion?s defeat at the hand of the night elves during the war of the ancients, 10.000 years ago so he decides to take care of that massive threat first. In the meantime we saw Thrall, raised within the interment camps as a slave gladiator, rise up and set his people free. He reformed the Horde not with the intention of conquering Azeroth like they had tried before.

He wanted to guide them back to their honorable ways of old. Find a place on the planet they could call their own, a planet that now had to be defended against Archimonde and the Legion. Under the guidance of Medivh, Thrall continued his journey and met up with Sen?jin, leader of the darkspear trolls who was sadly sacrificed by murlocs. His son Vol?jin would take over leadership and join the Horde. The same goes for the Bloodhoof tauren, lead by their chieftain Cairne Bloodhoof. Their family was growing with more races but Medivh reached out to more people to stand with them, amongst them Jaina Proudmoore. She took the survivors of Lordaeron, those that had survived the onslaught of the scourge and eventually met up with Thrall and the Horde. It was an insane idea to now have the Alliance and the Horde work together, but these leaders were wise enough to put old hatreds to the side for the sake of world. And of course the orcs are no strangers to the threats the demons pose.

That demonic blood curse had pretty much doomed their race, the blood of mannoroth offered as a gift. Grommash Hellscream was the first amongst the orcs to drink and it would be he to strike the blow that fell mannoroth now, liberating his people while sacrificing his life in the process. ?Thrall….I have freed myself.? Final breath ?No old friend, you have freed us all.? Together with the night elves they stood against the might of the Legion and banished Archimonde off the planet. The day had been saved, but the Legion had come very close and victory did not come without sacrifices. Yet all the same, Jaina and Thrall, humans and orcs, alliance and horde had shown that by working together, they could accomplish amazing things. In an attempt to keep this peace going, Thrall decided to settle in Orgrimmar while Jaina took her people to an area close by, Theramore keep. They would work hard to show the world that together they stood stronger, despite some being unable to let go off old hatreds.

Despite Archimonde and the Legion?s defeat, the Lich King was still on the planet, actively working against his legion masters. He was no willing puppet, quite the opposite. Something Kil?jaeden took notice of and decided to recruit Illidan Stormrage, a night elf demon hunter labeled a betrayer by his people for his actions during the War of the Ancients. They had set him free from his cage after being imprisoned for 10.000 years as he would be a powerful weapon against this new Legion attack. Again they disaproved of his methods and banished him from their lands. Now Kil?jaeden offered Illidan what ever he wanted in exchange for his aid of disposing of the Lich King. Illidan was no friend to the Legion either, but knew full well that truly taking care of them could not be done on Azeroth. They would have to take the battle to them so for now he pretended to go along with Kil?jaeden?s plans, keep his enemy close and work hard to take care of the Lich King.

He recruited Lady Vasjh and the naga into his ranks, former elves that were there when Azshara lead them in that disastrious mission of bringing sargeras into the world. They nearly drowned as the well imploded, but thankfully for them, an allegiance with the old god N?zoth saved their lives and transformed them into the Naga. There was also Kael?thas Suntrider, leader of the blood elves formerly high elves who were hit hard by Arthas and the Scourge. He was still on a quest to find a way of salvation of his addicted people and his hope of solving their plight lay with Illidan Stormrage. Together they did their very best, but Arthas the death knight still bested them and claimed his price of merging with the Lich King while Illidan was forced to hide away on Outland and work on some new plans to stop the Legion…

?4 years have passed since the mortal races banded together and stood together against the might of the burning legion. Though azeroth was saved, the tenious pact between the horde and the alliance has all but eveporated. The drums of war thunder once again…? Warcraft 3 sets the stage for Classic World of Warcraft as the intro described old hatres rising up again despite previously standing together against the Might of the Burning Legion. For the Horde we see it made up of the Orcs lead by Thrall, the Tauren lead by Cairne, the Trolls lead by Vol?jin and as the fourth race it?s the Forsaken lead by Sylvanas Windrunner. They?re former citizens of lordaeron that fell to the plague and rose up as living undead, the Scourge. In time they were able to liberate themselves and regain control. Hellbent on claiming vengeance for what Arhas has done to them, they join the Horde in an alliance of convenience. Then for the Alliance we don?t see the humans of Theramore be part of the faction, instead it?s the humans of Stormwind lead by king Anduin Wrynn as his father Varian is currently missing. Next to the humans we also have the dwarves of ironforge lead by king Magni Bronzebeard.

