Hi and welcome to the shaman episode of Vanilla Flavors where we take a quick look at each vanilla Wow Class… What am I doing… Shaman is the ultimate support class with an overwhelming arsenal of totems and some crazy burst in PvP. There’s a little bit of something everybody will like about the shaman so let’s see how these Horde warriors of the elements can support their bros while one-shotting some hoes. So the most efficient way to level as a shaman is a hybrid enhancement sort of spec.

You’ll be relying on a shield and a quick main hand for those steady flame tongue procs and auto attacks. I am warning you though the spec is extremely boring but it is the most efficient. You can go a two-hander enhancements of respec but you will have a bit more downtime. Shaman also gets ghost wolf which is nice for traveling on the Barrens and you also get astral recall which is very useful for speeding up travel time while exploring Azeroth.

How did astral recall take me..? Wait a second way this isn’t vanilla wow oh god take me back take me back please! Sadly Shamans have the same fate as all the other hybrid classes in that you will usually be healing. elemental is labeled as one of the f tier DPS when talking about raids you’ll need a whole bunch of consumables to keep up with everyone else and even then you’re not really keeping up with anybody. You run out of mana crazy quickly but you do have some bursts that can be helpful in dungeons. Enhancement shamans are another sad tale and PvE the only reason why you would bring one would be if they had a specific axe to buff casters in their raid. Thankfully their DPS is good enough though to bring along in five mans. Resto shamans are quite good at healing though, especially raid healing.

Your time as a resto shaman will usually be spent casting chain heal and chain heal and some more chain heal and maybe some lesser healing waves here and there so as a resto Shan when you have a unique opportunity to have a couple of different types of specs. this first spec here is best for general use but you can also play a spec that caters towards the melee with your totems the only problem is that this spec will pull a bit more threat. Oh man does the shaman class shine in PvP. Elemental is known for one thing and one thing only and it’s the “Burst burst burst swag first burst burst swag” the spec is well known for this and it’s a force to be reckoned with in PvP. The spec can also do some pretty decent self-healing while in combat as well.

With an enhancement you can strike fear into the heart of the Alliance with your nasty windfury procs. The only problem with enhancement is that you kind of solely rely on your windfury and critical strike procs… so the spec is really rng based but when you do get those crits it’s oh my god. So when playing a resto shaman don’t be expecting to be one shotting people like your other shaman brothers. You’re gonna be playing that typical healer role playing in the back. Playing pretty defensively and totems are a large part of your gameplay. In fact any shaman spec in PvP or PvE is going to be about totems so let’s talk about that for a second.

So as a shaman you have a million different types of totems. some examples include you have earth fine type of stone searing magma of when you walling stream to have Manus unit where to emerge you have totems from reducing melee damage to slowing enemies speed to making classic servers release faster wait no that’s that’s not a totem that I wish. So the point I’m trying to make is if you want to be considered a great player at this class you’re gonna need to be very good at using your totems effectively it’s the most important part about this class and I can’t stress you enough how important it is to use these to your advantage. So for professions I pick up blacksmithing and mining if you want to make some of the best two handers for enhancement. I’d go with dragon scale leather working and skinning for if you want to make some decent pre-raid best in slot and I’d pick up herbalism and alchemy if you’re playing a resto spec because you don’t really have to kill anything.

So to use your totem spells as a shaman you need to do a quest to get a totem for that specific element so for example if you want to use a flame tongue totem well then you’re gonna need a fire totem to use it so the first shamans specific quest has you climbing the mountains and taking phat rips on a spiritual journey to get your first totem. you can have four totems of each element out at a time so you can have a fire based totem a water based and air based and a rock based. There’s a sentry type of totem that you can use as a surveillance camera of sorts and I think that’s pretty cool I didn’t even know this totem existed and… yep… there’s no no joke here yeah I just thought it was cool so so yeah. So that’s the shaman class. I’d recommend this class for anybody that’s looking to support their Bros in an unlimited amount of ways somebody that’s looking to one-shot some fools or somebody that’s okay with healing and PVE and then you can DPS I mean I’m not really and I can’t tell you what to do but that’s just what I’d recommend Hey guys I want to say thank you so much for all the support that you’ve given me for me last couple of uploads it means a lot to me and I hope I can deliver content to you that you like just as much so subscribe if you want to see content similar to this.

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