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The Tarragrue – Heroic/Normal – Official Guide – Sanctum of Domination


Woah, we’re pulling? What’s up, it’s Jimfro from Ready Check Pull and  this is our official boss guide for The Tarragrue on Normal and Heroic. Yeah, the Tarragrue from Torghast! It’s the first boss of the raid, and you get to have actual anima  powers from Torghast while fighting this thing! So, before pulling the boss, you can kill four big  trash can looking mobs that each drop a choice of random anima powers.

Unfortunately they’re  not the fun class specific powers, just generic ones, but some of them are actually crazy strong.  There’s way too many to list in the video, so we’ll put a link in the description with all  of the abilities if you want to check them out. However, we do have some big recommendations: Number 1.

Definitely don’t take the one that makes you big and knocks people around.  You will for sure kill your allies with this one, or at least make them mad.

 Number 2. Definitely don’t take the one that stuns everyone around you when you die.  It will also make people mad at you. And number 3. Definitely have at least one person  in the raid take the one that makes you immune to stun and fear effects.

This will entirely  negate the deadliest mechanic in the fight if you use it right. All the other powers are just varying shades of good, so have fun with them! Now for the actual strategy of the fight: First of all, this is definitely a bloodlust  on pull boss, despite it having a sort of “enrage” we’ll talk about later. The deadliest mechanic, as we mentioned, is Chains of Eternity, which marks a random player and  throws a chain at them after a few seconds.

This chain can be intercepted by standing between the  boss and the marked player, but whoever it hits will be stunned and get one-shot by the boss.

  The only way to avoid this one-shot is by immuning the stun, which you can do with regular immunities  OR with that anima power we mentioned earlier. If someone has this power, they can just soak every  chain cast by standing between the boss and the marked player.

Otherwise you’ll have to rotate  immunities and that can get messy. All of the other mechanics are more  straightforward to deal with: The tanks have to taunt swap  after every cast of Overpower, which stuns and increases physical damage taken for a little bit. There’s a dispellable debuff that goes out on a bunch of random players which fears  anyone standing close to those players, so everyone should stay a little spread out  to avoid fearing each other.

Dispel any players that do get feared, as well as any players that  need to move for other mechanics in the fight. The boss will cast an enrage that should be  immediately removed by Druids, Hunters, and rogues. There’s also an anima power  that slowly removes the stacks of enrage but its pretty… damn… slow. When the boss disappears and the room gets dark, quickly  move to each safe spot until he’s active again. And on heroic, quickly soak these circles that  spawn around the room.

There’s three different kinds that each give you a different debuff,  and they need to be soaked quickly because otherwise each debuff is applied to the entire  raid.

Everyone except the tanks should look to soak the gray ones, because they increase  your physical damage taken. Pretty much only the tanks should soak the purple ones, because they  increase your magic damage taken. And anyone can soak the red ones, because they give you a dot. Oh and one last thing, when the boss gets to 10% health, it removes everyones’ anima  powers and goes berserk – just running around one-shotting people.

It’s pretty wild to see,  but if you get to that part of the fight with plenty of people alive, you’ll be fine…probably. Alright, so quick recap!

Don’t take the anima powers  that screw over your allies, and make sure at least one person takes the stun immunity one. Intercept the chain cast with the stun immunity anima  power or rotate class immunities. Stay spread out to prevent fears.

Tanks taunt swap after every Overpower. Remove the enrage ASAP.

 Run to the safe spots when the room gets dark. And on heroic, soak the debuff circles. And that’s pretty much it! You can find our written version of this guide on Icy Veins, linked below.  Thanks again to all of our supporters on Patreon for making these guides possible!

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