Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is a guide to the Vectis raid boss in Uldir on Normal and Heroic difficulty. Lorewise, this is basically what you get when you mix the Zandalari Corrupted Blood plague with the blood of G’huun. It grows teeth. Everyone will end up diseased in this encounter, and the best you can do is just try to all get diseased somewhat evenly.

The Tank mechanic here is Evolving Affliction, which is a stacking DoT that you’ll want to tank swap for. Start with swapping on two or three stacks. It used to do more back on beta but not everything makes it to live. This is honestly a bit of a sleeper fight for tanks. Omega Vector is the defining mechanic of this encounter. It’s a 10 second disease that jumps to a new host when it expires, and there’s no getting rid of it. Distance doesn’t work, immunities don’t work, death doesn’t work, I don’t know if anyone tried hearthing out but it probably doesn’t get rid of it. When Omega Vector expires, it leaves behind a permanent stack of Lingering Infection, which makes you more vulnerable to nature damage. Multiple stacks of Vector go out at the start of the fight, and it only gets worse from there.

Since you can’t get rid of it, the key is to spread it out evenly. There’s going to be a variety of ways to coordinate that but the basic principles are moving away from the group if you have high stacks of infection, and staying clear of vector victims if you currently have vector yourself. You don’t want to be getting getting multiple stacks of that. Otherwise, stay pretty closely grouped to help out with healing and offer yourself up as a host. So that’s bouncing around and stacking up Lingering Infection on everybody. Vectis will cast Contagion which is a raid-wide pulse of Nature damage. You’ll barely notice it early on, but as Lingering Infection piles up it’ll get scary and eventually require raid cooldowns.

Vectis will target a player with Gestate, and after a few seconds it’ll stun them, do some AOE pulsing and spawn a Plague Amalgam add. If you get targeted, get a bit of space from the group while you can. Once you’re stunned, it’s everybody else’s job to move away if they’re still within 5 yards. You don’t have to go far. The Plague Amalgam will repeatedly cast Immunosuppression, which is a raid wide healing absorb. That sucks, especially with all the raid damage goin around so everyone needs to switch and kill the add ASAP. After a while, the boss turns into a puddle and we’re into Phase Two. You canno t damage the boss in this phase so all of your powers should go into avoiding damage.

Liquify would be the boss puddle, and he’s going to gloop across the room with some pretty good speed. Getting tagged by that gives you extra stacks of lingering infection so do your best to dodge. He’ll set up in a spot and use Blood Geyser, which spits lines of blood towards players. Those will also give you Infection stacks if they hit you and it’s important to dodge those too. Plague Bombs will spawn in this phase as hollow red rings on the ground. Those have to be soaked or else they spawn more Plague Amalgam adds. Only one person needs to get in each one, and it does a nice chunk of damage so they should go in fairly healthy. If adds do spawn they should be taken down immediately, but I have faith that as 2018 World of Warcraft raiders we all know how to soak rings by now. After a while of that he un-puddles and we’re back to Phase One.

That’s the whole fight. The mechanics are exactly the same on heroic as they are on normal, but because this fight is such a gear check it’s probably still going to be a tough one early on. So, that is Vectis in Uldir. Thanks for watching! If this video helped you out please consider helping me out with a thumbs up.

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