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Welcome back so more of jorgast has unlocked. You can now go up to layer six soon to be layer, eight, and that means well, it’s getting harder and harder and harder. Of course, a lot of wow players are not as used to game types like tour gas, which is really more of a game within a game so with it now all getting a good bit more hard. It’S time for our tour gust guide, so we’re going to teach you things like all of those pesky puzzles and also how to actually play to win in tour guests and just a bunch of tips and tricks that are going to help you get the most out Of shadow lenses, big big fancy new feature and speaking of those, you should add a great new feature to your internet life with today’s sponsor dashlane just makes your life easier by generating and autofilling your passwords and personal info through its extensions, and that means that You never again have to manually type in passwords, pretty awesome.

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The most important thing is to get as many animal powers as is possible, including ones from the brokers, and that basically means that you have to be thorough and that can be quite different to the world of warcraft. Mindset of got ta go fast, that we sometimes see in dungeons, so kill and loot every mob break. Every breakable pot complete every puzzle, explore every nook and cranny, including climbing the chains in the mortregar wing. The easiest thing you can also miss is soul remnants. I think a lot of people just pass these over you’ll find them trapped in anvils cages or otherwise bound. You know they’re these souls that you click and free. Now each of these gives you a stack of soul remnants blessing that increases your primary stat by one percent. Now.

The thing here is over a course of a run. You can get well above 20 extra of your primary stat from this, and this makes it a huge part of your damage, scaling and damage. Scaling truly is the important thing, especially as you go up the layers. So all in all, your goal is to become as strong as as possible, because once you get to those higher floors on the higher layers, it does actually get extremely difficult and tour. Gas has got built-in anti-cheese mechanics put simply the boss always comes down to a dps check and that’s even more so blizzard hot fixing them a bit and more on that when we talk about enemies but okay, let’s move on the thing that makes torgast replayable and Uh well can basically decide whether or not you beat a boss or get a really really good run, especially as we go into twisting corridors is your collection of animal powers. There are so many of many different flavors, but the key is this: you need to pick up the ones that help you scale like crazy. Now this means over time. You should build up an understanding of what animal powers synergize, how they actually work together.

As an example, paladins can get cheaper holy power spenders. They can then buff their holy power, spenders with two separate powers and even generate passive holy power. You can get it so that these various things can complement each other and massively boost your damage and your self-healing. Another really good example is one from the mage with their invisibility one shot combo. So for that there’s a power that grants you extra damage in your next frostbolt fireball or arcane blast whenever you break pots and that stacks up to a thousand percent. But then there’s another one that increases the damage of those spells by two thousand percent. Whenever you cast invisibility combined, these can one-shot bosses. So you’ve got to think about these things and then, even without insane, combos most classes have got animal powers that help to scale up their damage quickly.

And that’s what matters look for percentage bonuses to your main single target abilities and prioritize those over just about anything else. Yeah, when you run into tour gas first you’ll find lots of you know: epic quality utility ones, or maybe you know it modifies your soul shape or something, but those things are kind of useless. If you can, at the end of the day out dps your enemies, defensive powers, they can be useful if you are prone to mistakes. But we really have found that in the majority of cases with torgast like the super, severe damage can be mitigated or avoided by good interrupts in cc. And ultimately it’s your throughput that’s going to matter and your ultimate goal is basically to become as broken as as possible, because otherwise, by the time the scaling happens, you need to outscale that boss and if you don’t, you won’t stand a chance.

If you pick only defensives you’re really going to struggle in tour, gas runs. So if you are smart or and lucky you can become an ion killable death machine. But realistically it is a roguelite. You may just have to come back and try again because at the end of the day, this mode of world of warcraft is an entry in that genre. Next, let’s talk about fantasma the currency, so on every floor 3. There is nothing, but some animal souls definitely pick those up and a broker floor. Six will also have a broker uh, sometimes the same broker as you got on floor three before the boss. Now the strategy here is simple. First, you’ve got to look for any animal that synergizes with your build and generally avoid wasting money on the utility stuff. If that money could otherwise, you know later go into a useful animal power, then you’ll very much want to purchase the plundered anima cell to get a random power for your group. That’S super important. Now. The flat stats on the oberon armaments are usually cheap and attractive.

