TSM Mailing Guide – Streamline Mailing in WoW


Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is everything you need to know about the Mailing module of TSM. Even if you’re not the type to be playing the Auction House, TSM Mailing can definitely save you a lot of time. I’ll show you how it streamlines picking up mail, how to automatically send groups of items to specific alts, using the Quick Send feature and how to easily send excess gold to your bank alt. Pretty handy! The first thing you’ll notice when you go to pick up your mail with TSM is the inbox interface. You don’t have to use it if it’s too grey for you, but you’re gonna love it. Take a look at this button right here at the bottom labeled Open all Mail.

That does exactly what it says it does, and it’s great. If you just had 150 auctions expire and you need to pick them all up from your mailbox, this will save you some serious carpal tunnel syndrome. If you get nothing else from this video or from TSM, you should still install it just for this. Before we go any deeper into what TSM Mailing can do, let’s take a look at the options page. Open TradeSkillMaster, go to the Options tab at the top and click on Mailing. In general settings, you can choose to make the TSM Mailing interface the default when you open a mailbox. I recommend having this checked because once you’re used to it you’re not going to want to use the old mailbox UI anymore.

Even if you did, it’s only a tab away. Next, choose your default mailing page. If you’re like me and you spend more time picking up mail than sending it out, have that on Inbox. Under inbox settings, you can choose to enable or disable Inbox Chat messages. I like having this on so I can check what I got when I have a goldfish moment and immediately forget. If you find it’s spamming up your chat log though, you can turn it off here. I keep all of thse options under Inbox settings checked- you can mouse over each one for a detailed tooltip of exactly what it is, but they all work together to make your mailing experience smoother. Next, you can set whether you want to keep free bag space. If you always want to keep at least one or five inventory slots open when picking up your mail, you can set that here. Open Mail Complete Sound is a fun feature that’s totally optional. You can pick an in-game sound to play when you finish picking up your mail, such as the fishing reel in sound or a cash register ding.

Sending Chat Messages is the same idea as inbox chat messages- Keep it on if you’d like to see in your chat box exactly what you sent out. Don’t worry about it auto-whispering people – it doesn’t do that. I do not recommend ticking the box for sending items individually, unless you’re in the habit of annoying people. Mail Send Delay and Restart Delay are fine at their defaults of half a second and 1 minute. Last, if you have an enchanter or you know one, you can pick the maximum quality of disenchantables that you tend to send off to be DE-ed. Unless you’re regularly disenchanting BOE blue gear, I’d keep that set to Uncommon. Next, let’s talk about how we can use Mailing Operations to quickly send things where they need to go. We tend to send the same things to the same people over and over again. You’re sending herbs to your alchemist, BOE gear to your bank alt, lockboxes to your rogue, cloth to your tailor, etcetera. Mailing Operations automate a lot of this process and let you do all of the above with one button.

The same Groups that we set up for selling things can have Mailing Operations added to them. You could also make new groups just for mailing, for items like Lockboxes that you can’t sell. You can make a new Mailing Operation on it’s own under Operations, then Mailing. Or, if you already know which group you want to set up mailing rules for you can go right to the group, scroll to Mailing in the Operations tab and create a new one. I’ve already made a group for Lockboxes, so let’s walk through setting up an operation to mail those to my rogue alt. We’re going to Create a New Operation, and call it Send Lockboxes to Rogue. Type the name of the character you want to send the lockboxes to under Target Player. It’s very important that you spell this perfectly so you don’t go mailing your goods to some rando.

My rogue is a little gnome named Ripsy, so that’s what I’m putting here. If you’d like to keep a certain quantity of that item, you can set how many here. And that’s it. Now that you’ve set up a mailing operation for lockboxes, just go to a mail box and tab to TSM groups. Make sure Lockboxes is highlighted, and hit Mail Selected Groups. It’ll send all items from groups with mailing operations to their destination, all in one click. Fish to your cook, ore to your blacksmith, and BOEs to your bank alt all at once. You don’t have to sort through anything yourself. It’s awesome. The Quick Send tab at the mailbox is for when you want to send out one type of item to somebody fast. A guildie asked for flasks, your new alt needs some bags, you have an extra pet for a friend, that kind of thing. Drag the thing to the box, set the max quantity if you have more than one, then type the name and press Send. You can set a CoD amount here as well if you need to get paid for the thing.

Easy and done. What you can’t do here is send out multiple types of ungrouped items- for that, you’ll still need the default Send Mail interface. In the Other tab of the mailbox, there’s two more features for you. Mail Disenchantables is a fast way to get your extra greens to your Enchanter, if you like to do that kind of thing. Put in the name of your enchanter and press send. Because we set the quality threshold to Uncommon earlier in the Settings, that’ll send every DE-able green to your enchanter. If you tend to sell a lot of transmog, I’d be careful using this so you don’t accidentally send out your transmog stock to be DE-ed.

Last, we can Send Excess Gold to Banker. Make extra triple sure that you’ve spelled your bank alts name correctly, and then under limit set how much gold you want to keep on your current character. Press Send Excess Gold and it’ll mail your extra gold out to your bank alt. If you have multiple characters getting gold from order hall missions, using this is a nice way to keep it all flowing to the same place. And that’s TSM Mailing! This is right behind Selling for my favourite thing about TSM. It saves me so much time. Thanks for watching! Let me know what you think, keep an eye on my channel for other TSM guides and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!.

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