The gnomes of gnomeregan, lead by Gelbin Meckatorque and the night elves lead by Tyrande Whisperwind. While the Alliance and the Horde went at eachother again, they also quickly realised that there were still big threats that needed to be taken care of. Threats bigger then either faction. For example Ragnaros the Firelord was stirring within his lair in the moltencore. While previously banished to his elemental plane of fire, the dark iron dwarves were foolish enough to accidently summon him during their civil war and he?s been a threat ever since. There was also Nefarian, the black dragon and child of Deathwing the destroyer that has taken up residance in the top of the mountain.

His sister Onyxia is the one response for Varian?s disappearance and has infiltrated Stormwind under the disguise of Lady Katrana Prestor. She must be exposed and dealt with in her lair. Hakkar the Soulflayer, blood god of the gurubashi trolls. The old god C?thun, imprisoned by the titans now stirs behind the scarab wall in Ahn?qiraj and then Kel?thuzad and the floating citadel of Naxxramas. A taste of the Lich King?s powers still threatening to consume the world. All kinds of conflict threatening to devour the world, but by working together, the world of Azeroth holds its own. ?Imprisoned for 10.000 years. ?Banished from my own homeland.? Oeee that music gives me chills ?And now you dare enter my realm….? ?You are not prepared? Time to take this party and move it to a whole different planet, Outland, where the orcs come from and Illidan is hiding out, working on his plans against the legion. This wasn?t known to the world of course and with Kil?jaeden manipulating things behind the scenes, we saw the dark portal open up once more. The alliance had the draenei join them lead by Prophet Velen.

Those that had survived the war against the Horde and had hidden on outland for all this time, now crash landed on Azeroth and joined the faction. Thrall?s horde saw the blood elves join their ranks. With the aid of Sylvanas they were accepted in. Kael?thas Sunstrider was still their official leader but while he had already teamed up with Illidan in Outland, their people were lead by Regent Lord Lor?themar Theron. For the orcs it was quite a shock to return home to a land so massively destroyed. For Thrall this was the first time he actually set foot on the homeworld of his parents where he met up with Garrosh Hellscream, son of Grommash who so heroicly had liberated their people from their demonic blood curse. Garrosh would eventually join Thrall back home to Azeroth where as the Alliance met up with heroes of old, the members of the Alliance of Lordaeron that had stopped the Horde from invading different worlds. Here it was where they took on threats like Lady Vasjh and the Naga, even Kael?thas Sunstrider turned out to be allied with Kil?jaeden so his own people had to rise up against him until finally the betrayer was slain within the Black Temple and the real threat revealed himself.

Kael?thas had switched sides and worked together with Kil?jaeden to set up a portal and bring him into Azeroth. A portal over the sunwell that was reversed. Kil?jaeden was send back to where he came from and the blood elves fount of power was reignited. Birthing a new future, a new hope for their people. ?Salvation young one, it awaits us all.? Just in time for the one that caused them so much missery to wake up and assault the world. Arthas the Lich King was ready to conquer the world and heroes ventured into the cold heart of northrend to try and stand up against him.

Joining them on this quest were Arthas? death knights that rose up against their former master. While there the formerly mad blue dragon aspect called Malygos decided to strike out at the world of mortals who in his eyes were abusing magic. He became such a problem that even his fellow dragons teamed up with us to take him on. There was also the ancient evil of Yogg-saron stirring within Ulduar. Another old god trying to break out of its prison. Once more the world united doing the near impossible. Not only stopping Yogg-saron from breaking out, but also end Arthas? life. ?Father! is it over?? ?At long last…no king rules forever my son.? ?I see…only darkness…for me…? There must always be a lich king though and it was decided that Bolvar Fordragon would pick up the helmet and become the jailer of the damned. With her ultimate goal accomplished, Sylvanas windrunner decided that this undead life was not meant for her.

By flinging herself from the top of icecrown, she killed herself but instead of feeling the embrace of a nice afterlife, she ended up in hell. She would have stayed there, enjoying eternal torment for all eternity was it not for the Val?kyr. Still bound to the will of the lich king, the will of bolvar, they wanted to be set free so they made the banshee queen an offer. They would take her place in hell incase she died, even raise more forsaken to replenish her troops.

In exchange they would her away from this cold damned place and so…the bargain was made. Not just Sylvanas saw a change of motivation, quite a lot of changes were happening to the factions as well as the world of Azeroth. The black dragon Deathwing had been recovering its strength. Listening to the whispers of the old gods and it was about time to bring about the hour of twilight. The moment in which the old gods would break out of their prisons and rule the world once more. Deathwing?s coming did not go unnoticed. Plenty of people felt that something wasn?t quite right with the world. For example, Magni Bronzebeard, king of dwarves decided to go through an ancient titan ritual to communicate with the land and figure out what is going on.