If you’ve got any phantasma left over, but there’s one even more important item – and this is one i think a lot of people – don’t really know how to use super well, and that is the ravenous anima cell. This is expensive at 250 fantasma, but it instantly kills mobs and it drops a special power based on the mob that it kills. Now. This is really important. Now you can get 65 fire damage. Resistance in the soul forges from the fire casters uh stacking 25 percent haste on kill from the force worn in coldheart or immunity to the very annoying death pulls from the death souls in mort regard right. Those are all really cool abilities you can get by using this um, this animal cell now for a huge damage boost. It can also be used on the moss, worn, archers or interceptors doing that will actually get you an extra 20 to 30 soul remnants. That’S pretty big, so, as you can see, these animal cells can be pretty game changing if they’re used right now.

These ones that we’ve mentioned are the ones to really focus on, but there are other like important ones, including 400 fantasma, if you actually use it on the broker, but that’s a bit of a gamble because that broker will remain dead if you’re unfortunate enough to find The same one again later, so, if you use that and killed your floor 3 broker, you could get to floor 5 and find out oh the broker’s dead, because i killed him earlier. So there’s that um also, you should and pick up extra death counts when you can at the brokers and uh the 30 damage during combat potions if you’ve got enough phantasma left over those are especially good for that final boss. Next, let’s talk about dealing with enemies. So there are far too many to go into in super big depth here, but we can establish some good principles that will be vital. It’S the end of the day in wow there’s so many things we see a caspar and it doesn’t matter to our character. Not so into our guest, the most important thing is you actually pay attention and actively play right. Lots of mobs have extremely dangerous abilities that need to be avoided or interrupted.

Now, for example, you’ve probably already seen it. The melee moss worn cast interruptable self buffs called um a cursed strength. They do that and then they try to one shot you with massive strike. You can’t let that happen. The flame casters have inner flames. You need to interrupt that because that’s a massive feel that also buffs their allies. Basically, you need to figure out what abilities need to be interrupted and you need to actually hold interrupts and stuns for those abilities i mean. Thankfully, it usually is self-evident if you actually pay attention, there’s also no shame in pulling like you’re leveling a warrior in wild classic right. Just use all your tools to your advantage. Go slowly, take your time. If in doubt, you can use a ranged ability and try to separate mobs right, so you don’t get overwhelmed. Those are all important things to do, because the end of the day, you do have limited deaths, so knowledge and your interrupt key. They hold all the power in your day-to-day tour gas gameplay. Regular mobs are one thing, but the elites rares and bosses, or something else entirely.

Most of them have got challenging. Mechanics and they’ll really feel challenging as you climb up the layers of tour guest, but there’s one detail that sets them apart, and that is unnatural power. This is something most people don’t seem to know about, but to stop kiting and tank, slash healer, only cheese being viable blizzard have made it so that all elites stack a buff every few seconds when in combat now this gives them 10 damage and move speed per Uh per stack, but most importantly, it makes them cc immune at above 10 stacks. It actually used to include being interrupt immune, but that’s since been changed. Some smart way to deal with this right. You just need to kill them before that ticks up too much. It’S a dps check, so whenever they’re pulled elites need to be priority, as any you know, unavoidable damage soon does just become fatal because that will take up now.

This essentially turns all of the big fights into our guests into dps checks and that’s, hopefully, where your crazy anima builds and actively playing that system and really thinking. How am i building this into something? That’S cohesive, that’s where that’s going to come into play now. Rares! Might be a bit intimidating, but they are definitely worth killing the powers that they drop can be extremely good for your run. Now that can come at a price they are often very punishing and the scariest example of that is the subjugator rare. So he casts a variety of big ground, targeted abilities that needs to be avoided, because each hit reduces your damage, speed or health, and the only way to clear that is to actually waste his anima power right, because it will let you either get a cool power Or clear the debuffs he’s given you, so you need to do that right.

