Tyrande Whisperwind Questline | World of Warcraft Shadowlands


In dreams, i see that tyrande has a part to play in defending arden, whaled and saving the souls of the kaldurai be warned a potent force seeks to consume her. I pray that you and chandras are able to free her from it, so my dreams were true. My mind doe, is trapped in a realm of eternal torment. Tell me how to free her. Nothing has ever escaped the more at least until certain mortals, like this one proved able to return from it chandras. This may be your only hope of saving tyrande, no matter what terrors the ma may hold. We will overcome them lead on the ma. It is even more horrific than the high lord described. How can anyone survive this place? We must not tarry here. The place shown in my vision lies ahead. Come we will see if any answers are to be found there. This is my mindo’s handiwork, just as i dreamed such darkness and this path of carnage should lead us to her mind.

Oh shandris, why have you come my dreams brought me here. We have come to save you foolish child. There is no leaving this place, but you can join me here forever. You will never find the night warrior. [ Music ] this realm seeks to deceive our senses. Keep moving! I see another trail of bodies up ahead. Do not abandon hope. You take the river. I will provide cover from along the bank. Let us hope the real tyrande awaits us ahead. Mindo leave the ma with us before the night. Warrior’S power overwhelms you.

No not. While our people suffer inside tour ghast. I will tear that tower apart and the banshee with it. Whatever evils lurk within the tower that tyrande seeks, we must not let her face them alone. I cannot afford to lose her trail. I will meet you up ahead. We must not follow me into taught. We must make haste more slain monsters. Tyrande must be up ahead and joe none shall stop me. Wait. You will know elune’s wrath. She will let nothing bar her path. We must fight our way through to her quickly push forward the night. Warrior’S power threatens to consume her tyrande vengeance for teldrassil, ah more souls to torment their torment ends.

Now by a loon, you can bear these souls to safety. The fiend is vulnerable strike it down. We must reach tyrande before it is too late. What file magic is this no pain, suffering, no hope the souls of the kaldorei twisted into that monstrosity? Destroy it. Oblivion would be a kind of fate abandoned by a loon rise. Forgive us! There is no other way. The banshee has won all life consumed. Sylvanas will never win this. I vow avenge us. The banshee will know your suffering one hundredfold and oh come with us. We can leave the darkness of the mo behind and bring you back to the light [ Music ].

No, my hunt will not cease until every soul is saved and the ban she has answered for her crimes. This ma walker has the means to deliver our brothers and sisters from their torment, [, Music ]. If that is true, then i entrust this sacred duty to you champion, save the souls of my people. While i claim vengeance upon the one who put them here, please ma walker use the crystal you carry to save these kaldorei spirits. At least these kaldorei souls were freed for the first time in a long while i feel hope i will not give up on my mother, but for now we must help these souls find peace come. Let us leave this place isera. It is a wonder to see you awakened once more. My spirit was nearly lost. The touch of the winter queen awakened me now. I am bound to this realm.

I sense caldori spirits in your soul, keeper mall walker release them to the wilds of arden wield. I am bound to both the dream and the moonless night. The cycle must be solved, they will find peace and respite here. Some may even choose new forms and help tend the groves is sarah. I failed to bring tyrande back. She still wanders the maw fueled by the night, warrior’s might and driven by a relentless rage. Do not let your heart be troubled young one. There may be another who can aid us in saving terranda, whisperwind.u

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