Instead of just communciating with the land, he became one with it. Turned into a crystal, which gave his daughter Moira the perfect oppertunity to come home and seize the throne. Varian Wrynn wasn?t down with that plan so instead a council was formed, all 3 dwarven clans, bronzebeard, dark iron and wildhammer, would all be represented within the alliance. We also saw the gilneans have some trouble dealing with the cataclysm. Once part of the Alliance of Lordaeron, their leader Genn Greymane had decided to build a mighty wall around their kingdom which was great to hold out threats from without, but also made it difficult to deal with threats from within. Their people were hit with the worgen curse which took over their mind, lost to the beast, until they regained control and eventually rejoined the alliance.

On the Horde side we saw Thrall deciding to go back to Outland and learn more about his shamanistic ways to figure out what was going on with the world and perhaps even try to heal it. That meant that the Horde would lose its warchief so Thrall decided to appoint Garrosh hellscream to take charge. He had shown to be a great commander during their campaign in Northrend and Thrall trusted him to lead their people well. Despite voices raising concern with this choice, voices like Cairne bloodhoof and garrosh himself, thrall had made up his mind and left the Horde in the hands of Hellscream. This quickly resulted in conflict and rising tensions between the Alliance and the Horde and even the Horde within. Cairne thought that the road Garrosh was taking them on was not the right way so he challenged his warchief to Mak?gora, an honorable to the death for leadership over the Horde.

The old bull might have won the battle, was it not for enemies scheming behind their backs. Not even Garrosh was aware of the poison that coated his weapon, yet it took life of cairne all the same. This meant that his son Baine had to step up and lead their people, lead them as Deathwing broke out and the Cataclysm shattered the world.

?And all will burn beneath the shadow of my wings.? Like the Sundering 10.000 years ago, this shattering transformed the surface of the world, the lay out of the land. While the alliance and horde were fighting, Deathwing and the old god N?zoth executed their plans. Thankfully the world had more defenders then just the factions. Cooler heads saw reason where others were blinded by hatred. They united and eventually the alliance and horde followed their example. Thrall, now going by the name of Go?el, the name his parents would have given him, on his journey managed to recruit the goblins of Kezan lead by Jastor gallywix, to join the horde as they had lost their island to the cataclysm and funny enough, also the greed of their leader. Go?el also united with the other dragon aspects combinding their forces and together they defeated Deathwing and prevented the hour of twilight.

The world was saved yet the cataclysm did quite a lot of damage to it so Go?el decided to stay in a healing rol, leaving leadership of the Horde in the hands of Garrosh. He did not follow the same vision as Thrall did for the Horde. He did not believe in working together with the alliance, begging for resources, in his mind they should take and conquer what ever the Horde deserved. A conflict that blew up with the bombing of Theramore, destroying what Jaina Proudmoore had tried to build. A conflict that took them to a land previous hidden by mists, Pandaria, where we also saw the Pandaren of the Wandering Isle join either the alliance or the horde depending on their believes. A brand new fighting style in the form of monks was added to their arsenal.

Ji firepaw lead those that decided to join team red, Aysa Cloudsong lead those for team blue. ?To ask why we fight is to ask why the leafs fall? So on Pandaria the alliance and horde fought with one another over dominance of the land, resources and people. What they did not know was this land did not do well with conflict. When the old god Y?shaarj was ripped out of the planet, little pieces of him fell back around this area infusing it with some dark forced called the sha. It feeds on negative emotions causing a whole bunch of problems for the pandaren that the factions need to clean up while Garrosh is having his forces search far and wide for more power to add to their arsenal. The heart of the old god Y?shaarj is found locked away beneath the land. It shows Garrosh grand visions, his dreams to come true, infuses him with ancient dark power. He?s not corrupted like so many that have dealt with the powers of the void before. Instead he uses the powers of the heart as a weapon to accomplish his goals. Eventually even those amongst the Horde feel that what Garrosh is doing is too far, is not the way of the Horde.

Vol?jin leads the darkspear rebellion and together with the alliance, even go?el shows up, they kick garrosh out of the mantle of warchief but they do not kill him. Instead he?s placed on trial to answer for his crimes where as Vol?jin takes over leadership of the Horde. The trial took place in pandaria, but instead of facing his final judgement, Garrosh was taken by the bronze dragon Kairozdormu, back in time to an alternate reality. ?Drink Hellscream. Claim your destiny.? To Draenor around the time that the orcs were offered that demonic blood by Manorroth. Kairoz? plan was to have Garrosh form a new army and have it stand with original Azeroth against the coming legion, but Hellscream had no intentions of being used like that. Instead he murdered the bronze, changed time and prevented his alternate father and others from drinking, but still formed the Horde…the Iron Horde that would claim the Azeroth he had left behind. The Dark Portal now turned Red and Azeroth saw another invasion only the world itself had grown very strong by now. Strong because of one another and they stepped through the red portal to take the battle to Garrosh and the Iron Horde.