There’S a sneaky tip, though you can’t just die to remove those debuffs. Instead, if you feel like you’ve got the spare deaths now in general, each rare has got pretty intuitive mechanics. So just do those and nuke them with everything that you’ve got next up. Then we’ve got the bosses now they have got a wealth of abilities to constantly dodge or interrupt uh. You know they do hit like trucks and they just have tons of health. You know as a bm hunter – it’s been nice enough, but for a lot of people, it’s a struggle.

There’S too many specifics to get into every single boss, but they’re all using basic world of warcraft mechanics interruptable spells ground, targeted or bullet hells or like laser style attacks to avoid void zones. Unavoidable spells white damage is the usual combo, but the real problem more than their mechanics. Is that ticking clock right, because every fight is a race against the unnatural power stacking buff, and this is where the most important parts of tour gas actually do come into play with all that covered. Let’S go over exactly what you need to succeed in tour. Guest number one gear: tour gas does not scale with your item level. It’S not one of those features, so the stronger your character is like yeah, the stronger you’re going to be in tour guest, and this should make the higher layers easier. After you know each week as you gear up, though, they’re never going to be a walk in the park because of the scaling now bringing buff items like you know, food and stuff that can help. So if you’ve got anything cheap lying around, you may as well use it. Uh you’ll definitely need to bring at least some food, though, for the soul forges, because basically you’ll need to counter the ticking damage. Torment, that’s active there.

Another thing is skill: that’s a skill is a really important factor here. A critical factor here is just learning how to maximize your dps while avoiding damage. This is something where the quality of an individual as a player in their ability to engage with. Well mechanics, just legit matters a lot, so you know your largest issues are going to be getting hit by unavoidable damage or spending. You know so much time avoiding damage. You fail to beat a dps check, so that’s just when it gets back to you know, stutter step only move as much as you need to always be casting. If you can using your spells, checking your class guides maximizing your gps. That stuff is legit really important. Here then also party comp, that’s super important healing, survivability mobility and cc are all core things for tour guest and, if you’re lacking any of those things yourself, you really should bring someone who can actually cover for you there mob scaling is interesting, though, because it’s actually Reduced for four and five player groups – and that doesn’t mean the basically your ideal composition – is a self-sufficient tank, a healer who can pump out serious, dps um.

And then you know one to three varying dps players. So far we found the tour guest has been easy to solo for the likes of the paladins and the hunters. You know with the right damage anime powers, but for some classes, like the shadow, priests, they’re really struggling, and that’s often because of things like having long interrupt, cooldowns unlimited mobility. Now, even if you are one of those less fortunate classes, you should be able to solo with a bit of luck, patience and skill and really thinking about the anime powers. But if you are struggling, look tanks and healers are doing really well. I mean like in a group right because of how that enemy scaling is actually working. Then the other aspect is animal powers that are critical. You know, as we mentioned earlier, getting as many animal powers and as much fantasma as possible is absolutely necessary here. You’Re going to need those things, i’d say: focus on single target damage and upgrades that complement each other big thing with single target damage is: whenever you kill an enemy you’ve taken its dps and its mechanics off the board.

So it’s worth doing that then. Moving on from that there’s the upgrades from veneri, so there’s quite a few permanent tour guest upgrades. You can get from her and you’re really going to want them because they are pretty damn nice. Of course, though, more of those will unlock as your reputation with her gets higher so yeah do your mod content. I’Ve been slacking in that now things. There include increasing the amount of flat stat powers that you can find. That’S a really good one, and also being able to ignore your first death for the death counter, but later ones increase the amount of choices you get animal powers, that’s really good and also increase the chance of you getting epics and actually giving the vendor better stuff. To sell that stuff’s good, you should pick those things up as soon as you can yep the maw don’t slack on it, because the upgrades are worth it.

