Hello guys! The Crimson Descent will soon be out on LFR so I figured I’d continue my boss strategies from a healer’s perspective in Uldir. This guide will cover LFR, Normal and Heroic tactics but is taken from footage of a normal run. Let’s take a look at giant blood elemental blob Vectis. Vectis has 2 different phases: he alternates between his first elemental fo rm and then drops down into a puddle of blood where you have to dodge various blood puddles flying towards you. Omega Vector is a constant mechanic throughout the fight and starts at the beginning, jumping to different players throughout the encounter. It’ll land on several players. After it expires on a player, they’ll receive a debuff called Lingering Infection that can stack and basically makes you take more damage from the boss. Healers, be sure to pay attention to those with the Lingering Infection debuff – especially when the stacks start to get higher. That means they’ll be taking more damage. Keep HoTs up, group heals and Pallies can even use Devotion Aura when the stacks get really high to mitigate some of the incoming boss damage.

Tanks will have a stacking debuff, Pallies, make sure you have your beacons on them. Other healers, keep those HoTs up. There will be periodic raid damage as well from a spell called Contagion so as always, keep everyone topped off as much as possible. Feel free to use minor cooldowns as this will cause raid damage – and towards the end, save your major cooldowns for when Contagion goes off. It’ll cause a lot of damage, especially when players stacks of Lingering Infection are high. Players must run away from those affected by Gestate, they’ll spawn an add that must be killed.

Healers, precast HoTs, shields and Pallies a Bestow Faith or Blessing of Sacrifice works nicely there to help mitigate the damage. The add spawned from Gestate will spread a toxic debuff called Immunosuppression – healers must heal these players as soon as possible to remove the debuff. It’s a healing absorption so after a certain amount of healing is done, it’ll disappear. When Vectis turns into a liquid blood blob, you’ve now entered Phase 2. Basically, avoid all blood blobs, geysers and pools in this phase or you’ll get more stacks of Lingering Infection which is a whole lot of bad. Plague Bombs will spawn on the ground and must be absorbed by players or else adds will spawn.

After he switches back into his other phase, you just have to rinse and repeat and do it all over again. That’s about it for my healer’s perspective and tips and tricks for you other healers out there. If you have any questions or feedback, please let me know in the comments below. If you like the video, give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow my livestream at QuissyTV over on Twitch.

I hope to see you there! Thanks for watching and I’ll see you soon! .

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