The schemes of the Legion are not easily prevented. With each step they took to dismantle the Iron Horde. Garrosh was even slain by Go?el in mak?gora, yet the Legion?s hold over these alternate orcs grew stronger until they again drank the blood and pledged themselves to the Legion. Even Archimonde showed up again, but was defeated all the same. In his final moments he sends this alternate gul?dan over to our realtiy to kick off yet another invasion from the Legion, the biggest one azeroth had ever seen. On the broken shore, the alliance and the horde tried to stop this invasion before it could even begin but this was a death trap and they were quickly overwhelmed. Warchief Vol?jin was poisoned by the demons forcing Sylvanas to call the retreat leaving the alliance to fend for themselves. Varian Wrynn in turn sacrificed himself so that the alliance could retreat. Now it?s his son Anduin that leads their forces where as Vol?jin?s final breath came in Orgrimmar, just before the spirits whispered to him to make Sylvanas Warchief.

Devestating blows to both factions which meant that the heroes of the world had to rise up themselves and form mighty order halls. All the classes got their own place to hang out. Their own artifacts, legendary weapons of power to chase down and then they had to figure out some way of closing that gateway from which the legion was pooring fourth. By scouring the broken isles they gathered the ancient relics needed to do so but just closing this portal and sending the legion back to where they came from wouldn?t be enough this. Illidan Stormrage had been right all along. Sargeras and his legion won?t ever stop, not until we end them. So.. Illidans trained demon hunters are released from their prisons and added to our ranks.

Their lord was slain near the end of the Burning Crusade. It would be really handy to have him stand with us. AS luck would have it, he did not actually die. Instead his demonic soul went to the twisting nether so we claim the soul and put it back into his body. Just like that, the betrayer is on our side once more. After Gul?dan?s defeat and sealing the gateway, we end up in combat with Kil?jaeden who guides us to Argus former homeworld of the Draenei.

We would have crashed and burned right there was it not for Illidan. He opened up a massive rift between our two worlds. Easy access to take the battle to the legion, but also easy access for Sargeras to finally claim his prize. Time is of the essence so we quickly fly out and to our shock and surprise, we run into the spirit of the titans. They?re being tortured by Sargeras, converted to his will. Actions taken by them thousands and thousands of years ago now lead to their liberation. We show the Legion that a corruption planet can produce more then death and destruction to the universe. Together we stand with the shapers of our world as Sargeras nearly claims Azeroth. As his flaming sword pierces the world causing massive damage to it, the pantheon drags him back and imprisons him. We?ve succeeded in our mission, the threat of the Burning Legion is finally over.

A victory earned, but not one without a price. The world is hurting, bleeding a powerful new source known as Azerite, one that reignites the conflict between the alliance and the Horde. The battle for Azeroth is upon us. In the form of a faction war, alliance vs horde, both sides recruit new allies to stand with them. The alliance gains the aid of the Void Elves, Lightforged draenei, dark iron dwarves and the Kul Tirans where as the Horde gain the Nightborne, Highmountain Tauren, Mag?har orcs and the Zandalari trolls. Sylvanas was said to make Garrosh look like an amateur and she has not disapointed. The home of the night elves burned down, the genocide of their race as its been described and people are starting to wonder why exactly Vol?jin appointed her as warchief. A mystery to be revealed while a rebellion is brewing. Meanwhile there?s not just the faction war. There?s also the battle for sake of the world itself. Magni Bronzebeard has woken up and acts as a speaker of the titan spirit inside. She?s in pain, suffering greatly, but perhaps by gathering the azerite…we can prevent the destruction of our world and the death of the final titan.

A great plan, except dark forces are ready to abuse them. The old god N?zoth together with Azhsara, queen of the naga scheme and plot until the heroes of Azeroth are exactly where they want them. With the use of the heart of azeroth, the device used to store that Azerite, N?zoth is released from his prison. For the first time since the time the titans brought order to the planet, an old god is on the lose… ?All eyes will be opened? History tends to repeat itself as the alliance and horde realise it?s better to aim their weapons at the bigger threat rather then eachother. The warchief of the Horde seems to be a threat to all…however…this is where are at the moment with the full story of warcraft.

Only time will tell how battle for azeroth will end, what the future is going to bring. You?re now up to speed with the global story of the warcraft universe from the dawn of creation to the current time period. Do keep in mind that this is a very global story. A lot of details are of course missing but if we?re going to cover all the details, we?d be here for days. That?s where my channel comes in covering those beautiful topics. The stories of warcraft in greater detail. A massive story which I can?t wait to see further unfold. For now though thank you ever so much for your time and for watching everyone. Subscribe if you like my videos, leave a like if you enjoyed this one aaaand until next time….see ya!.

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