Okay. Last but not least, let’s talk about traps and puzzles you’d. Be amazed how many people just the traps they keep on walking into them, and you kind of wonder why and it’s really easy so there’s a lot of this stuff in tour gas we’re just going to run over how to deal with a whole lot of it. Okay for traps, these can be dealt with by just a little bit of patience, which sometimes is in short supply with well play, but patience you’ll eventually learn how to recognize where the traps are in no time, but for the first while pay attention to things. If there is a scratch mark on the floor, that means there is an axe just walk up to it, wait for it to pass and go.

The same goes for the fire blast traps and uh the upper reaches um. It’S little sort of bullet line traps. It’S just like crossing a road for the ground-based fire traps look closely because they will actually highlight what burner is going to turn on next, so pay attention to that. Learn the pattern and go through nice and quickly for the bullet traps. You’Ll just have to run through the gap. This one could be a little bit difficult, sometimes because of the hit boxes, so use a defensive or have one at the ready, if you’re, not sure, um but yeah just learn what the traps look like pay attention to them, and eventually you should not be able You should be able to feel what flora’s got, what and not get hit by things, and the same actually goes for the anime. Mimics you’ll have seen these.

So if you spot an anima power, that is suspiciously alone in a room very high chance, it’s a mimic which means just go trigger it and kill it, because it’s gon na have good stuff. Okay puzzles. These have provided some serious frustration to many players already, but actually they’re all that bad once you learn them so we’re just gon na do that. Okay, let’s cover the most notorious one. First, the unmarked lever chest people love it um. This looks like we’re missing an important detail, but you’re actually just supposed to guess, but the trick is to guess efficiently. Um brusalis on reddit posted this image back in beta and it basically tells you what to do so, set all four levers to the same position and then click the lever that matches the red highlighted position on the chart.

There are 16 combinations to check and you can try all of them using just 15 clicks in the way described so for there it’s, it is guessing, but it’s about doing it efficiently, so follow the chart. Then the next puzzle is the rune marked vault. This one is also surprisingly simple: your goal is to get the right combination of runes, there’s four things to click and each changes, one two three or all four of the runes. So the way to solve this is to solve these things. One at a time find the one that changes all four runes and then click it until the chain disappears. Then do that for the three the two and the one that’s, it can be a little bit overwhelming, but you just do it in that order and you will always win now. The last puzzle is the lock puzzle and that’s basically just a sliding block puzzle.

There is no quick and easy solution to this one, but it is pretty intuitive. You just need to get the three straight line blocks in the middle um. It might take some getting used to in terms of time, but if you just focus on one block at a time, you should get there and it can also help if, instead of moving the block you want to where you want it, you make empty space where The um basically empty space, where you want your block to be and then work backwards from there, and you can also freely rotate any block of four and use unwanted pieces on the outside to swap blocks in and out. Um. We’Ll show basically we’ll show an example of a quick solve on the screen here, if you just analyze that, because you kind of have to see it to really get it then you’ll understand.

Also, if you want some practice, you could just look up a three by three sliding block puzzle online and try to put blocks one two and three in the middle easy enough. Once you get the hang of it and, of course getting the hang of all these things is important, because every one of those traps you see it’s another atom of power and it’s all about scaling your character up real, big and chunky by the end. So to close this off, that’s that’s it right!

That’S everything that you actually need to know to survive in tour gust. There is no quick hack right, there’s! No special thing. You can do so really learn to play this with the same principles that lead to a binding of isaac run or a hades run being successful and you’ll do really well, and if you want more success in general uh, you know what try out dashlane, because you’ll Get more success if you’re not just manually entering passwords all the time, which is a bit of a drag and also you know, don’t have unsafe passwords.

Dashlane gives you more security and more convenience. That’S really good, because usually more security means less convenience. Not here, that’s why i use them and a big thanks to them for sponsoring today’s video. So that’s it for me. Good luck in tour guest, especially, as you know, layer eight opens up the same week as mythic and as we get into the twisting corridors to get that corridor creeper mount thanks. I’Ll see you next time.

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