Tips on how I set up my WoW to improve my gameplay By: SilentDK


Hello, my name is Haytham and I wanted to make a post that highlighted how I have set up WoW through settings, thoughtful keybinds, and macros to help me play at a higher level. After I implemented these particular tactics I was able to climb in, Pvp rating, and Mythic Warcraft Log parses.

For context I am a current Glad (2x Glad), and a melee dps in a world 666 (US 219) cutting edge raiding guild.

I created a video where I go into much more detail should you want it.

Disclaimer: This is not a definitive guide, these are simply just things that I have found helpful when considering improving my own gameplay. If you have any suggestions or thoughts please let me know in the comments below!

Additionally this post may look complicated, it’s only formatted in such a way for ease of reading. These are fairly straightforward tips to general gameplay.

Settings: These are some settings that I have found to be a significant quality of life improvement

  1. Projected Textures (Escape -> System -> Graphics)

“Projected Textures” will enable all ground mechanics to be displayed. With this disabled some raid/dungeon mechanics are just disabled and you have no idea if you will or will not get hit by X mechanic.

2) Sticky Targeting (Escape -> Interface -> Controls)

This will set it such that if you left click the ground the target you have will not be deselected. Helpful if you ever use left + right mouse button to move your character (sometimes if you press left click first you can deselect your current target).

3) Target of Target (Escape -> Combat -> Target of Target)

This will help you see what your current target is attacking and what your current target is targeting with their current spell cast.

4) Camera Adjust (Escape -> Camera Style -> Never Adjust)
This setting will make it such that your camera does not auto adjust when you are moving in a particular direction. I personally prefer this as you end up with more control on when you want your camera to move.

Thoughtful Keybinding: This is my thought process and approach with regards to keybinding

I think binds should be broken out into 4 categories and the keys should be placed within proximity to your resting position. The closer the key to your resting position the more valuable it is because of its ease of press.

-Rotational Abilities (should be very easy to reach / press from your resting position)

  • For these keys I recommend breaking them down into “procs”,”filler”/”builder”,”spender/finisher”,”aoe”

  • I recommend using similar keybinds across classes if you play multiple specs

-Throughput Cooldowns (should somewhat comfortable to press, these usually have cooldowns of 30 seconds or more)

  • For these I recommend breaking them down into “small dps cooldown (30 seconds)”, “big dps cooldown (2min)”, “raid dps cooldown (bloodlust)”

  • For me I try to keep these buttons as variations of the same key if possible especially keeping those keys consistent between specs/classes

-Defensives / Utility (should be the buttons closest to your resting position as these usually require the fastest reaction times

  • These are things like iceblock or interrupts these keys should be as close as possible to your resting position as correct use of these keys can quite literally mean life or death in game

  • For example my Pummel is keybound on “E” and my Stormbolt is on “R”


  • Any sort of consumables that are needed mid combat (potions, engi battle rez etc) should be keybound and thought of like DPS cooldowns

  • Anything that’s not required IMO shouldn’t be wasted on a bind like flasks or augment runes

Macros: Some types of macros that have made my Quality of life better after using them

Example macro:

/cast [@cursor] Heroic Leap”


/cancelaura iceblock

/cast frostbolt”

The above macro is helpful because typically you do not want your “cancelaura” iceblock macro to be on your iceblock key, if you spam iceblock when you are close to death it’s possible you may accidentally cancel said iceblock and die.

These are some things that I’ve found useful when it has come to improving my gameplay. I know this isn’t comprehensive but I figured it could be helpful for any players that are coming back to the game for the prepatch/new expansion.

Thanks for reading,

Haytham – Kil’jaeden

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